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Charlie Sheen fired from 'Two and a Half Men'


Warner Bros. has fired Charlie Sheen from the hit CBS show "Two and a Half Men."

The move comes after several weeks of very public battling between the actor and CBS, Warner Bros. and "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre.

In a statement, the studio said, “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately.”

Production on the show was stopped in late January after top executives from CBS and Warner Bros. confronted Sheen about his private life. Sheen has made no secret of embracing a sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Messy divorces, accusations of violence toward women and trips to rehab have been staples of his life for over two decades.

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None of his personal life seemed to have any impact on his career. He is the highest paid actor in television, with a salary that reaches $2 million per episode when his portion of rerun money is included. Although production was also shut down last year because of Sheen's personal issues, CBS and Warner Bros. never publicly came out against that star.

That all changed last month when Sheen suddenly became very critical of Lorre, Warner Bros. and CBS. He made fun of Lorre, and CBS and Warner Bros. announced they were suspending production of the show for the rest of the season.

Sheen then retained Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer, who threatened to sue Warner Bros. if Sheen was not paid for the rest of his contract, which runs through next season.

Warner Bros. and CBS did not say if they would try to keep the show alive without Sheen. The deal CBS has for the program runs through next season and costs about $4 million per episode.


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News outlets prove able enablers of Sheen's meltdown

Who needs 'Two and a Half Men' when you have Twitter?

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Jon Cryer, left, and Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men." Credit: Greg Gayne / CBS

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Having now seen his dark side doesn't quite kill all the humor of his show for me, but it certainly dampens it a bit...


Let's see who hires the creep now.

1:2 that baby is taking a dirt nap by year end. have fun finding some other suckers to put up with your nonsense...i pity your children and family for having to live with this pathetic manic depressive behavior. if your ex wife had a brain, she'd get a court order removing those kids from your custody immediately.


1. somebody once said "the show must go on"
2. the hookers/porno chix he lives with are going to dump him as soon as
he starts running out of $$$$$$$$
3. next up....celebrity apprentice or DWTS

Good get him out of there. Good riddance. I thought the show was a waste of time to watch.

Loser. Oh, wait, according to Sheen he's winning, right? Spoiled brat.

I just hope his kids are somehow being sheltered from his selfish, moronic, childish behavior. And I hope they don't end up with a dead father--but the way he's going, that's looking more and more like how this will play out.

Coming soon to a Fox station near you: 'Lilo and Charlie--LIVE!' More or less.

I've enjoyed the show for the other characters - they are all are fully realized, funny and talented; it could easily continue with some minor retooling. Sure, Charlie's antics kept it in the news but I'm sure there's an actor out there who could bring equal appeal without the drama. The humor comes from the sharp writing and acting ensemble not just one person.

To Chuck Lorre--Here's how you save the show:

1. Send Charlie Harper to Japan to write a series of jingles for some electronics company. His carousings there get him in trouble and he can't leave the country until his legal issues are resolved. This way, the character will still be usable to poke fun at by his U.S. relations by being an unseen target, without having him there physically. His participation in the show could be via emails...
2. Have Alan aaccidentally burn down his mother's house (you've already set the precedent), leaving her no place else to go but into Charley's house with Alan and Jake. Holland Tayler never gets enough screen time, no matter what the role, and I believe she could easily carry the load and lead the show in a new direction. A back story could be her dealing with contractors as she tries to get her house rebuilt.

The supporting cast is too strong to let this show die.

I have always liked Charlie Sheen, but I liked Mike Gibson and Michael Richards, too, but you couldn't pay me to watch them now. Sheen has become a bore, and his sense of "humor" is no longer needed.

With the snap of the whip, "Take that ! Tiger blood'.

Charlie- I hope you sue those scum bags.

Never thought he was funny. Production cast its pearls before the swine. What is that old adage? He'll never work in this town again. At least when Robert Downey came back he was always funny. He pulled a better life out of the rabbit hat. Charlie is a disgrace to comedy, television and his great Dad, Martin.

OMGaaaaawd Charlie! See, even you can get fired. It happens all the time....with contract, or without. You should have kept your mouth shut, kept yourself off TV and radio. No need for you to persue this any further. You are a cooked goose and what's done is done...and you are DONE!
Will be a long time before you get that much money for any episode again (if ever again). Better run back to Ollie Stone and see what he has in movie projects. After all, he is not against illegal drugs and you should have a blast! Think back to Platoon and Wall Street which helped you to get to where you now are. You know what I mean.

replace him with adam corolla

Just remember this Charlie Sheen you ain't no Robert Downey Jr. the world
"hated" Downey and he said nothing to fans and film executives yet he failed Kelly.
People wanted him locked up, he was out of control and in fact ended up staying in prison longer than the law required! his come back was because he decided to change his life and work hard to get his career back as Insurance Companies didn't want to touch him. Downey didn't call the public trolls, didn't abuse women, didn't claim he was above anyone. The public and Hollywood turned on Downey harshly, he was in serious emotional hell.

His life is own today and needs not hear the world saying Robert Downey Jr. you tell them how!! well his doing his life instead of drugs, doing it one day at a time and who is he TODAY? - IRON MAN
At this time I wouldn't ask Charlie Sheen to bet on horse, his losing and this is where he wants to be.

I don't believe CBS has any actual problem with Sheen's behavior towards women. Many of the dramas on CBS (Criminal Minds and the CSI franchise in particular) portray extreme, sadistic violence towards women on a weekly basis.

As for Sheen's show, it is unoriginal and unfunny.

Good riddance.


Congrads Warner Brothers!!! Charlie is a Narcissistic ego maniac

I am think to replacement charlie charitor with Mark Harmon great actor plays the role well

I will never watch 3 1/2 men again if they take charlie off the show everyone haves a vise leave him alone stop putting your nose in his business he is a great actor as the good book says those with out sin may cast the first stone will people THATS NOT YOU ! Leave him alone NO ONE is perfect he is just trying to have fun its his life stay the hell out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like I won't be watching anymore TV. Two and a Half Men was the "Best"...and ain't NOONE going to replace Charlie Sheen. I do hope and pray that Charlie does realize it is important for him to change his old ways.
Don't look for happiness in a bottle or a pill. Drugs are for morons. Too much alcohol is deadly. Surround yourself with quality people in your own age group.

Charlie go hang out with your Dad...he's the best. It doesn't matter that you are 45, you are an immature 45. Listen and learn from your father and embrace life sober so that you can enjoy life with your beautiful children.

C'mon Charlie don't let life get the best of you. We love you!

I've never watched 2 1/2 Men because I can't stand Charlie Sheen. A wife beater and a drug addicted meglomaniac who earns millions of dollars so called 'being himself' isn't someone I want to look at.

I can't understand how people are on the side of such a creep but it just shows who's a hero to some these days. A fool and his job are soon parted.

AnnS: It's trash talking.
Stop pretending you live in a secluded suburb where yellow-haired folk keep their hands over their ears.

JohnRJo8. Well written, you have great insight.

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