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Leighton Meester: 'Somebody to Love' (because it's too bad to ignore)

November 3, 2009 |  5:51 pm

Click on the video above. Watch it. Come to grips with the fact that you clicked of your own free will.

And then ask yourself, "OMG, what was Leighton Meester thinking?"

If you are able to answer yourself, please let us know immediately, because frankly we're at a loss. 

Oh, we almost forgot! You can see the whole thing next week on the CW's website. And you can buy a ring tone! Will the fabulousness never stop?

No need to race for the hand sanitizer and antibacterial body wash, however. It's not as if Leighton's the first one who's taken a shot at one or another of the songs called "Somebody to Love." Clicka. Clicka. Clicka.

-- Christie D'Zurilla