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Jennifer Lopez falls on her perfect posterior at the American Music Awards


Wait, the lyrics say "I'm throwing on my Louboutins"? We could've sworn it was "falling in my Louboutins."

Amid the Adam Lambert hoopla over last night's American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer's professionalism and Jennifer's smashing backside are getting elbowed to the sideline.

Yes, J. Lo did fall during her production number for "Louboutins." Yes, she bounced right back up. Yes, some folks online are speculating that her bouncy booty helped. Yes, we know that's ridiculous, but the Ministry, possessing a bouncy booty of its own, thinks it's cute.

The fall was edited out for those watching on the West Coast, so if you absolutely, positively must see a pro stumble, go to the three-minute mark in the video, after the jump.

And if you absolutely, positively must express your feelings regarding a song about unrequited love in  incredibly expensive shoes, do it in the comments.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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She sang and danced really well. Why bother criticize for a little stumble! After all she recovered so remarkably and went on as nothing happened. People are just looking at things like that to jump on rather than the positive aspects of the show. pretty sad~!~~

What song about overpriced thousand dollar shoes is going to resonate with the American Public right now? Ms. Lopez is obviously so famous that she is really out of touch with reality for a lot of people right now. People don't even have the money for groceries, so forget about shoes. No one wants to sing along to a song about Louboutins when their really kickin' Payless. I'm just sorry she wasn't on the red carpet somewhere actually wearing those Louboutins when she fell.


I can't believe she did this type of song and it served her right to fall on her butt thinking she can still do this....she is NOT a fly girl anymore! Give it up JLo...can't you do a nice song without you lip singing....because don't you tell me that she was singing thoughout all her arobics! Please. And I'm a fan of her's but she's turning me off...trying just too hard. Girl, you don't have to go there...you are great already. And not to mention an extreme fan of her husband!

Hey all, this is Christie D'Zurilla ... am eager to publish your comments but the Ministry goes zero-tolerance on profanity, even mild stuff, and even if you put in the *** or the "3" or whatever ... resubmit without and you'll be clicked live ASAP. (Hi sam and JESSICA!)

Yes, I am aware of the irony!! I don't normally say "posterior" IRL. ~~ big smile ~~

Ouch...hope she is ok...

It was hardly noticeable. Whether you're a fan of hers or not, she did a great job and after her stumble she just continued on as if it had been planned, or that it hadn't even happened. Good for her.

Besides falling she immediately misses her cue and starts LIPSYNCHING TOO SOON... What a pathetic song - and sad commentary on our society that it is given airtime - how out of touch do you have to be to do this?Of course gotta us commoners something to dream of? Louboutins? hilarious...Where's Kanye to interrupt this horrible song - even Taylor can out do this!

To all the people who keep slamming JLo for singing a song about thousand dollar shoes. Give me a break.
This is entertainment! Not economics! Beyonce sang about "Let me Upgrade You" and being a "sugar mama".
The song was about a woman being done with a deadbeat boyfriend and putting on her sexiest dress and shoes and leaving his but behind. Get a life you haters.

I really don't like J Lo but she did recover the fall fast enough if looked as if it was a part of the dance. Other than that I find her lacking in real singing talent.

I agree with most of the comments - song is not the greatest. However, J-Lo did look great, and she bounced back just like a pro. I'd give her a two-Louboutin salute for that one ... if someone would buy me a pair of those shoes.

Listen-up ,Elena Torres,Jessica Who?, and whatisastupida... you all jealous, thats all I have to say. Instead of giving her credit , whithout looking at your owns and dirty mouth... GO JLO deposit the money that this idiots in LA pay.

JLO IS #1, she is amazing and the performance was excellent!! People need to stop hating, and latinos should really support her.. There arent really anymore latin artists big anymore.

Are we seriously talkin about JLOs 2 second fall???? She recovered so fast it was barely noticeable. Please the girl is an icon she earned her right to fall on her ass and still be fierce!

I think she made an excellent recovery... some would have just stormed off the stage blaming the other dancers!

J.Lo did a great job, with her performance. I am not a huge fan but do enjoy some of her songs and this happened to be one of them. People commented on J.Lo lip singing while doing her dance moves or when she got back up after falling, (which she did gracefully.) Before commenting on another's performance, put yourself in their shoes and try entertaining thousands of people with music and dance. I am sure it is not easy. The problem with people today is that you forget entertainers are people to, you judge them and constantly put them under scrutiny, and it is disgusting.

she is way too old and bottom heavy for this feat.

I love Jlo but she jacked up her eyebrows! why? points loss on that.

Adam Lamberts Theme was Porn. Is he the new King of freak or what?

Anything to distract from her "singing" is welcome.

I still love her.She was great.

I am a fan of j-lo and her songs are ususally catchy and she use to be able to dance she aint no janet-j or lady b madonna has nothing to worry about i think she need to hang it up her and whitney there time has past...

They fall down in the Olympics too.

I would still tap that.

Is it me...or she really looks CHUNKY in those videos especially those hefty LEGS of hers??? And what's with that hairdo? I wish she would grow up with grace

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