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State attorneys general urge swift action against online piracy

May 17, 2011 |  6:44 pm

State attorneys general across the country called on Congress to act on legislation that would crack down on websites trafficking in pirated products, including bootleg movies and TV shows.

"A growing number of rogue websites are based overseas, presenting law enforcement with unique enforcement challenges,'' said the letter to Congress from 42 attorneys general from Kansas to Hawaii. "We are therefore extremely pleased that in Washington, D.C., both the House and the Senate have turned their attention to this major problem."

The letter continued: "Legislation is needed to disrupt the counterfeiting and pirate business model by cutting those sites off from the American marketplace."

The statement comes a few days after Democratic and Republican Senate Judiciary Committee leaders introduced a bill that seeks to rein in rogue websites dedicated to the sale of counterfeit products, including movies and television shows. The House is weighing preparing similar legislation.


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--Richard Verrier