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Alexa Ray Joel called 911 herself after taking pills that can't hurt you [UPDATE]

December 7, 2009 |  3:48 pm

Hey, if it's "natural," it's safe, right? Whatevs

Turns out Alexa Ray Joel took a handful of the homeopathic anti-inflammatory Traumeel on Saturday, then freaked out and called 911 on her own, the New York Post reports

According to the Post: "EMS workers soon received a message from the 911 dispatcher saying: 'Female caller. Took eight pills. Wants to die. Now feels funny. Wants to live,' sources said." One source categorized the episode as "a cry for help."

Traumeel contains a dozen herbs and minerals, including echinacea and St. John's wort. Alexa Ray, who had recently broken up with musician Jimmy Riotcanceled performances she had scheduled for this week in New York. 

[Update, 1:23 a.m., Dec. 8, 2009: Heel USA, which makes Traumeel, has posted a statement on its website regarding this incident and the "safety profile" of its product. Also, a link to the product's specific ingredients has been added in the paragraph above.]

The family has made some interesting choices in the past regarding ingestion of substances.

But these kids today! When struggling after a difficult breakup, the Ministry recommends rocking it old school -- with maybe a tiny little anti-anxiety [Update: The word "potion" was missing here] or a bottle of Chardonnay. Nothing stronger.

But nothing weaker, either.

[Update: 7:54 a.m., Dec. 8, 2009: Our Booster Shots friends over in the Health section weighed in Monday night with a post about Traumeel, plus there are plenty of links in my responses in comments. The Health section is also where you'll end up if you click the link in the paragraph immediately above -- a link which, ironically, I included to balance out the snark, because it's a discussion of various alternative therapies and their pros, cons, risks and effectivness. The word that had been missing after "anti-anxiety" two paragraphs above was "potion." And I just realized that there was a letter missing in Alexa's name in the caption below, so I fixed that too. That's it with my updates on this post, folks. I also added in a bunch of related links for those who might assume that all we do here at the Ministry is pick on Alexa Ray Joel. Let it not be said that the Ministry doesn't respond to its readers. Thanks!/cdz]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Alexa Ray and Billy Joel attend the 58th Annual Tony Awards in June. Credit: Diane Bondareff / Associated Press.

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