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Taylor Lautner grew up under a 'New Moon,' Kristen Stewart says


Take it from a 19-year-old -- there's one 17-year-old who, like, OMG, totally matured on the set of "Twilight: New Moon."

Taylor Lautner has "literally become a different person. He's just grown up," Kristen Stewart tells People.

Yes, five days a week at the gym and 3,200 calories a day will tend to do that to you.

If you're 17, that is. For the rest of us, the results might be slightly different.

Who knows if fans will like the grown-up Mr. Lautner, however.

File it under "everything is relative."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: "You're the grown-up-est, Kristen!" "No, Taylor, you're totally growner-upper than me." Hey, did anyone hear that "Twilight: New Moon" comes out next week?  Credit: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment

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