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The Morning Fix: Up and down year for Hollywood. Farrelly Brothers ready to shock again. How media gave Ted Williams his 15 minutes.

After the coffee. Before figuring out how huge the backlash will be against Cameron Diaz for "Bad Teacher."

The Skinny: I don't know about you but I'm pretty hyped out on Oscars. In other news, the Farrelly Brothers want to prove they're still funny, but the trailers for "Hall Pass" are leaving me unconvinced. Would you see a movie about Rupert Murdoch? I prefer watching Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons."

Bad news, good news. Movie ticket sales in 2010 were flat with 2009 at $10.6 billion, according to the Motion Picture Assn. of America's annual industry report. People are seeing fewer movies and 3-D is boosting totals and perhaps giving a false perception. On the plus side, there is strong growth abroad, particularly in Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. Details from the Los Angeles Times.

It's all about the franchise. Given that box-office growth in the U.S. may be hard to come by in the years ahead (why go to the theater when it will be out on DVD or on video-on-demand in no time?), the answer from Hollywood is to milk what hits they do have into the ground. I'm just dreading the day reality movies start to emerge. Why not "Jersey Shore: The Movie"? The Wall Street Journal on the industry's long-term strategy.

Oprah talks. With a new cable channel to hype and the end of her daily talk show to promote, Oprah Winfrey is starting to work the press. In the past Winfrey has been very selective about where she grants interviews, but now there are lots of dollars at stake and the rules have changed. No doubt looking to send a message to the industry as much as her fans, Winfrey chats with the Hollywood Reporter about the launch of OWN and its challenges to establish itself.

I'll wait for the movie. CBS News anchor Katie Couric has written her first book,  "The Best Advice I Ever Got." Hmmm. Wonder if the folks who told her leaving the most powerful morning show for a low-rated evening newscast is among those nuggets of advice included in the book. I am curious as to what advice Alex Rodriguez has. Perhaps he can tell readers the dos and don'ts of being fed by Cameron Diaz, or what mix of 'roids works best. Couric's book -- a collection of essays from others -- is the latest in an annoying trend in publishing right up there with oral history books for people too lazy to just write a narrative. More from the New York Times, which in hyping the book says it is being released with "no fanfare." But hey, the money goes to charity.

Why see the movie when I can watch the real thing? Forbes has come into a script making the rounds about media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his family. Of course, no one has bought it yet, which will no doubt lead to talk that folks are afraid to make a movie that could show Murdoch in a negative light. Perhaps, but another bet might be whether such a movie would really be of any interest to the general population. I don't know why, but my smell detector is up on this one.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: The Farrelly Brothers are hoping to find their grove again with "Hall Pass."  A look at how the media milked the Ted Williams story for all it was worth.

-- Joe Flint

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Cameron Diaz in Mask, I never knew an actress could be so beautiful. Later Cameron's talent was revealed. Lately, Diaz has been reminding fans of the mistakes made by Tara Reid. Pity the poor who are destroyed by the drug known as Hollywood Fame.

Thomas Chi

Cameron Diaz has her convictions, or Diaz has guts, or she is a shameless self-promoter with nothing to lose other than promote a new project. Good for you, Cameron. I hope this works out for Bad Teacher, but as always in Hollywood, the story, character, talent, these matter more than a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jimmy Kimmel really brings out the chemistry in people. They seem ready to explode on his show. Does he serve them spirits laced with caffeine before appearing before the camera? Cameron has guts, but I would rather see her in a film worthy of her talent. For example, she was breathtaking in the film, In Her Shoes. Forget Timberlake, Knight and Day, Shrek, or that fluff in Nevada, What Happens in Vegas. Is being a sex symbol that important to you? Wouldn't you rather be an attractive talented actresses like Keaton, Streep, or take on a character the way Cher did in Moonstruck? What are you drinking, Cameron Diaz, the water or the wave. Forget Justin and these baseball players, Cameron. Okay, they like you. We get it. The pretty boy with a fan base for his voice likes you. Justin is the bomb? Okay. Now can talk Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, or a SAG Award without going into the insecurity of your relationship with important sportsmen, celebrated singers, and oh yeah, you did a movie with Demi's boy, Tom Cruise, and fans will remember you for being Charlie's Angel. In the future you will see, your fans insist on champagne. They have short attention spans. Instead of wine from the vine, you seem to be leaving the glass half empty with soapy water only to insist you are truly a bad girl in a hotel room on Kimmel. Cute, but this won't win you an Oscar come awards night across the street from Jimmy Kimmel's live audience who only laugh when they are told.

Thomas Chi


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