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'Avatar' premiere: Hollywood's night on the blue carpet [Photo gallery]


The stars of "Avatar" made a fine showing in the flesh on Wednesday evening in Hollywood, hitting the blue carpet in support of James Cameron's hotly anticipated sci-fi effort, which opens this Friday. 

Avatar gallery refer

Among the cast members on the not-red-at-all carpet? Sam Worthington, with girlfriend Natalie Mark; Zoe Saldana; a sparkling Sigourney Weaver, playing with a toy version of her avatar, Grace; and Giovanni Ribisi.

Behind-the-camera types included director James Cameron, of course, and his wife, Suzy Amis; "Single Ladies" music video director Jake Nava, who helmed Leona Lewis' video of the film's closing tune, "I See You"; and "X-Men" director Bryan Singer, who's already using new technology from "Avatar" on his upcoming "Jack the Giant Killer."

Also seen Wednesday night? Click on the "photo gallery" image of Zoe Saldana for a peek at lots of familiar faces.

Cameron's follow up to "Titanic" -- the highest-grossing film in history -- has been eagerly awaited by fanboys and teen girls alike. Blame it on the dazzling visual effects and the dazzling Worthington.

Solid reviews have come in for the fantasy, and projections say Cameron's baby could rake in $250 million worldwide and take the concept of 3-D films to new levels.

One message Sam took from his character Jake Sully, a guy who stands up to bullies: "If you're 7 or 70, nobody should be able to tell you what to do," he said to the hosts of the "Avatar MySpace Red Carpet Premiere," broadcast live on UStream as the crowd entered the premiere.

So, um, he didn't let Cameron tell him what to do?

"Oh no, he told me what to do, man -- he's the boss."

-- Christie D'Zurilla and Matt Donnelly

Photos: Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron, Sam Worthington and Michelle Rodriguez at the "Avatar" premiere Wednesday night at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, top. At right, Zoe Saldana at the premiere. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images.

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I might see Avatar in a few years when it comes out on DVD - the one dollar rental kind - the operative word being might. I had a much better script to this rather lame effort if Cameron would have asked. Lost opportunity I guess.

Fern Gulley any one?

I'm all for giving talented people a chance but with this much money not to mention reputation on the line I would have spent more and gotten bigger names other than Weaver.

I thought the same thing John. Soon as I saw the trailer all I could think of was Fern Gulley. All this hype over a remake of a kids animated movie? And I bet there's no one as good as Robin William's Batty in this one!

Except Cameron wrote the story more than 15 years ago. The amount of ignorance on these posts is astounding.

I just saw the movie. It is visually the most beautiful work I have seen in my many decades of movie going. Imaginative and spellbinding.... Excellent work. Wonderfully acted. It was amazing! Sorry about the sour grapes for those who ache to criticize and spew venom. You can't touch this. Bravissimo to all the artists involved!!!!!!!!!

i just saw the movie and thought it was one of the 2 best of this year. the scenery was amazing, an incredible work and nothing i seen before. the cast was amazing and talented, am glad they did not cast any other actor just for been someone with a big name but instead got real talent and not just names for the money.


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