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Why didn't Oprah ask Sarah about Tina? Oh wait, she did.

SarahskateHow could Oprah Winfrey not ask Sarah Palin about Tina Fey? After all, on "Saturday Night Live," the actress practically defined the former governor for a large part of the country.

Never fear -- though it didn't air, that line of questioning was indeed part of the interview, which the L.A. Times' Mary McNamara described as two "steel-spined divas treating each other with a graciousness Jane Austen would appreciate."

Palin says that while campaigning she didn't see a whole lot of the separated-at-birth Fey (who won an Emmy for parodying her), but confirms that once, spying Fey on TV, "I had the volume down, and I thought it was me!"

She told Oprah that she appeared on SNL to "kind of neutralize" some of the parody. Too bad nobody was able to fully explain it to Tina's confused little daughter, Alice.

But what was it that freaked us out the most about "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today?

We were tripping out when Sarah Jessica Parker uttered, "Oh my God, it's Sarah Palin!" -- in the middle of an interview with, well, Sarah Palin.

Rocket scientist that we are, we quickly realized SJP was not in Oprah's audience at all but rather in Oprah's commercial break -- in a spot for her upcoming movie with Hugh Grant, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?," which takes place mainly in a big Western state, and has jokes about big guns and big bears and Manhattanites stunned by the contents of a big-box store.

Talk about laser-targeting an ad buy.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: That's not Tina Fey signing a skateboard in Wasilla, Alaska, back in July. Nor is it Sarah Palin on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Tuesday. But we're tired of the blue jacket, and those wheels are a pretty green. Below, a pallet full of copies of "Going Rogue" is forklifted into a Costco in Orem, Utah. Scream, Manhattan, scream. Credits: Al Grillo / Associated Press, top; George Frey / Getty Images, below. 

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The left wing loons just hate Sarah. The question is why? It is truly amazing because she is clearly more qualified than Obama to be president. She has run a town and a state successfully, he has run nothing. Obama is nothing but a lawyer who never did anything in his life except hand out with Marxists. He has made an utter mess of foreign policy, the war on terror and domestic policy. Unemployment is over 10% after his promise of not higher than 8%. The Russians, Iranians and North koreans have all made a fool of him as he goes around apologizing for America and offering embarrassing bows to Kings and Emperors. He has bankrupt future generations and tried to buy votes with new entitlements. His narcissism is breathtaking and his ability to lie with a straight face amazing. Overall, I think Sarah could do much better , actually most anybody with some common sense could.

Keep dreaming, Ballen

Actually, Ms. Palin "ran" a town of less than 5500 and resigned her governorship. Those don't count as "successful."

It's not that anyone hates Ms. Palin; it's just that no one believes she is qualified for more than a talk show... or maybe a beauty pageant.

The fact that you think Palin is clearly more qualified than Obama makes you the loon.

Very boring interview...and she hedged several questions. Problem with Sara is that she reminds me of a person who is not in the moment and never is. More like she is in never never land. Who is watching the baby..Todd? the children or did she hire a Nanny? Or is Levi closer to the truth?

Sara talks and looks cute and thinks she rules.

"...never did anything in his life except hand out with Marxists." good job.

The more intelligent Republicans who were, at first, suckered in by her shtick or by loyalty to Senator McCain, himself an honorable candidate, have moved on from the empty hype and spin that gave her her fifteen minutes. Now she is wiping up the inevitable cash rewards of being in the national spotlight. Thankfully the light will dim and she will descend into her former life but in a bigger house. Thus the fulfillment of her true potential.


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