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Brittany Murphy dies at 32; young Hollywood reacts

Brittany1 Hollywood expressed its condolences Sunday after the death this morning of actress Brittany Murphy. Public wishes came from the likes of ex-beau and costar Ashton Kutcher, Eliza Dushku, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson (who called her "an incredible ray of Light"), Alyssa Milano, Fred Durst, Soleil Moon Frye and Kim Kardashian, among others. 

Her "Clueless" costar Alicia Silverstone told People that although the two hadn't stayed in close touch, "I feel love in my heart for her -- and hope she is at peace. This is truly sad."

Murphy, 32, had just recently talked to "Access Hollywood," touching on her return to work after a three-year break and on spending time with her family, and sharing her New Year's resolution: "I'd love to have a child next year -- but that's kind of a large one."

Though foul play is not suspected, TMZ reports, Brittany's death is being investigated, which means that despite screenwriter husband Simon Monjack's wishes to the contrary, an autopsy will be performed. Toxicology reports won't be back for several weeks.

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Her family issued a statement Sunday: "In this time of sadness, the family thanks you for your love and  support. It is their wish that you respect their privacy."

Brittany was, of course, known for her roles in projects such as "Just Married," "8 Mile" "Happy Feet," and "Clueless."  Her longest-running role? For 13 years, she was the voice of Luanne on "King of the Hill."

Brittany2 The Ministry has two top Brittany Murphy moments -- the ones that created that soft spot we have for her in our heart -- though you may have your own from among her best-known roles. Remember, these are from a fan's point of view, not a critic's.

First: Her super-hot chemistry with Eminem in "8 Mile" fairly jumped off the screen (you know the, ahem, interaction we're talking about, and it's not the scene at left, where they're chatting). Yowza. If you saw that, you'll never get Brittany out of your mind.

And second, our favorite (and we're not alone): The party scene from 1995's "Clueless," where as the crushing-on-a-boy Tai she did that little "rolling with the homies" hand-dance and singalong. She was only 18 at the time, and beyond adorable.

We can't find video of it except for one low-quality, non-synched version that someone clearly slammed up today to take advantage of the actress' death, so we're not going to post that. (Others online are jumping to various conclusions about Brittany's cause of death, and we're not going there just yet, either.)

G'head, play that "Clueless" scene in your mind's eye -- we dare you not to smile.

Sad stuff.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos, from top: Brittany Murphy poses with a penguin at the European premiere of "Happy Feet" on Nov. 26, 2006. Eminem and Brittany in a scene from "8 Mile." Credits, from top: Max Nash / Associated Press; Eli Reed / Universal Studios.

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my prayers go out to brittanys family and friends...
R.I.P. brittany

Though I did not know her personally, she has played a major part in my life through the characters she has played on film. I can think of nothing but happy thoughts when I think of her. I know she will be missed and her sudden death is a major tragedy that will impact a great deal of her fans and loved ones.
RIP Brittany, May you rest in peace!

omg i cant believe she is gone, she was my favorite actresses ever! Love you brittany you will be missed.

WOW! I am very surprised and sadened by this loss. She was one of my favorite growing up. I will miss he life here with us. Miss you Brittany, I'm sure your resting in peace with our Jesus.

i will miss brittany so badly she was a wonderful actess

I feel for the family, She will truly be missed.

It is always sad to hear of such a loss at an early age. We have too few youngster in acting nowadays. It's a rough business as you can see from the photos of those still pursuing this career. (lots of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes) I pray for her soul. I am also glad there will be an autopsy - it's the only way to be sure. I thought I remembered, somewhere in her past, of mentioning that heart problems ran in her family, so she should have known WHEN to rest! ... Such a disaster for a mother to find! I am praying this woman recover somehow! since she'll NEVER forget, nor will we.

Let me get this straight. A 32-year-old woman dies suddely of a heart attack. This after being fired from a movie last moth and having her husband -- a notorious alleged con artist -- getting in strange fights before she was fired, according to TMZ, and being hospitalized for a sudden, unexplained bout of what was called asthma. And she's been to drug rehab how many times? Come on. we know the drill. Why are you ignoring the obvious for some reason?

It's true only the good die young, I just hope every one shows respect to the youny actress who gave us great performance with every effert.

She will always be loved and never forgoten in my heart,and in everyone elses heart. My love and thoughts go out to her mom and dad.

It is truly sad to see someone so bright and young pass away, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time.

Crazy and suspicious. The microscope will immediately focus on those closest her. So young to have her life swindled away.

i would like to say that she was adorable in clueless and she was an AMAZING actress. she has always been a rolemodel and her dying is very sad. she was young she was a wife, daughter, sister and she wanted to be a mommy to. so i say i have prayers for her family adn widh them the best in their future and also to her husband!!!

BRITNEY murphey was a wonderful actress and always made me and my mom laugh my favorite movie of hers was uptown girls with Dakota Fanning, she had a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes and we are going to miss seeing her in movies and magazines, we send our love to her family, and her husband.

Very sad to see young people lose their lives when technology should be able to screen for these problems.

Rest in Peace Brittany!

i just cant believe it!!!

there was no news of her being sick was there??? and now they saying no foul play???

all will reveal itself!!!

this is just such an awful shock!!!

condolences to the family!!! (if i feel so terrible can just imagine them :(

Always sad to hear of a light gone too soon in or out of the limelight. She also had a very nice voice and did a dance track w/ dj Paul Oakenfold years back. Live an love right

I have no clue who she is....so another star falls, big deal

Wow ur right that is the part of the "clueless" movie I remember her from the most. Well that and the makeover part because she was just all silly. When I think of her I think of that bright smile she always had!!!

I am soooo sadden by this...I looked up to her in sooo many ways.My condolences go out to her family.You will live on through all of your suceess and never be forgotten.

Oh my God! That's soo sad... She did a wonderful turn as The Ramen Girl.

Regardless of the cause of her passing, her ability to lighten my life for a while will be missed.

Youre so right! I just teared up thinking of that "rolling with the homies" scene. What a loss :(

While it is always sad when young people die, what was she famous for?
Sorry, but another "celebrity" famous for nothing in particular.
While I'm at it, what's Ashley Krutchner done of note; Besides Bruce's ex?

A very distinctive voice, I loved her excited utterances on King of the Hill.

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