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[UPDATE No. 2] Adam Lambert 'GMA' concert canceled; 'Early Show,' Letterman book him

Adam3 If you were hoping to catch Adam Lambert performing on "Good Morning America" this Wednesday, or maybe even see the free concert in person in New York, you're out of luck.

The appearance has been canceled.

According to an e-mail from a show coordinator:

"The Adam Lambert Concert on Good Morning America at the Hudson Theatre has been officially cancelled. It is not necessary to come to the theatre because it will be closed. Thank you for your interest in the show and Adam Lambert. We look forward to your attendance at future events."

(This news via BroadwayWorld.com.)

[UPDATE: 10:31 a.m. Nov. 24,2009 However, CBS has jumped at the opportunity to have Adam on "The Early Show" on Wednesday morning to discuss his American Music Awards performance, CBS News confirms.]

[UPDATE: 11:42 a.m., Nov. 24, 2009 And he'll be on David Letterman's show Wednesday night as well, according to CBS. Performance only!

CBS is definitely stepping into the breach, yes?]

At last count, the Ministry was pushing about 10,000 "Yuck!" votes in its poll on Lambert's performance Sunday at the American Music Awards, a show that drew 14.2 million viewers. (Though supportive votes were slightly ahead of that.)

[UPDATE: 8:10 p.m., Nov. 24, 2009 Note that the poll numbers cited above are from when this post originally was published, at 8:46 a.m. Tuesday. Since then, more readers have voted in support of the performance, and the results will continue to change with time/cdz.]

So where are the corresponding complaints about Lambert to ABC?

There are a few kicking around, Reuters reports -- 1,500 or so -- but nothing overwhelming. The FCC couldn't confirm or deny receiving complaints.

In comparison, complaints about Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl were in the half-million neighborhood. (Though the $550,000 fine that was levied is still traveling through the court system.)

Time will tell, we suppose. Maybe the people who were upset worked it all out online? 

Or perhaps it's more of a silent protest -- and they just won't tune in again in the future.

At least not Wednesday on "Good Morning America."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert at the 19 Entertainment studios in October. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times.

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Bravo, commenter, Charles Rinehart. Couldn't have said it better. When I don't like something on TV, I change the channel. If I'm not into a performer, I don't watch them. Simple as that. I'm certainly not going to waste my time berating their performance. Just because I don't get it doesn't mean others don't get it and love it. Who am I to judge? Like everyone else, I am not the be all, end all judge of what has entertainment value and what doesn't. Who is anyone to judge? I don't like everything. No one likes everything. But I, and I'm no kid and not gay, have to tell ya, I love me some Adam Lambert. And I have to chuckle at all this. It reminds me of kids running to tattle. Ewwwww....I'm goonnnnnaa teeeellllll........LOL. Too funny. I was embarrassed at how we Americans look to other countries for about two seconds before I realized it's way too late for that. I really just have to join them in being amused at the bigots on parade that pop up anytime anyone pushes the envelope. It's hysterical to think that anyone believes themselves so important that their opinion should sway the thinking of millions. I don't like that so I'm complaining so no one can ever watch that again? LOL. How completely pompous. ABC receives complaints from 1500 and ignores 14 million who didn't complain, 14 million of whom a good percentage tuned in mainly to see the much hyped and promised "over-the-top" performance of Adam Lambert? What Adam Lambert did was tame compared to much I've seen on network television in prime time. From what I saw, Adam delivered what was hyped spectacularly and if anyone didn't like it, they could have quickly and easily clicked him off. The hypocrisy here is at an all-time high. The good news is win-win for Adam. You go, boy. Welcome to the circus.

Would someone please explain to me, when did fighting for the right to have a man stick his face in your crotch on national television become a civil rights crisis?

BKen123: Apparently they didn't watch any footage from the American Idol tour either or they would have seen women tossing their unmentionable wearables and toys--leather, nylon, plastic, rubber, and otherwise--onto the stage where Adam was performing and gyrating to their delighted and often frenzied screams. Adam is an unapologetically sexual performer and has always been an unapologetically sexual performer and will always be an unapologetically sexual performer. Anyone who's paid attention at all knows that. You know, though, thinking about it, I think ABC did know and they've used him to their own short-term ends. They got their ratings and they also got to appear holier than thou and please their less prurient audience segment. Cancelling Adam on GMA, not the sharpest move, but in the scheme of things they got the publicity they wanted coming and going. It's a win-win, especially for CBS and Adam, but ABC got theirs, too, albeit a quickie.

I'm happy to see that the majority of comments here are actually supportive of Adam. I am a huge fan but can admit that I didn't like every single thing he did in his AMA performance, however, this was late night, my 5 kids were already sleeping, and he indeed is not the only performer who has done anything raunchy as part of their 'act'. For one, it's not fair to judge his entire talent based on one performance. Most people who have seen him on Idol knows how mutli-faceted he is. He's a rare gifted singer you only see once in every generation but last night proved that vocals took a backseat to 'shock value' - plus the sound system really impeded him not being able to hear his pitch correctly as it also affected other performers singing that night. Clearly folks, Adam said he intended this performance to be way OTT. BTW, what are people talking about 'your 15 minutes are almost up'? WTH? He's been in the spot light for almost a year now! Are you kidding me with this 15 minutes crap?!? ~ A Conservative mom

i am so glad they canceled adam lambert he is a terrible singer unless you like screaming i hope he does not get booked anywhere his cd is terrible

Adam's performance was the top - sexually and emotionally (Adam is a sexual person and I loved every move) - but that is who he is-Apples to oranges, you either love him or you don't - I love it - he is the entire package I would drive as many hours it takes to see him perform live. To all the Adam fans, Glamor it up.

Adam is an entertainer...
How many parents know that their children watch music videos on television and the computer that are so much worse than what Adam did? The parents should have taped the performance and then decided if their children should watch it or not. He didn't do anything different than so many other performers, it's just that he's not a female. It seems that people accept it easier if a female does things like this rather than a gay male, but Adam doesn't hide anything he has made it clear who he is and what he is and that is a Human being!!!
He's just starting out people, give him a chance!

I am 59 years old and as far as I am concerned Adam did nothing I havent seen a femal do on stage. If it had beed a Female we wouldnt have seen this much news about it, By the time his performance came on, all kids should have been sleeping anyway. He is who he is and ITS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. This is just pure discrimination because he's a guy. I agree completely with what Maggie Q said; there are over a hundred more sexual examples on television nowadays that are far more obscene than anything Adam has done. Hell, just look at True Blood; sexuality is the main course of that show. Go, Lambert; you'll always have a fan in me.

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