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James Murdoch named deputy COO of News Corp.

James Murdoch2 James Murdoch has moved one step closer to the top spot at News Corp., the media giant run by his father, Rupert Murdoch.

Early Wednesday morning, News Corp. named the younger Murdoch deputy chief operating officer of the company and chairman and chief executive of its international operations. He will continue to report to Chase Carey, News Corp.'s deputy chairman and president.

As part of his new duties, Murdoch will relocate from the company's U.K. offices to its New York headquarters to be closer to his father and Carey.

"We are confident that James’ deep knowledge of international markets, his proven leadership, and his passionate focus on building consumer relationships make him the ideal person to help us realize these opportunities across all our companies," Carey said in a statement.

Murdoch is often mentioned as the leading candiate to succeed his father. Rupert Murdoch recently turned 80. Daughter Elisabeth, however, also recently returned to the company after selling her production company Shine to News Corp. She too is well-regarded inside and outside the media conglomerate.

Also, James Murdoch is not the first to hold the deputy COO title. His older brother Lachlan had that post before he left the company after clashing with with News Corp. executives.

News Corp.'s holdings include the Fox network, Fox News, 20th Century Fox and the Wall Street Journal.

-- Joe Flint


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Photo: James Murdoch, at 2008 event in Mumbai. Credit: Sajjad Hussain / AFP/Getty Images

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It's interesting how many right-wingers love news that is brought to them by people who's only allegience to this country is so they can make a buck.

Here's my problem with Fox News:
It is a highly political influential organization with, unarguably, an agenda.

The viewers often hold positions based on untruths. There have been too many studies and too many obvious examples.

There are ideas based on misconceptions planted by Fox News. A lot of the arguments against things like health care reform are parroted in unison by Fox News commentators. In fact, just about all arguments against the opposing party are parroted in unison, showing organized and tightly controlled messages.

The cast of commentators is composed of possible political candidates.

A former morning zoo shock radio personality spins conspiracy theories to a receptive audience.

All of this brought to us by a foreign national.

We are not, repeat NOT a capital-based fuedal society. Really. We're not. Jim was simply the best candidate available for this job. Seriously. We're a meritocracy. Yeah, that's the ticket.....meritocracy! I like the way that sounds......

Daddy! I want to be COO daddy! Oh, please, daddy, make me COO!

Just a minute son, I am in the middle of purchasing your little sister's company for a ridiculously overinflated rate so she can play board member.

But daddy, I want to be COO nooooooooowwww!

Free enterprise at its best. How 'bout that- the best man to run News Corp after Rupert steps down is his son. Strange coincedence, eh? Makes sense for all the goofs who like to bow down to the corporations like the tools they are. This one is run like a monarchy- that appeals to serfs who want their "betters" to run things for them.

Ya gotta love it when the dopey libs in here get there jr sized jocks outta sorts when anything is mentioned about the Murdoch family. Their claim that Fox News is highly political. As if PMSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN isn't? What hypocrites. Like all libs, their goal is 100% ownership of everything. The libs own Wall Street, Hollywood, all print and TV broadcast media ( with the exception of Fox News, The Wall St Journal ), The Justice Dept, The Senate and the Executive Branch of government. And Fox News gets their leotards out of shape? What losers....

Poor verbal, forgot to take his meds and gets on the 'puter to rant against those who would take a stand against rapant nepotism, claiming it as a right of the right to install their offspring without caring about what the shareholders think.

Sammons just recently was proven to be a liar, yet don't let that distract you, verbal von foxbot, from your daily dose of Foxian mischief and malarkey.

Congratulation James. Now you are one more step closer for being a CEO.


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