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Charlie Sheen gets day in court to argue for day in court

Charlie Sheen's legal team will get to have a day in court to see whether it gets to have a day in court.

The actor, who was fired earlier this month from his starring role on the CBS hit "Two and a Half Men," has sued Warner Bros., which makes the show, and the program's executive producer, Chuck Lorre, claiming breach of contract. Warner Bros. and CBS fired Sheen after putting the show in hiatus so he could go to a rehab facility. However, a few weeks after that, Sheen started criticizing Lorre and others involved in the show both on radio and TV. After he was fired, he filed a $100-million suit in California Superior Court in Santa Monica.

Warner Bros. has argued that Sheen's contract calls for disputes to be settled in arbitration and has already begun a proceeding with the arbitration firm JAMS. Sheen's lawyer Martin Singer has been trying to put the brakes on arbitration so the fight can be played out in public.

On April 19, both sides will get to make their case. Judge Allan Goodman, who is handling Sheen's suit, set the date to hear from all sides and decide on Sheen's motion to stay the arbitration. News of the date was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

While Singer is trying every legal road to block arbitration, Warner Bros. and Lorre's lawyer Howard Weitzman still have to file motions to make their case that the battle belongs behind closed doors and not in front of a jury.

But wouldn't a jury be so much more fun?

-- Joe Flint

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Jury time in court is taxpayer money. Nuff said.

The caselaw is strongly against Sheen in this tussle. Appellate courts have overwhelmingly backed arbitration clauses. Given Sheen undoubtedly had considerable legal muscle going into the contract, who would have reviewed numerous drafts and nit-picked every clause and comma, they will have a hard time trying to gyrate around this one when they previously agreed to arbitrate.

Quite frankly I'm tired of the Charlie Sheen Self-Pity Narcissism Tour and I know many others are, too. He's a grossly overpaid brat who needs a good dose of reality. With America facing 10 percent unemployment and the world reeling from earthquakes and wars, a whining sitcom star who feels he's underpaid at a million-plus a week needs to get over himself.

Charlie Sheen is coming up on a new "bottom" and Lindsay Lohan is grateful for the media break, I bet. Just saw a new book about drugs called "Addict Nation." The author is a recovering alcoholic and tv host. Reviews are pretty good at http://addictnation.org/reviews and you can decide for yourself.


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