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Charlie Sheen arrested on felony charges in Aspen, Colo. [Updated]

Sheen Charlie Sheen has been arrested in Aspen, Colo., on felony charges related to alleged domestic violence. Police had responded to a 911 call early Christmas morning.

"Carlos Irwin Estevez, also known as the actor Charles I. Sheen, was brought to the Pitkin County Colorado Jail for booking and incarceration following his arrest by the Aspen Police Department,”  sheriff's patrol director Jeff Lumsden said in a statement.

Police said the victim was not hospitalized, and they did not release a name. TMZ is reporting -- from an unnamed source -- that the woman involved was Sheen's third wife, Brooke Mueller. The actor married the real estate investor in 2008.

Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, cautioned that "appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion," People magazine reported.

[Updated at 11:41 a.m., Dec. 26, 2009: TMZ reported early Saturday that, according to a law enforcement source, Mueller was legally drunk at the time of the 911 call. Click the link for more info.]

[Updated at 8:58 p.m. Dec. 25, 2009: Sheen was released from Pitkin County Jail around 7 p.m. Friday after posting an $8,500 bond, said Stephanie Dasaro, a spokeswoman with the Aspen Police Department. He is scheduled to appear at the Pitkin County Courthouse on Feb. 8, 2010.

The release also carries "standard domestic violence bond conditions," the department statement said.

In Colorado, those conditions include no contact with the victim, the victim's family or any witnesses; no harassing or intimidation of the victim; no entry to the family residence until further order of the court; no consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs; and no possession of guns or other weapons. Arrest on any subsequent criminal offense would be seen as a bail violation, and violation of the conditions of the bond may be deemed contempt of court and could lead to a fine or jail time.]

[Updated at 5:34 p.m. Dec. 25: TMZ also is reporting that Sheen told police Mueller was the aggressor.]

[Updated at 5:51 p.m. Dec. 25: Sheen had gone to Aspen to spend Christmas with Mueller, according to RadarOnline -- the site said Brooke had rented a home in Colorado for about three months while Charlie stayed in Los Angeles.]

Sheen mug

The actor, among the highest paid in prime-time TV, earning about half-a-million bucks for each episode of his sitcom "Two and a Half Men," has a checkered past, including stints in rehab and allegations of spending tens of thousands of dollars on call girls.

Sheen and his second wife, actress Denise Richards, split in 2006, and an ugly, accusation-laden custody battle went on for years afterward. At one time he was engaged to actress Kelly Preston, whom he accidentally shot in the arm.

He has also said that the 9-11 terrorist attack was an inside job, and wants President Obama to further investigate

Sheen was arrested on felony charges of second-degree assault and menacing, and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief, said Aspen police spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro.

He will be held without bail in Colorado until he appears in court; the court system is closed for Christmas, and no date for his appearance has been set.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: (top) Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen on the set of "Two and a Half Men" in February 2008. Credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Times.

 (bottom) Sheen's mug shot from his Dec. 25, 2009, arrest in Colorado. Credit: Associated Press.

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Successful actor?- "Ah, yes, Mr. Charlie Sheen."
Commit a crime? "Oh by the way, his real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez"

Ah, how I love covert racism.

Why does it matter is thoughts on the 9-11 attacks? How does this add to the story?

@alexandria -- Hey, it's Christie from the Ministry of Gossip. Actually, if you look at our posts when entertainers are arrested, we usually include their legal name if they go by a stage name, because that's how things are handled in court. See recent posts about Lil Wayne, Buju Banton, T.I., etc. Not a racial thing, it's a legal thing.

@malibutrsh -- The 9/11 issue was the most recent news item this blog has had about Charlie Sheen. He offered a cash prize in a video competition, for someone who would dramatize his thoughts on the need for further investigation. Click the link for the details of the competition.

Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday -- thanks for commenting.


Really, is anyone surprised this LOSER is in trouble w/ the law ... again?
It matters little how much money he makes per episode of that pagan fete of a TV show.
malibutrsh: his views on 9-11 show just how untethered in reality he is.

Charlie Sheen is a loser?? LOL ok.

I find it funny how people love to jump to conclusion when stories first break. Can you please wait and see what comes out as the days progress?? Tmz is saying his wife was legally drunk when she called 911. Sheen was not drunk. Save your negative comments about Charlie until it is a fact that he indeed is at fault.

Since I just moved from Aspen, I can tell you from experience that the Aspen Cops always put more on it then what it really is. You have to remember the the Aspen Community is very small and everyone knows what everyone is doing especially the cops. They are not very saintly. Wearing Rolex watches, driving $60,000 BMW's, if you don't believe me check it out for your self. I don't believe anything they say.

Haha love how these goofy guys have to leave California and come to Colorado to get in trouble, must be the altitude. Kobe now Charlie stay home and do that crap please dont bring it to my state. Charlie 9-11 is an inside job martians did it not only maritians but martian muslims. Oh and Charlie if you think real hard about it and keep drinking like you do soon it will be big pink martian muslim elephants.

Don't do it charlie It's christmas and it's not worth it Be cool Give her what it's not worth the fightshewants lol dave D

Charlie Sheen thinks 9/11 was an inside job ... well, now we know why he was REALLY arrested. You think he was the only millionaire in Aspen who had an argument with his wife that weekend?

I'm wondering if the author of this post is trying to undermine the position that 911 was an inside job by associating that position with someone with a "checkered past" who was just arrested for allegedly committing a socially irresponsible act.

