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'The Tourist,' third 'Chronicles of Narnia' film pass major box-office milestones overseas

Touristwide Two films that fared poorly at the domestic box office are finding success overseas.

"The Tourist," starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp," and the 3-D "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader," the third film based on a popular series of children's novels, both passed major box-office milestones abroad this weekend. "The Tourist" surpassed the $200-million mark, while "Dawn Treader" exceeded $300 million.

The two movies both opened domestically on the same weekend in early December. But "The Tourist" has grossed only a weak $67.6 million, causing some in the industry to question the star power of the film's lead actors stateside. Fortunately for financier GK Films and distributor Sony Pictures, however, it appears the A-list movie stars haven't lost as much clout abroad.

This weekend, "The Tourist" added $1.8 million to its $201.9 million international total, according to a studio estimate. That's about three times as much as the movie made domestically.

The film, which was financed for about $100 million by producer Graham King's GK Films, hit the $100-million mark overseas in early January. It has performed best in China, where it opened in mid-February and has since grossed an estimated $20.8 million in the country. The movie has also done well in Russia and in Italy, where much of the European-set movie's plot takes place. The film will continue to play abroad for a few more weeks, but it has already opened in all its major foreign countries.

While "The Tourist" has performed well overseas, its international tally still falls far behind other films starring Jolie or Depp. The actress' 2005 film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" brought in $291.8 million overseas in 2005, while Depp's "Alice in Wonderland" made a staggering $690.1 million internationally last year.

Narn "Dawn Treader," meanwhile, was also expensive to make: It cost 20th Century Fox and co-financier Walden Media $155 million to produce.

But the movie has only grossed $107.3 million in the U.S. and Canada. That's less than the last two "Narnia" movies, 2005's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and 2008's "Prince Caspian," which collected $291.7 million and $141.6 million domestically, respectively.

The first film did fantastically overseas, ending up with $453.3 million. But the third film has already exceeded the international total of "Prince Caspian," which only took in $278 million in the foreign markets where it played.

"Dawn Treader" has performed well in France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Japan, where despite local tragedy the film grossed $1.4 million this weekend.

--Amy Kaufman

Photos (from top): Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star in "The Tourist." Credit: Sony Pictures. Georgie Henley stars in "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Credit: 20th Century Fox.

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Maybe we'll get The Silver Chair after all, to at least close out the Caspian story.

Totally wrong analysis.
Are you really comparing "The Tourist" with "Alice" and "Pirates"?
That's stupid. An adult movie compared with special effects heavy kids movies.
"The Tourist" is the biggest adult movie in Depp's career worldwide. And one of the biggest in Jolie's.
Good or bad, like it or not, "The Tourist" is a hit.
"While "The Tourist" has performed well overseas, its international tally still falls far behind other films starring Jolie or Depp. The actress' 2005 film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" brought in $291.8 million overseas in 2005, while Depp's "Alice in Wonderland" made a staggering $690.1 million internationally last year."

The Tourist was viciously panned by critics and subsequently became the object of ridicule in the US. People overseas read, too, you know. The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't as terrible as critics made it out to be. But if you want to assign blame, I'd put it on Jolie.

The Tourist had a poor trailer and totally misleading TV spots in addition to being panned by critics but it still did 4X it's opening weekend. That and it's overseas performance is totally attributable to the drawing power of its stars. And Jolie was probably more of a draw here since she at least looked good while Johnny's schlubby look was not a hit even with his fans. Overseas fans don't care what U.S. critics think. UK fans loved Gulliver's travels which totally tanked in the U.S.

The Tourist had Johnny playing an ordinary and somewhat stiff character and Angelina as a demure and docile damsel in distress. They were both playing against type in roles their fans aren't accustomed to seeing them in so the film's performance must be viewed in proper perspective. Johnny and Angelina turned this into a hit on star power alone and I can't imagine any other stars who could have done what they did with the same film.

