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Breakup Watch: Jake, Reese and the case of the rolling luggage


If you're still digesting those last bits of holiday feast, here's something else hard to swallow -- the possible demise of star couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Over the weekend, People magazine posted that the pair was kaput despite denials from respective publicists. Gossip site X17 Online, however, spotted an assistant of Gyllenhaal's fetching two large suitcases from Witherspoon's Brentwood home on Sunday, then dropping them off at his own pad. 

 Are they or aren't they? Evidence after the jump! 

People reports that Jake is clamoring to marry Reese, but she's gun-shy after splitting with   Ryan Phillippe, the father of her children.

The luggage swap may seem to indicate the two are quietly negotiating a separation. But they’re a very private pair, and with big projects on the horizon -– Jake’s "Prince or Persia: The Sands of Time" in May and a huge ensemble flick directed by James L. Brooks coming up for Reese – don’t expect a formal announcement.

What do you think? Are Reese and Jake done for good? Tell us in comments!

-- Matt Donnelly

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Jake is more likely to marry Ryan Phillipe than Reese. I say this in part because the only evidence of any actual relationship between Jake and Reese comes from staged photo ops and their respective publicists.

This story is nothing but a publicity stunt. We all know that Jake is "Toothy Tile" wink wink.

You absolutely cannot trust X17! They always lie! Reese is getting ready to leaqve town for Avon promos in the UK.Probably tomorrow. Suitcases? X17 probably saw suitcases and invented a story! They do it all the time.

May be HJake and Reese hit a rough patch, but I hope they aren't breaking up.From pictures I've seen as a huge fan of Reese's, I've never seen her looking as happy or relaxed, or"soft" as she's been with Jake. It was as if someone brought sunlight into her life,letting her be light-hearted. She also seemed very smitten with Jake. I recall an appearance she made on Ellen where she accidently said his name. It was sweet.

Jake seems like an affectionate, loving guy who has an very open heart.Seemed like he jumped in with both feet. He was often pictured with her kids. She would never do that if they weren't very close. They even vacation with the kids. I think Jake has built things and done things on that farm she likes to talk about, too.

It seems like they have been laying a strong foundation for a very solid relationship. But the downside is this: Jake at 28, probably wants marriage and kids. Reese,33, has been there, done that. Her kids are at an age where she can finally breath a little. Maybe they are at different points in their lives and there's no room to negotiate a middle ground. I hope they can work it out. I'll feel really sad if they end things. Really sad.

Reese needs a needy guy and Jake isn't needy, just in love. Reese needs to feel needed by a needy guy like her last husband and because she can't get that with Jake, who is an adventerous man of means, Reese can't feel her power over a man like she did with her first husband. And that's that.

I always felt it was a mistake for Jake and Reese to date. Its wrong to jump into a serious relationship when you haven't even divorced yet. A person needs to breathe in between relationships especially after divorce. People have this image of Jake being this clingy guy who wants to marry everyone he dates but no one knows their relationship but them. I do think they were kind of cute together but I never saw them getting married again.


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