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'Jose Luis Sin Censura' comes under fire; GLAAD, NHMC want FCC to shut down show for indecency violations

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the National Hispanic Media Coalition want the Federal Communications Commission to shut down "Jose Luis Sin Censura," a raunchy talk show that might best be described as a Spanish-language version of Jerry Springer's program.

"We want it off the air," said NHMC President and Chief Executive Alex Nogales, who called the show "pornography" "Jose Luis Sin Censura" is carried by Liberman Broadcasting's Estrella TV.

The show, which airs in the afternoons across the country, including on KRCA-TV in Los Angeles, often turns into a shouting match between young men who often insult each other with anti-gay slurs. Fists fly as well.

"We are put at risk by this content," said Jarrett Barrios, President of GLAAD.  "This is far and away the most outrageous and defamatory television show."

"They encourage people to go and beat up the people who are declaring themselves to be gay," Nogales said.

When guys aren't calling each other names, scantily clad women get into the act. One clip that GLAAD and the NHMC sent to the FCC shows a young woman giving what looks to be a tutorial on lap dances to the men in the studio audience.

Although some of the language on the show is bleeped, much of is not. To make things easier for the FCC, the almost 200-page complaint includes a dictionary of the Spanish words that are heard regularly on "Jose Luis Sin Censura" that GLAAD and the NHMC find particularly offensive.

Liberman Broadcasting Chief Operating Officer Winter Horton declined comment on the complaints of GLAAD and the NHMC.

Nogales has expressed concern in the past about the FCC's willingness and ability to enforce indecency regulations when it comes to Spanish programming. In a news release announcing the filing to the commission, Nogales expressed concern about a "pattern of weak FCC enforcement" against Spanish-language broadcasters.

"I think there is a question of whether the FCC is capable of handling complaints about Spanish-language programming," said Jessica Gonzalez, NHMC vice president of policy and legal affairs.

Asked for a response, the FCC forwarded examples of fines it had issued to Spanish-language broadcasters for indecent content in the past, and a spokesman said in an e-mail that the agency reviews all complaints and will take action when appropriate.

-- Joe Flint

For the record: Quotes attributed to Rich Ferraro, GLAAD's director of communications should have been attributed to Jarrett Barrios, President of GLAAD. This post has been updated to reflect this.

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You can't shut down the one Mexican show non-Mexicans watch! That's racist!

LOL...this show should have been canceled long ago for horrible acting, cheesy plot lines/topics, and for defaming the otherwise beautiful language of Spanish with the derivative slang that is used by both the guests and audience of that show. If you've ever seen it, you'll know that the only person who can utter a complete sentence in Spanish, without using English words, is the talk show host himself.

Its homophobia notwithstanding, I fear that GLAAD's targeting of this show gives it a totally undeserved legitimacy.

This is not the only show to cross the line - but it's the first one that openly insults the gays and that's why the uproar. This same "Network" is responsible for "Estudio 2," a show that has more in common with a strip joint than with musical entertainment. "Estrella" is the raunchiest od Latino Networks, but Univision and Telemundo are not far behind. There's scantly-dressed women in most of their shows...Telenovelas, News, even sports shows. I hope the FCC nails them.

Ha! I love this!
I hope the station and the spanish speaking community spin this into "racist homosexuals attack Latino culture"... and then proceed to eat each other alive.
Spanish television has been the last bastion of the politically incorrect in this country. Screw GLAAD and all the other professional victims in this country. I hope these shows stay on the air and gain a larger audience.

Oh no! GLAAD is offended again and someone has to pay. You don't like then change the channel. I'm so tired of this special interest groups being offended and everyone having to bend over backwords to accomadate them. Hey GLAAD, newsflash: the real world is a bad place and people say mean things. Get thicker skin and move on with your lives!

I do worry that this will have a chilling effect on the Latino community and culture.

please if it really disturbs the gay community then why watch it mmhmm let me guess, probably because they are tired of sticking their finger in the ass. OHH but wait ese es su mero mole!!!. ok ok hablando bien ke no se hagan los pendejos de cualquier chingadera quieren hacer un gran pedo que si la burra llego o si la gallina ya puso huevo. Se hacen los victimas cuando ellos son las ke andan ofendiendo al mundo entero haciendo sus payasadas.


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