Although box office share out in each territory- between manufacturing producers and retail cinemas - can be different, other than that The US media needs to smell the coffee.
In the 1990s The US was 80% of (an English language) film cinema gross. It was the be all and end all. But no longer.
Avatar took 73% of its cinema gross outside The USA.
The reports that a film has done well or badly based on The US opening weekend will increasingly be an unreliable guide if out of synch with international consumer feeling.
The Green Hornet was not the greatest US opening weekend but more than recouped its $120 million budget from the international box office. The US $98 million was the cherry on the cake but no longer the cake itself.
In 1911 New York looked set to be the world cinema capital. By 1920 it had become Hollywood. Will Hollywood be the capital in 2020 or will it become The UK or other EU centre ?

But if you want to assign blame, I'd put it on Depp .He just had success with kids movies.
Angelina has big hit SALT Usa 118 million and Overseas 175 million

The average American viewer accept easily to be led and directed in his choice more than the overseas one who is more independant to critics.

Tools like Meta critics or Rotten Tomatoes are american and there is no equivalent overseas. It's not in our culture to have a tool regrouping critics and having an average rate on a movie which by essence is based on personal taste and cultural sensitivity, which is never an homogenic characterisitic, especially since it's based on 200 people's taste who act as if they have been elected by the milions of viewers to repesent the panel of every taste and sensitivity around the world.. They are not.

As a results, critics are becoming more and more arrogant in the US. I have even read that at first plenty of them put out there critics based on a review of a colleague cause SONY didn't gave them access to the movie earlier. Then they saw it and one of the review upgrade his rate saying that plenty had delivered their critics without seeing the movie necause of SONY and tat explained the low rate. What kind of professional does that ? Also, they go beyond the act of simply criticize and instead, especially in that case, launch some general boycot campaign with the harsh words and insults saying things like peope shoulddo everything, even buy a ticket to Tombuktu instead of seeing it, acting like a movie was a plague.

This arrogance go as far as panning a movie 'bomb' 'hit' the two first day it is released IN THE DOMESTIC MARKET at that !

When you know that the first 20 biggest grosses (exception : The Dark Night) have a foreign share that go from 60 to 80 % of the total revenues, you know that the foreign market, the growing market is becoming the most important one and shifts the decision making within the studios that nowadays make expensive movies to be attracted globally.

Humility, basic facts based on stats, figure and simple experience would have refrained anyone that know BO to to assert the word Bomb as a fact prematurely.

Add the fact that Jolie who is the most versatile of the two actors in terms of genres was on a roll and had seen her 3 latest movies grossing 175+ millions abroad without 3D, animation or other gimmicks used as incentives, that both are extremely popular abroad, where the market is more faitfull to its stars, it was nearly a given than The Tourist would at least have grossed 150 millions abroad while certain critics in here were expecting it to reach 65 millions MAXIMUM abroad ! Based on what ? Their own domestic critics and arrogance thinking they could order the overseas public to not see the movie, just like they did at home..

The arrogant american critics who launched an unprescedent boycpott campaign were too into themselves and thought that the overseas market would behave like the domestic one and actually care about their input.

I think the overseas viewer is more mature in that prospect as it usually view the critics as a selective club of egomanic folks who think THEIR opinion should prevail, should be perceived as a conscensus, a rule to follow, when it's only an opinion ...The tone they use has replaced the advice and has become more and more an order to follow. Abroad, we just don't follow them.

Finally someone reports the truth about The Tourist. You in the media had so much fun tearing down its stars when it opened poorly in the States but then somehow managed to never again update on the fact that it made 4x it's opening weekend and nearly finished with $70m domestic, and became an absolute phenom overseas. Thank you for bringing it up now, though.

To echo another- comparing it to Alice is not right. This is an adult-targeted caper film. $200m overseas is massive for this type of film and outside of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (with all the hooplah surrounding it) is actually along with Wanted ($206m) Angelina's biggest foreign total to date. Add to that the success of SALT ($295m WW) and this has been one of Angelina's best years at the box office. So much for having no more appeal huh?

I'd take Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston anyday, anytime....she has better acting chops and dramatic charisma...she looks better with Johnny (and for that matter Brad)!

