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What is game developer Will Wright doing with a show on Current TV?

If you play computer games, you would know Will Wright. He made The Sims, Sim City and most recently, Spore.

But if you're the type who would rather curl up on the couch and surf channels, then Wright probably means little to you. So far.

The developer, revered by millions of players but unknown outside of the geeky realm of games, has jumped into the world of television. Last year, Wright partnered with former Nickelodeon President Albie Hecht to create a scripted drama whose plot, characters, set and back story came from thousands of online contributors.

The result is "Bar Karma," a new series that starts Friday night on Current TV.

The contributors weren't so much writing as they were playing with a software Wright created called Storymaker, which he modeled after games that he designed in the past. The project is still ongoing, and anyone can kick in an idea on the show's website.

Wright, in the video below, briefly explains the concept and how it works. You can also read our story on the show here.

-- Alex Pham

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You can hear more about Bar Karma on Tomorrow Will Be Televised, the Internet radio/podcast-distributed program about the TV scene. Our latest live episode this afternoon featured an interview with Current executive David Cohn, who supervises Bar Karma. You can hear that episode at www.blogtalkradio.com/simonapple04, or on podcast starting tomorrow morning.

Simon Applebaum
Producer/Host, Tomorrow Will Be Televised


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