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Jobs will go down drain with cancellation of ABC soaps

ABC's decision to pull the plug on its long-running soap operas "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" in favor of cheaper talk and lifestyle shows will put several hundred people out of work.

Besides the roughly 40 actors employed full time by the two shows, hundreds of other performers, stunt men and women, directors, producers, writers and crew members will be let go. The cancellation of the two soaps is also a blow to production in Los Angeles and New York.

The news represents a "devastating loss," said the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The Writers Guild of America East also weighed in saying it was "deeply disappointed by ABC's announcement." 

ABC is replacing the soaps with "The Chew," a program about food, and "The Revolution," a lifestyle show that the network said will "help viewers transform all areas of their lives, from relationships to family, food, style, home design, finance and more."

"We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days," said Brian Frons, who oversees daytime programming for ABC. "They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways."

"All My Children," which debuted in 1970 and is produced at Andrita Studios in Los Angeles, will cease production in September, while "One Life to Live," which first aired in 1968 and is filmed at ABC studios in New York, will shut down in January.


ABC cancels `All My Children' and One Life to Live'

Goodbye, soaps, hello, lifestyle: Tim Gunn, Mario Batali on tap for ABC daytime

-- Richard Verrier

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I can't believe ABC is cancelling our soaps for food programs. That is why there is so much obesity in our country. Will stop watching ABC altogether. Maybe now the public will stop watching ABC and start exercising!

Soaps in the afternoon were the only reason I watched the regular tv channels. Now, I have no need for it. Great job there, Frons. You just torpedoed your job longevity. Wait until the sheet hits the phans.

This is unbelievable! First they up-root All My Children crew to California and now they lose their job!!! I'm a fan of both soaps from almost the beginning and and very sad to lose "my friends"...don't we have enough talk shows? I need my AMC soaps!!!

This is unbelievable! First they up-root All My Children crew to California and now they lose their job!!! I'm a fan of both soaps from almost the beginning and and very sad to lose "my friends"...don't we have enough talk shows? I need my AMC soaps!!!

I sympathize with each and every viewer that is losing a beloved show. I don't watch soaps, but we've all had favorites that didn't make the cut and were cancelled.

However, folks thinking this is a crime, or asking why ABC didn't take a poll or somesuch are just being silly due to the loss of a loved show.

ABC didn't have to take a poll. They get all the numbers they need every day, when said soaps get *terrible ratings.*

TV isn't about catering to various minorities. It's not even about creating quality television. It's about getting the highest ratings possible, to charge the highest price possible for ad placement. It always has been.

Again, I sympathize with all of you. I've lost shows. One of my current favs isn't likely to make it to next year. But that's just the nature of the business. You enjoy the good ones while they last, and hope that every so often your tastes happen to coincide with the masses, so you can enjoy a show for a few years more than you otherwise would have.

Are you aware that William Shakespeare originated soap operas. Read a few plays and you will see the similarities. As a high school teacher I used these 2 (now defunct soaps???) to elucidate Shakespeare. Someone in your organization should do his homework. Manipulation of characters takes mastery. Do not foolishly discard a skill so many adults and yes, teenagers, enjoy.

"It will put several hundred people out of work from those cancelled shows. however, several hundred people will get hired to make the new shows."

@sgreco, it's not going to take several hundred people to produce the new shows--that's why they're going to save the network MONEY, because they're so much cheaper to produce.

Producing a cooking show or a "lifestyle" show will require a handful of behind the scenes employees, compared to the hundreds employed by the two soaps both behind and in front of the cameras. Big difference.

Ahem... said the 24 year old male programming director...
"We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days," said Brian Frons, who oversees daytime programming for ABC.
Please! ABC is just looking for cheaper programs to produce. How long before they become the 24 hour "Wipeout" channel?

Why are they cancelling two great soap opera for two nonsense talk shows te world of soaps is fading into background reality tv and talk shows are taking the networks the one they should have cancelled was general hospital because they only mob crimes and the same crap every week about the same people

Wow. From reading these comments, I'd say the daytime soap fans aren't really brain surgeons. Just goes to show what watching two to three hours of pure drivel every day will do to your IQ. My advice-use this time to read, maybe you'll all be able to write better comments.

Brian Fronz is the one who should've been canceled.

