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Chris Brown to tell all (again) on '20/20'

Chrisbrown In what is surely the year's best battle for televised catharsis, Chris Brown has booked yet another "tell-all" interview -- this time with ABC's "20/20."

After his ex-girlfriend Rihanna's explosive interview with Diane Sawyer, we're sure Chris' taking of umbrage will be well documented in the sit-down, shot with anchor Robin Roberts last weekend.

In February, it was reported that Brown physically and verbally assaulted Rihanna on a residential street in Los Angeles, yielding to months and months of media coverage of her bruised and broken visage. Earlier this month, Rihanna spoke out for the first time since the incident.

[For the record, 9:23 p.m., Nov. 30, 2009: A previous version of this post said that Rihanna had indicated she had been attacked no fewer than nine times before ending things with Chris Brown. In fact, Rihanna's reference to "nine times" was a discussion of statistics involving battered women in general.]

After the two-part chat with Sawyer, Brown told MTV news, "I maintain my position that all of the details should remain a private matter between us."

We'll see how closely he sticks to that sentiment when his "20/20" interview airs on ABC on Dec. 8.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Chris Brown performs live at the Avalon Hollywood in November in Los Angeles. Credit: Katy Winn / APA

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Stop perpetuating lies. She said he never hit her before!!!!!!!! Where did you get "attacked her nine times" from??? Does the truth even matter anymore??? You people just run with the lies and the exaggerations. It is ridiculous.

Chris Brown should just shut up and go away with his tail in between his legs like a sorry dog who did bad. No words can redeem him for what he did.

She did not say she was attacked nine times, she said usually it takes 8 or 9 times for a woman to leave, and this was the first time for her.

Hey all, it's Christie D'Zurilla -- thanks for pointing out the error in our post. You'll see that I just added a correction in the item and fixed the information. Anna, we heard you too, but we can't publish comments that include profanity.

And hey, nope, glad to see you back again. Did you see my "comment of the week" post a week ago Friday? You were the winner.

Thanks all!

i think they both should just stop talking about it and focus on their careers.They keep doin interviews then the situation get bigger and bigger.

Hey all, it's Christie D'Zurilla again -- if your comment hasn't been published, it's most likely because you used profanity. And I can't publish cuss words. Not big ones, little ones, misspelled ones, ones where the letters are replaced with ***, ones that are used in acronyms.

Just can't do it.

If you want to show your support (or whatevs) for Chris Brown, do it without swearing and I can publish it for you.


chris brown all the way.


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