Another factor with Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie are that they put the marketing manhours into non-US markets. They do the chatshows, newspaper and magazine photoshoots and interviews. It is not just the hours but the attitude, the charm, the energy and effort they put into these marketing (non-acting) jobs. They do not look bored and are never boring. Not every Hollywood star bothers and it can overtime have a big impact on core customer loyalty outside The US.
Some stars get that the non-US market is becoming the cake and the US market becoming merely the cherry on the cake.
It obviously helps that they often work on sound stages in Europe or on location outside The USA, but there are other movie stars who see the marketing work as beneath them while on a heavy duty film shoot.
Depp and Jolie have both proved they can draw a paying audience for different genres in careers which have so far lasted over ten years (Jolie) and twenty years (Depp). Neither have drawn too heavily on superhero comic or video characters (big exception in Jolie's career is Tombraider), and Depp created his Pirate Captain role. Many other so-called stars (below a certain age) have only the fact they were cast as a sure fire comic superhero or video game character as the claim to any box office success. The box office may have been unaffected by the casting.
Hollywood may have to focus ever more on its greenlight finance and marketing power on movies such as 'Taken' (mostly set in Paris) and put the hottest A List talent into them unless they want to see the French come up with a smash hit action picture which does $600-800 million outside the USA and create European global moviestars.
Why not set the next Diehard in a hospital in Europe ?
Maybe in box office terms, Robert Di Niro's RONIN was just a decade ahead of its smash hit box office time ?
Maybe a coterie of Hollywood stars will relocate to a new Hollywood in Europe to stay on top of the game.
The Italian Americans can get to work in Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin,Venice, and best of all Florence.
By the way it is as hot and sunny as LA all year round in Israel, Cyprus and Tenerife.
The film industry and 'Hollywood' is becoming international and will lead to bigger,bolder, better, more exciting, funnier, more thrilling movies.
The wider client base and revenue will increase the risks as the rewards will be higher. In France and Italy, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, and Robert Di Niro can still credibly be romantic lead with a 22 year babe. Stars have more options in Europe and other parts of the world than Hollywood now gives them.

I also like to point out the blatant hypocricy and double standard in the treatment of the Tourist not only related to other movies that have been rated much worse and yet never questioned or challenged about the reception, both by he media, critics or blogs when their financial performance (e.g.. Grown Ups, Littel Folkers...) were greater than their ratings while The Tourist foreign figures is always painted by this same media as an aberration, a pretense to insult foreign consumer taste bringing the rating and domestic reception as a proof.

With this movie, i have seen a phenomenon that was never before ; the american critics, media, bloggers, journalist, en masse did EVERYTHING to convince the consumer, at home and abroad that this movie was bad and that they were right while those who like it were wrong. With other movies they don't bully as much as they did with that movie with an agressive despicable campaign to prevent anyone to see it or to paint those who did it as weird and abnormal. The freedom of taste has never been so blatantly crushed.

The other double standard i have seen, in the way it is rendered by the media lies directly betwen The Tourist and Narnia.

Notice how in each article The Tourist domestic figures is always brought and put in a way to discredit its overal success since it didn't translated it domestic. Yet it generated 67,8 millions out of the 100 millions investment.

While when it comes to Narnia, the worlwide figure is always the first one that is considered while it has underperformed domestically even harder than The Tourist did generated 105+ millions out of 155 millions investment.

Till the begining, unlike for the Tourist, Narnia domestic figures were never, EVER linked to the term : bomb while its domestic underperfomance is never brought to discredit its global revenues or to question the fact that its a hit..

There are plenty of movies that make it over seas now! The Black Swan, The King's Speech, Gulliver Travels, Due Date, Knight and Day, Chronicles did what 75% over seas! Grown Ups over 100 million over seas, and plenty of others. Shoot Battle is already over 50 million over seas in what 14 days! Jolie doesn't have the market! However The Tourist did well overseas and I am happy for Jolie and Depp! Salt did well both nationally and international. Depp movies do well both nationally and international (The Pirate movies is enjoyed by all not just a kids movie) You don't have to tear one person down to built another person up. Johnny has done more then children's movies! (rlb - move on - this is about Jolie and Depp) I am happy for everyone - keeps people in jobs!


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