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YouTube launches summer "creators" program with USC, Columbia College of Chicago

Yearning to become the next "Fred?"

YouTube has formed a partnership with the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Columbia College Chicago to offer a series of new media classes for budding YouTubers to hone their creative skills.

The newly launched program, dubbed YouTube Creator Institute, will begin offering courses this summer that touch on various aspects of digital media, from developing story arcs and cinematography, to making money and employing social media to build audiences.

The YouTube-USC program will run May 25 to June 22 in Los Angeles. Columbia College's institute begins May 31 and ends July 22, and will be housed in the school's television department in Chicago. Each will accept 10 students.

-- Dawn C. Chmielewski


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You forgot to mention a key component of this, which is that it's a contest.

"The YouTube Creator Institute Contest (the “Contest”) is a skill contest. There will be up to twenty (20) total Winners selected, up to ten (10) per school. Winners will receive a film school experience lasting four (4) or eight (8) weeks, depending on the Program: the USC Program will last 4 weeks and the Columbia Program will last 8 weeks."

Hopefully they will quickly expand the program to allow open enrollment based on portfolio, creativity, originality, innovation, availability and desire to participate in program.

I've made it to Round 2 and need your help to make it to Round 3 of the contest to attend the Youtube Creator's Institute. It takes 30 seconds of your time to give me a thumbs up and change my life forever!! Please vote for me! http://www.youtube.com/creators?x=creatorinstitute_7iKJuSuwwCk


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