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Adam Lambert was 'really in the moment' when he kissed a guy on the AMAs

Adam Lambert talked to CNN about his American Music Awards performance last night. First off: He had fun. His dancers had fun. He says the audience at the Nokia Theatre had fun. 

Glambert11 And about the details of the number?

"Sometimes things just happen," he says. "Adrenalin is a crazy, crazy, crazy feeling. And it's one of the things I love most about performing."

Was he making a political statement? Only as an afterthought, he says, sort of -- and the words "political statement" are from the reporter's mouth, not his.

Click above (it might take a while to load) to see for yourself. Adam's comments are an interesting  counterpoint to the vigorous, um, debate going on this morning online.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert on stage at the American Music Awards on Nov. 22, 2009. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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Absolutely unblieveable-my grandchildren love music, and their types of music are varied at ages, 16-12- and 10. So we all watched together. And, how does one explain that Adam Lambert bit to a 10 year old girl, she just didn't get it, but asked questions. S&M for 10 yr olds, I don't think so. How dare you. In fact the whole awards show was crap, not indicative of American Music in my opinion. Why should there be a song performed that the words need to be bleeped out every other couple of words. A complete waste of time on family night. I guess we should have watched a Disney movie.

This is amazing Women have been performing with exposed breasts,kissing other women,but that was acceptable?
Adam looked very sophisticated as a rocker. He performed a show that was a little racy. so what
Adam is marvelous!!!

Go Adam!!! Did this country have such a hissy when Madonna kissed Brittany?No! Madonna has done things like this on prime time tv for years. I can't believe that in 2009 that this would still be so unaccepted. First of all, Adam should have won Idol, the reason he didn't was due to all the drama these anti-gay religious groups created. Kris Allen is no-one special. These groups need to thump themselves in the heads a few times with their bibles, and then after reading all of it ( including the passages that have been conviently removed) pass judgement on themselves instead of others!!! Go Adam!!! Keep those kisses coming!!!

this is so not fair. what many poeple are saying is right that many females have been kissing the same gender and no big deal was made. and if you dont want to hear words with beeps then i have no idea what music you listen to because almost every song now has beeps and some other information that you might not want your child to hear, but this is all REAL. you cant hide homosexuality from children because it is all over. And if you know how to explain it right to your kids then i see no problem. you cant keep kids in a bubble away from everything and its not like people choose to like the same gender. If kids know this at young ages they will understand the world around them, be more open and they wont have the wrong idea about all of this.

to me Adam's performance great and i LOVE Adam hes so talented. He will have a great carrier and i will never stop being one of the MILLIONS of fans that he still and will have..


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