Charlie's personal life has issues to be worked out in private between him, his wife and Pastor. They Just had kids and the intense existence of Postpartum depression, along with alcohol by Charlie magnifies issue's. Don't bring his past mistakes into this we all know if the police are called someone goes to jail. A real man would volunteer to go. His picture looks more T-off about going to jail with the mistake he made. The Tiger Woods DV doesn't help any-ones state of mind during a fight. His family needs to stand by them both and council them, time to Repent and turn the other cheek Charlie. The evil one loves to break up a family on Christmas. Charlie's the head of his house, do what he has to and admit their was a issue, and work it out with his wife and Pastor. His Dad has tough love Charlie needs to listen to his words of wisdom. Its tough on Christmas, but remember what Christmas brought us. Use this to help others Charlie.

This is going to sound awful, but I was just so happy to see that someone else has a messed up home life on Christmas.

@alexandria -- Are you serious?! Comments like yours undermine any effort to eradicate real issues of racism because they are so absurd that they taint real claims of racism with your brand of "inappropriately playing the race card."

Here is why your comment is so off the wall -- Carlos Irwin Estevez is the guy's birth name. His parents gave that to him, not this article. Charlie Sheen -- that's the name Carlos Estevez took on HIMSELF for himself. It wasn't given to him by Hollywood or this article -- he gave himself that name. Blaming the article for pointing out his birthname and his stage name and calling it racism is just ridiculous and silly. That's basic Journalism 101. Maybe you should spend some time educating yourself and getting a GED rather than spewing nonsense that is offense to both those who are wronged by real incidents of racism and those who are trying to eradicate valid issues of racism.

I don't believe this story at all. Nowadays, so many good looking person are jailed as opposed to the past when villaneous-looking persons were mostly prisoned. I believe it is because of jealosy of ugly persons otherwise the writer' wrong inner mind.

@Desert Penguin -- Untethered? Wake up. Face reality. 9/11 did not happen the way the government and media said/says it did. And I happen to enjoy watching Two And A Half Men. It's a damn good show.

It doesn't matter what happened in his past. That's why it's the PAST. Hopefully he has great lawyers that will make this disappear. Now reports say she had a blood alcohol level of .13, his was .04 at the time of the 9-1-1 call. In the end, the Aspen Police most likely only arrested Charlie Sheen because he is Charlie Sheen and that puts them in news. Worked. Did it not?

I think the only thing he is guilty of is getting involved with psycho women who think they can beat on men without consequences because of the sad state of the law since OJ murdered Nicole.

he has definitely demonstrated that he is a bad person

I still love Charlie Sheen.

@Desert Penguin, you wish.

It is a sign of desperation when people seek personal foibles and issues in people's private lives as justofication for criticising their poltiical or other views. The simple fact is that after eight years, there are thousands of independent professionals in all relevant fields who state their belief that 9/11 was an inside job, and why, yet there are NO independent professionals who publically endorse the ridiculous official fable. Its in the details lad, not the personalities of those who have seen or commented on those details.

Im surprised they never mentioned that when Denise Richards filed for divorce she said that he assaulted her too. She also claimed Charlie was addicted to gambling and visiting child pornography websites.

Considering her previous article on the subject and her decision to link to an article that labels Sheen part of the "9/11 Conspiracy Theory Fringe" when discussing Mr. Sheen's views on 9/11, it seems that Christie D'Zurilla is unaware that nearly 900 architectural and engineering professionals have joined together to petition for a new investigation into the "collapse" of the twin towers, citing overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition. They're called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Google them. These are not conspiracy theorists - they're professionals putting their careers on the line because they cannot remain silent. Their video "Blueprint for Truth 2008 Edition" is available for free on their site or on Google Video and presents the evidence.

You might want to Google "Patriots Question 9/11" too and read quotes the high level military and intelligence veterans, academics, etc. who also say 9/11 was an inside job.

Apparently Ms. D'Zurilla is also unaware that a three year independent investigation has yielded firsthand eyewitness testimony which conclusively proves the story at the Pentagon a farce.


Are the eyewitness who were on the scene that day and watched the Pentagon attack go down part of the "9/11 conspiracy theory fringe" too, Christine?

This definitely proves that the world is screwed up. This druggie with very little talent makes a gadzillion $$$, has an x-rated, prime-time TV show and can do whatever he wants. Meanwhile charities beg for money.

Throw this piece of feces in jail and let him rot.

I know why the are mentioning his thoughts on the 9-11 attacks its because he dose not support Israel. The people of AMERICA should look for the truth in 9 - 11 they will find out it was set up by Dick Chaney vis president of Bush who was the real man that was controlling America because of his JEWISH back grounds and member's of the American pro Israel Congressmen. Why would any one think that Arabs are smart to hijack airplanes and use them on America If they where that smart then how come Israel was not the first..... Think about that for today.

oooh I hate him so much anyway I am sick of his face on tv such a loser to have so much money I hope his wife leaves him. CHEATER AND BEATER!!! SPIT ON YOU

how very suspicious...mr sheen, the only actor from hollow-wood, with the guts enough to speak up and ask for a REAL INVESTIGATION into the MURDER of over 3000 (til now) americans is being SET UP by the zionist shills with a VERY gossipy column with hardly a word about his wife being the guilty party, and the stupid sheep immediately start accusing him of all kinds of things and calling him names....you gossipy pathetic creatures, who can´t see through the fog of hamburger juice that you swim in....should stop, look, think(for yourselves) and then and only then, begin to open your mouths....and yes...alexandria, you are right...it is definitely not very well disguised racism...but that is par for the course for low brow white trash!

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