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Michael Jackson's white glove brings in $350,000 at auction


Would you pay $350,000 for this?

That's how much Michael Jackson's glove -- called the "Holy Grail of Michael Jackson memorabilia" -- sold for at auction in New York last night. It was expected to bring in $50,000.

Heck, the commission wound up being more than that.

Wouldn't want to be around when the winning bidder, Fossman Ma of Hong Kong, finds out he can't buy a right-hand version to match.

-- Christie D'Zurilla  

Photo: The glove Michael Jackson wore during a 1983 Motown special sold for seven times the expected price Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square. Too bad this auction didn't have a  "Buy It Now" option. Justin Lane / EPA.

[For the record: The caption in earlier version of this post said the glove sold for nine times the expected price. However, even when Michael Jackson is involved, nine times $50,000 is still quite a bit more than $350,000, and the Ministry should do its basic math better than that. The glove sold for seven times its expected price, not including commission and tax.]

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First of all, I don't MJ's glove should be sold, even though he was in debt. All his belongings should be kept in a musesum or something.


Debt is debt no matter if he was liked or not and somebody needs to repay it. Not everybody feels that MJ was the king of pop - how would you justify it to those people if he was given special privilege.

This is the main Michael Jackson glove, its completely different to the gloves that came afterwards which were all right handed, the next most important is the AB Rhinestone glove that Michael wore in public continuously from 1984 - until the BAD era in 1987 when Michaels clothes style became more black with buckles etc.,There was also a clear Rhinestone version from the same time, these two gloves are on show in the Michael Jackson Exhibition at the O2. There have been many of Michaels gloves auctioned over the years BUT This auctioned on from Sat is from the performance that kick started michael from a superstar to a Megastar, its "THE" glove.

Stefan Price, life long fan.

Michael gave the glove to one of the "Commodores" I'm not sure of the guy's name. The guy decided to sell it at auction. Michael's estate did not sell the glove. Michael gave the glove away. He was very generous in that way.

I find it disgusting how the Jackson family are cashing in on his death to make more money. Now the five Jackson brothers are going to perform. Can't they show some respect for their brother? They all have plenty of money. Their greed disgusts me.

I have no idea why people are just assuming Michael Jackson or his estate is getting a penny from this sale. Jackson GAVE this glove away to his friend (one of the members of The Commodores) after the Motown performance . This friend is the one that owned the glove and put it up for auction. This doesn't have anything to do with Jackson's debt, nor did the estate have any say in whether it can be sold or not.

People, get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions. The man might have had debts, but the estate is having no trouble paying for them given the healthy revenue.

MJ died and it was a terrible thing; however, that does not change the fact that debit is owed and needs to be paid. Think about it, money is what keeps the world going. I feel if anyone thinks the glove should be in a museum, they should have purchased all of his belongings, paid his debt and donated them to the museum.


Well, well, well!! This World is really sicko !! Kids are homeless, even in this Country, and also some are starving, and some sicko idiot pays $350,000 for a stupid glove. I can't believe it, but he is probably not the only one, as I can see in the news at times. Was he a politician, I wonder? It's time this World gets hit by a meteor that is 200 miles in diameter in size, to make sure this mudhole, and idiot Earth gets wiped out for all times. Most people don't have their heads screwed on right any more.

Those of us who never paid much attention to Pop or Rock stars will never understand the absurd amounts the memorabilia of stars sells for, but for a true fan like the buyer who saw a real attraction for his new Hotel's Pop Artist's Display in Macau it was an unexpectedly low price. I am glad he was happy. An auction where both buyer and seller are happy with the price is a perfect sale.

People need to remember this glove no longer belonged to anyone in the Jackson family or business after Michael Jackson gave it to a fellow performing artist after using it for the Moon Walk.

I like this photo better than others I have seen under strong lights. This photo is at least honest and makes clear the glove is not some special diamond studded glove, but derives its value from the wearer and when it was worn, so the price is all tribute to Michael Jackson.

I am sure plenty will be left by his family and over time by collectors for a museum display if Michael Jackson's fame outlasts his living fans.

$50'000 x 9 isn't $350'000.

Michael Jackson is weird.

Hey, this is Christie D'Zurilla -- you are correct, I. Lee W., nine times $50K is *not* $350K. I'll fix that. If you add in the commission and taxes, it's *around* nine times -- but who am I kidding, I just made a mistake. Note the "For the record" going in above.

The price including commission is $420,000.

MJ gave it to Walter (Clyde) Orange of the Commodores singing group, after the performance at Motown 25. This part has been reported almost everywhere else.

The Jackson Estate did not get a penny.

Not everyone feels Elvis was the King. He copied his moves and some of his songs from black artists. Think on THAT. Michael can pay for anything he owes even in death and don't forget it. Michael Jackson IS and always Will be the KING OF POP.

This is a piece of american history and should be in a museum in the united states. i understand its a piece of private property and agree with it being sold but am saddened that it wasn't purchased by someone with the intention of donating it or lending it to a museum collection so it can be preserved and displayed.

thats jacked up that MJ's glove was soldd they should just leve it in his grave were it belongs

let MJ be in peace and quiet


i think its fine to sell the glove cuz if someone likes mj then its great they can have a peice of history, because he was the KING of music.

RIP mj

well im glad that the glove was sold to the chinese guy cuz the guy really likes MJ, so im sure he will take very care of the glove wherever it goes.

MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT WEIRD YOU ARE FOR SAYING THAT;Michael Jackson is cute and fine and you have no right to talk about him like that. And that why hes going to come to your house and destroy it


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