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Charlie Sheen’s lawyers seek restraining order in contract dispute

Charlie Sheen's legal team is trying to keep the actor's battle against Warner Bros. and "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre in the courts and out of arbitration.

Team Sheen on Wednesday went to Superior Court of California and filed an application for a temporary restraining order against the arbitration firm JAMS from proceeding with arbitrating the dispute.

Sheen, the star of the CBS hit "Two and a Half Men," was fired from the show by Warner Bros., which claimed Sheen was not fulfilling the obligations of his contract. Specifically, the studio said Sheen's lifestyle was taking a toll on his ability to perform. Sheen has made no secret of over indulging on substances and he is the subject of tabloid fodder on a daily basis.

But Sheen's team sued Warner Bros., the studio behind the show, and Lorre claiming he was able to perform and that they were in breach of his contract.

Warner Bros. has argued that Sheen's contract calls for arbitration to resolve any disputes and that process has already started with JAMS.

In the restraining order, Sheen's lawyers argued that there is no binding, enforceable arbitration agreement between he and Warner Bros. or Chuck Lorre.

Warner Bros. had no comment on the matter.

-- Joe Flint

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Poor Charlie just can't stay out of the headlines. See why in the ultra-factual “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now (post number 7191), along with pithy commentary and our timely news quiz.


The lawyers did not "file" a temporary restraining order, they applied for one. The court issues orders, not the lawyers.

They want a trial because Charlie wants the publicity. Also, "Team Sheen" attorneys make a lot more money if it goes to court.

What a circus.

"...between he and Warner Bros...."??

C'mon Joe. Object of the preposition?

Charlie has enough love for himself to last forever so just go away Charlie.
and please go quietly!

"Over indulging on substances?" You mean he admits to using massive amunts of illegal drugs? It's not like he's smoking oregano. Tridiculous euphemism is at best distracting from the fact that he has publicly admitted to felonies that violated the terms of his contract.

hmmm..... If warner Brothers has nothing to hide, and hasn't done anything wrong, then what do they have to hide??? Seeing how they're fighting to keep it out of the public eye, it looks to me like they have quit a bit to hide.

Can CBS not remember how many shows were cancelled after an actor was replaced. It's history and how soon you forget. Only one show I can remember that did was Mash. No one can replace Charlie Sheen because the show is about part of his real life. That's how he plays the role "excellent". Without Charlie Sheen on that show it will not last. He also helps us to learn how men really think, Venus and Mars. Wake up CBS!!!

How not to love Charlie Sheen? He is better than a therapist to me.

He brings laughs and joy into my life and makes me forget about my personal problems every night! So how not to appreciate and be thankful to him for that!

I wish him the best. I hope he succeed in getting rid off the toxics in his body.

I know he can do it for he is super smart. What Charlie is lacking now is better "company". He needs honest people to give him honest care and advise. He needs better quality of women also in his life. Will help him a lot!

leave charlie alone .........

I love the show and hope Charlie get's his act together and drops all of this nonsense. Charlie, CBS has stated they want you back. Jump on this offer and stop playing God. Make your apologies to your fans and cast of your show and just admit you screwed up.
Keep in mind Charlie, $2000,000.00 dollars an episode time 28 equal $56000,000.00 a year. All these trolls you have around you are not good for you. They just want your attention to be friends with a movie star, mean while they helping screw you life up. GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE IF YOU NO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU.


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