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Rachelle Lefevre ribs 'The Twilight Saga' once again

Rahcelle While we at the Ministry support Rachelle Lefevre's moving on after her "Twilight Saga" firing as evil vampire Victoria, we detect a note of sour grapes today on her official Twitter.

On location in Puerto Rico, the fiery redhead updated fans from the set of her new flick, "The Caller," with a tiny jab to her former undead brethren. 

"Filming thriller 'The Caller' in Puerto Rico [with] Stephen Moyer from 'True Blood' but it's weird -- not a single vampire in the whole movie," she tweeted, topping it off with a smiling, winking emoticon.

Wink indeed, Rachelle. Could our ginger friend be stirring the pot because "New Moon" (which includes her last appearance as Victoria before Bryce Dallas Howard takes the reins for "Eclipse") just made box office history?

Tell us in comments: Is Rachelle bitter, brazen or just poking fun?

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Rachelle Lefevre gives us her best "I don't need you, anyway!" smirk at a November BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles. Credit: Toby Canham / Getty Images

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just poking fun sweet gal.

For goodness sake, she was making a comment about working with Stephen Moyer. Both have played vampires. There was nothing sinister about her comment.

I agree......there was absolutely nothing sinister about that twitter comment. I'm not sure what would make you think that. Maybe you are reading into things just a wee bit ;)?

I think Rachelle should rag on the whole twilight scene a little, she's only human! (though she makes a cute vampire)


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