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Billy Joel says daughter Alexa Ray is 'going to be fine'

Alexa Singer Alexa Ray Joel "is going to be fine," her dad, Billy Joel, told Newsday late Saturday, People reports.

Alexa was rushed to the hospital Saturday afternoon in New York after taking an unknown number of pills. [Updated 7:15 a.m. Sunday: Alexa has been released from the hospital.]

Hospital2 Medics had rushed to the 23-year-old's apartment in response to a female caller's 911 call. Reports from the New York Post indicated police considered it to have been a suicide attempt but that was not confirmed by a spokeswoman for the family.

"Alexa is stable. Her doctors are assessing her needs, and that's all we can say at this moment," said Claire Mercuri, Alexa's and Billy's personal publicist.

Alexa was scheduled to perform two shows Dec. 10 in New York. Her mother is Christie Brinkley.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Alexa Ray Joel in June and the hospital, St. Vincent's, where she was taken Dec. 5, 2009. Credits: Andy Kropa / Getty Images, left; Bryan Bedder / Getty Images, right.

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Like father like daughter..

Those of us who are stuggling in the middle class wish for wealth. However, it becomes more and more evident that money and/or fame doesn't buy happiness. I believe that happiness is actually the JOURNEY to success and not the actual success.
My prayers are with Alexa and family.

I hope Alexa Rae is all right. Don't forget your second wind, Alexa. Get well soon.


I listened to your music last night, you have so much talent! Stay with it!
You are also so blessed that your Dad is so connected in this business, it can be so hard if your not-- my son is not and struggling...just hang in there hon-- the world is in your hands and your life will have ups & downs, as we all have...but someday when you have more years under your belt you will look back with a "wow".."what a beautiful world" Feel better so many people love you!

Such an insidious, terrible, and misunderstood illness. My best wishes to Ms. Joel for effective treatment and a complete recovery.

^Like Father, Like daughter....Huh??
I must not be hip enough to get that dig!
Would it have been better if she succeeded?
This idiotic dribble sounds like teenage stupidity.

Musicians are often blindly dedicated to their career...
Models are often overly concerned with glamour,
as if it's something of substance...
Good parents find it tough to compete against worldly influences.

But, my gosh, would you rather dance on a grave?
I don't think you get it. But go ahead, tell me how wrong I am.


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