Really ABC what are you insane people thinking taking these shows off the air? We have been watching them since their inception, and it is like an old friend coming into your living room after a hard day with all the world's problems. They provide comfort to so many. Many are right you didn't ask the viewers and the many comments here more than prove that. You'll find out what a bad corporate decision this was when no one will care to turn on ABC any longer for any reason. The View has ruined TV and one show like that is enough. You have lost me as a viewer as well.

You really have no clue what the public wants this is all about money and corporate executives who will hopefully loose a lot of business.

Really, ABC? Like we need another talk show. Or more exposure to bland "telegenics" like Batali and Tim Gunn. (Although I love TG, isn't one show with him enough?) I will miss One Life to Live. It has been a guilty pleasure since high school. It's ridiculous and cheesy and a much better escape than another show about the dangers of school lunches. ABC FAIL.

Top executives responsible for this major lack of judgement ,vision, and wisdom should be ousted from their positions. Such a significant lose... one which will not be a gain for ABC replacements...

I can't believe ABC is canceling All My Children and One Life to Live. I have watched All My Children since it started in 1970. You say it's what the people want. Ha, when did you take a poll. Do you realize how many food shows, and View style talk show out there? I for one will not be watching either of your new shows. I hope your new shows flop and you realize what a terrible mistake you have made!!!!!

Already unemployment percentage is increasing day by day and this becomes a big disaster. I think the people should go for any kind of jobs or start there own business rather then looking for the jobs which are related to their studies.

I cannot believe that ABC is doing this. As a fan of "All My Children" I am devastated. "The View" is not what television should be. That shows demonstrates that Television is declining its good taste".

I say lets boycott ABC shows all together. Tune into another network!

Show ABC that the viewers do have a say. The viewers buy the products that are advertised on these shows, so we just stop buying - and switch to another brand.

Once ABC loses advertising revenue, they will feel it!

I hope that a cable network; maybe the OWN channel will pickup these shows...I can't believe that they are not money makers!!!!

Please people - lets show ABC that we won't stand for this!

A Loyal Fan of "All My Children"

I totally agree. I will NEVER watch another ABC show or any affiliated with Disney.


I do not believe that this is happening! ABC what is wrong with you? How can you cancel two of the best soaps there is to put these lifestyle shows on, I can watch Rachael Ray or other shows on cable. Why would you even think the public would want to have these shows taken off.ABC has always been my favorite station but it will be no more. Think about how many people are going to be without a job when you do this and how many unhappy viewers you will have. It is not too late to change your mind.This a huge mistake on your part!

I am so upset with ABC..Now the entire week-day programming will be as boring as reading a dictionary. BORING BORING BORING..Just to save them money they throw away all the loyal fans and employees that have made them money for over 40 years. Who cares about food with all the food channels there are, and who says the daytime audience wants the boring stuff coming..I for one don't.. I am really , really upset..Television is becoming so boring and now it is going to be more so.. I'm getting NetFlix to replace ABC in my house, then at least I can watch what ever I want.

I suppose the people calling soaps crap, etc. are people who watch sports, listen to rap, or watch reality shows. Several of the sports figures, etc. they watch make tons of money and are idolized, yet they act like idiots in public. They say soaps are bad, yet they have done a lot. Right now oltl has a storyline about bullying that has already been known to help some children. They also have done a lot of other storylines on hate crimes, cancer, prejudism, learning problems, rape, etc. So much for "crap." These two soaps helped ABC become what they are today and this is the thanks they get??? ABC, and evidently some others, are clueless if they actually think these new shows will make it. Duh!!! Next thing we will see is ABC having a new show like Jersey Shore! Yuck. ABC execs, and the advertisers involved in canceling amc and oltl should star in Dumb and Dumber 2.

Agnes would be so upset. You have them all take a pay cut and than have them move their families out of NY just to unemploy them all. The greed and deception involved in this decision makes me sick. Stating what the viewers want who.was asked? And it is about paying a cast that has been employed so long that they clearly have higher pay versus the dumb new show with a couple people. Thanks for hurting our economy further and taking away such a personal show of dedicated fans who have watched for 40 years. I'm done with ABC'S GREED..

We let them use our airwaves for free. TV and especially radio do not seem to feel any obligation to produce quality shows in exchange for the airwave usage. When is the last time you looked forward to hearing a radio show?
The right to broadcast should not be a permanent right!

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