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John Mayer equates dating with shame, presses on somehow

Mayer2 Oh, the torture of being John Mayer. The thirtysomething crooner, whose able arm has carried the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz across a red carpet, spoke to the New York Times on the perils of celebrity courtship.

“It’s crazy to me that in my head, that being 32 and dating women is going to get me in trouble,” he said.

“I can’t even explain to you how terrible that feels, that I equate dating a woman with punishment, shame, guilt, disappointment, reproach, reprimand, persecution. It’s a nightmare.”

One that begets hit records and yet more A-list love interests.

Mayer has just released "Battle Studies," his fourth studio album which is heavily speculated to document his two attempts at love with Aniston -- complete with red wine and Ambien abuse, name-dropping a former superstar husband and lots of tears.

In our humble opinion, the disc is consistent with Mayer's more desirable skill set: compelling songwriting, heartthrob vocals and lots of exaggerated expressions.

He's still perfecting his other talents, however.

"They say I'm a womanizer; I say I haven't met enough women," Mayer said.

--Matt Donnelly

Photo: John Mayer flashes his "Dating-You-Is-My-Compulsion-Baby" face at NYC's Beacon Theatre in New York, November 2009. Credit: Cory Schwartz /Getty Images

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Battle Studies rocks! :)

He's young, talented and smooth...he should be with as many women as he wants to...Jennifer Anitston is way too old, needy and manipulative...

I do feel for the guy. He has women all around him. It's normal for him to want to date like crazy. Don't know the guy, but i'll be shocked if he settles down before 40. Why should he?
I think he probably comes on a little strong with women though, initially. You know the.lay it on thick, romantic pursuer. It's probably all quite intoxicating. Some woman who is not well integrated is a sucker for this stuff. She thinks she's found the great protector and lets down her guard. He then feels trapped and it's adios....next. I don't think it's intentional or conscious on his part. He needs to eventually find someone with a level enough head not to fall for his heavy romantic side and/or cool his jets when he's hot for someone.

Just think someone on the wealthy men dating site named wealthychats should be John Mayer. His photo will never tell lies.

What a non-story. Is this really what the average person fills their day with???

Well John Mayer, probably women who dated you feel the same way. The whole world learned what a looser you are, so don't hold your breath about meeting more women.

These articles will never give up, trying to make JA look like a looser. We all know who is behind all these.

Such an unpleasant man.

I totally get this. I wouldn't want to date a famous person because all that attention would freak me out!

John Mayer needs to get a life.

I think he says crass things to turn off as many girls as possible. It works pretty well.

ennifer was annoyed because he broke the golden rule in Hollywood : DO NOT TALK ABOUT OTHER CELEBRITIES. That is why they “broke up”. They had to end the contract and write a new one. That is why she was flew to New York (under the public pretense of seeing a Turner exhibit) to get him to sign a new contract which stipulated that he would say NOTHING about her and was silent. Even Mayer’s HIDDEN SECRET girlfriend at that time, Scheana Marie, didn’t know what was going on and she was annoyed. There is even an x17 video of Mayer and Scheana arguing about Aniston because he cant legally tell her!!!!!!!!! . As you know he is a conceited, heartless, immature self promoting blabbermouth….. …Jen in reality couldn’t stand him. It was all a convenient act. That is why at the Oscars, she abandoned him apart from when it was time for pictures, then she posed, ACTING extra affectionate. Ask people who went, THEY KNOW. Mayer would leave his car there so the photographers would invent a story, but he would secretly sneak out in the back floors of cars/limos covered up with a blanket. IT WAS ALL A PUBLICITY STUNT. All LA insiders know the real deal on this…. …..Mayer and Aniston were 100% a fake. She has dated nobody since Pitt. It was all an act until………………

Is anybody else having enough of this "showmance" thing? If it was a fake romance it would prove once and for all JM is not into older women!

I would suggest John Mayer is being used by these movie actress's
like his a hollywood groupie. The choice of women pretty much sums it up for me. He needs to focus on his lyrics and music, really nice stuff and stay away from being used and bragging about his sex romps. I perfectly understand his feelings of shame.

My impression is that John Mayer is a hollywood groupie that allowed himself to be used by these actress's who didn't see it coming with his "kiss and tell" stories after is sex romps. His what
women call a slut puppy. I have no sympathy for Jennifer Aniston
and the rest, they got what they wanted and more
My advise to John Myer, your not media savvy, sit down and focus on what your good at, and that's not your penis.


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