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'The View' breaks down Adam Lambert's AMA performance [VIDEO]

Girl Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg really wish they could show you what you missed on the American Music Awards.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, not so much.

Sherri Shepherd delivers the play-by-play, and Joy Behar, it seems, loves a lesbian kiss.

No matter which side of the Great Adam Lambert Debate of 2009 you fall on, there's something here for you. 

We think this clip is best without further comment from the Ministry. And if you're of a mind with Behar, why, there's a video for you after the jump.

Hat tip to Queerty, because we missed this one.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: That's the female dancer who got a hand from Adam Lambert during his AMA performance Sunday night. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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Shut up, Elizabeth. You look and sound like you need to get laid anyways.

Get a grip, Madonna simulated the masterbation in a performance. Eminem 'preformed' with a blow up doll,etc etc etc & etc endlesssly -over 30 years ! Iggy Pop and David Bowie did a performance similar to Lamberts AMA,nothing new, nada, zero.All I care about is that his CD arrived yesterday, and it's been playing 2 days, is great, and I can't wait to see what he will do next.

AT least Elzabeth has class...Whoopi Goldberg is more of a buy than a pro-football player...

You liberals are what's wrong with ths country...You probably voted for OBama as well..Good luck with your life..

That Elizabeth Hasselback sounds like a shrill, uptight shrew. Even her voice grates, so she's hardly the one to be dispensing judgment on Adam Lambert, who oozes talent and yes, sex appeal. In the post-show fallout, he has conducted himself with grace and honesty, and he's admitted he got carried away. I'm sure there is a huge learning curve for him. Give the guy a break and enjoy his fabulous album. He's a remarkable entertainer and he seems like an intelligent and honest man.

Double Standard to who?...White people??lol

Anyone watching Madonna, brittany Spears, et all all know what their shows will be like. But Adam presented himself as a self respecting gay guy, respectful of others and a clean cut gay guy in spite of his weird makeup. No one complained about his homosexuality. Gayness is the third gender after all. After this display, I no longer classify him as a gay, but as a deviant. The acts he performed while singing (badly, I must add) were over the top. That Madonna/Brit kiss was nothing in comparison. For those of you who watched Ama and accept this kind of spectacle, I say - Get a life of your own. Don't get aroused by wtching others perform sex, or pretend to perform it. Those are called vicarious thrills and are the kind of actions that incite sex crimes, such as rape and murder. Moreover, that finger Adam gave to the audience at the end of this vile performance showed his disdain for all of us who have watched him and actually rooted for him. Incidentally, to the idiot who told Hasselbach she needed sex, she has several children including a newborn. I think she has experienced sex, but maybe you haven't.

Get over it, I thought his performance was hot and I thought Britney/Madonna was not. Don'tlike it , change the channel

Adam Lambert didn't grab a guys crotch. But yeah Janet did a whole lot more than just crotch she bent the dancer over too. I have no idea why this is such a big deal. Folks with kids should have turned the tv off when they were watching Janet that told everyone what the rest of the night was going to be like.

Elizabeth Hasselbach's voice grates? lol. I call real grating is when Adam sings falsetto and screeches. He doesn't sing, he screams at the top of his lungs. My dog sounds better when she howls.

My biggest issue with his performance was the number of sexual acts. If it had been one or two, it would be easy to look past. But it was sooooo overt and constant. I hated when he grabbed the crotch part of the female dancers outfit and pulled it. That was the part I had the most issue with. And I'm normally a huge Adam fan. I think the performance distracted from his talent.

I love Adam's talent, and was not offended at all by what he did. But I do think he's a bit of hypocrite. He stated that he didn't "want to be known as the gay performer." Congratulations. You're now known as the "gay performer." It was obviously "not in the moment", but choreographed to the letter, and it was beneath you. Adam, sing your damn heart out first and earn your stripes. Then you'll earn the right to act like an arse. And talk straight. (No pun intended). People will respect you for it.

u know, the more i hear about Joy Behar, the more disgusted i get, it makes me want to puke my stomach out, first off, on her show, she denies god, now she wants to see lesbians kiss, this is why people are the way they are today, crap like joy behar feeding people nothin but BS! what a joke.

His antics were disgusting. It's not about double standard. it was an indecent act. For those who try to say nothing is wrong with what he did, then shame on you.
This was a deliberately done for the publicity. It is a fact that people dont like to see men in homosexual positions. We don't like at all. It was nasty.

One word: Gross!

Can Elizabeth Hasselback be any more annoying and ignorant? She knows nothing about what she's talking about. Galling that she procedes to say what she thinks Adam Lambert should do. Who has the talent here, him or her??

What I'd really like to see is Madonna play drums..... Go Detroit!

Yeah, Elizabeth, please shup up. You always pretend to be intelligent so hard, but you are not. So, please shup up.

Why do you even care? So a guy kissed a guy - big deal / old news. The oral sex on live tv is wrong whether you are male or female. Grabbing someone's privates on tv whether your male or female... a kiss? Get over it.

Stop blaming white people, gay people, liberals - get a life of your own and start living it the way you want to and let others live it the way they want to.


Elizabeth is just a young hothead without life experiences. she too will one day be on the wrong side of public opinion and i hope people judge her the same way she judges......i love adam and his cd rocks.......i, too think he's on a learning curve (he looks tired) and has had a lot thrown at him quick...he'll learn and grow and the view will be begging him to come on for ratings....go Adam!

Who cares? This is such a non-issue. Get over it people.

Who cares what Joy or the veiw says? GUCCHI LIBRALS !!!!

I see the Times must check out the comments first also...So much for free speech. Hopefully my comments are not too Non-Libral for you.

Adam Lambert is an extremely talented guy. It is obvious that he is right about the double standard issue. We've been watching women on stage touching themselves sexually and touching their dancers sexually and watching them dance suggestively for years. Will someone please tell me how is what Adam did any different than what we see on stage done by women all the time. ....Adam may have gotten a little carried away because he's excited and new to the big time stardom thing, but taking the man's talent into consideration, hes certainly worth another chance. Why don't you dear "perfect" ladies of the view ask the opinion of Madonna, Britney, Christina, Janet etc their opinion of Adams performance.
These respected woman in the industry spread their legs for us on stage while shoving the heads of their male and females performers between them on a regular basis and parents bring their young kids to these shows. This whole debate is just ridiculous.....Adam Lambert, your sensational.

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