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Jennifer Lopez falls on her perfect posterior at the American Music Awards


Wait, the lyrics say "I'm throwing on my Louboutins"? We could've sworn it was "falling in my Louboutins."

Amid the Adam Lambert hoopla over last night's American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer's professionalism and Jennifer's smashing backside are getting elbowed to the sideline.

Yes, J. Lo did fall during her production number for "Louboutins." Yes, she bounced right back up. Yes, some folks online are speculating that her bouncy booty helped. Yes, we know that's ridiculous, but the Ministry, possessing a bouncy booty of its own, thinks it's cute.

The fall was edited out for those watching on the West Coast, so if you absolutely, positively must see a pro stumble, go to the three-minute mark in the video, after the jump.

And if you absolutely, positively must express your feelings regarding a song about unrequited love in  incredibly expensive shoes, do it in the comments.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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J Low looks really stupid and childish in the fall. She should have known that she is too old to do all that jumpings. Duh!

Jennifer, you did very well on the stage. Good performance!

Jennifer, you did very well on the stage. Good performance!

Well, I'm quite sure Ms. Lopez "bounced" back.

When are people going to stop talking about her backside? At fourty it's obvious it's not perfect anymore... Anyways, she fell, her song wasn't very good, you could hardly hear her...I still have my doubts she can even sing.

Not bothered that she fell, people have accidents. The fact that she is afraid to actually sing in front of people makes her kinda like the really cool phone you just got that can do everything but make a clear phone call. I mean, isn't the main purpose of a recording artist to actually sing? If you aren't sure, watch her start singing before the voice starts on the track. Sad point we have come to in the entertainment industry (as evidenced by Taylor Swift's dominance).

Me again -- Christie D'Zurilla -- if you're not seeing your comment published it's probably because you included a certain short word word that's not butt, booty, rear end, posterior or something similarly cute to refer what it is that J.Lo fell on. Resubmit and I'll publish! There are some good comments getting hung up by bad words.


Hey Jessica -

You just had your "EMBARRESING MOMENT!" Maybe you should learn how to spell... for reference and future use you can copy and paste my post here: it is spelled 'embarrassing' or 'embarrassment.'

leave Ms.lopez alone,is she the only woman that fallen off the stage,guys learn to appreciate people for who they are

This is discussion is disingenuous and a media campaign to distract from a most horrific failure AMA performances that night and careers that shouldn't exist.

A publicity stunt from Rihanna - a career that can no longer justify itself which every corrupt dj and radio station still supports. As well as the Black Eyed Peas' terrible performance which no press outlet has had the integrity to mention.

I think she made an excellent recovery... some would have just stormed off the stage blaming the other dancers!

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