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Keith Olbermann abruptly departs MSNBC


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MSNBC announced Friday night that its marquee "Countdown" anchor and talk show host Keith Olbermann was out.  The network did not provide a reason for his abrupt departure.

"MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors," NBC Universal said in a statement.

Olbermann and his bosses have clashed in recent months. He was suspended in November for two days after revelations that he gave donations to a Democratic political candidate, which was a violation of the company's ethics policies for news employees.

-- Meg James

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Later looser.

Maybe you can get a job teaching at your former farm college. =p

I have to admit I no longer have someone to let the people know when I've gone too far. Keith was my alter ego and my biggest foe, I wonder who will take up the fight to give out news that does the public a real service

The reason I watch MSNBC at 8 pm is because of Keith Olbermann. Keith is one of the few journalists who challenged the crazy media, the biases and hatred. He was the voice of common sense. I am really sad that the MSNBC can do such a stupid decision to fire the voice of reason. Shame on you MSNBC management. This is the beginning of your downfall in cable news because you destroy your own.

He's still notfuny

Both Keith and Rachel are masters at revealing the hypocrisy of republican right wing lunatic thinking and action. Now we only have Rachel. I can only imagine why this has happened, but I do know the forces of greed, hatred, and delusion are very attractive in America. I’m really concerned for our beloved country. I wish Keith only the best. He was truly a bright spot on TV.

w/o knowing the specifics or reasons for the the networks decision this is a travesty in my opinion. KO will surely be missed lest we forget in the duba's first term how the republicans were running amok.....Olbermann's was "the lone voice crying in the wilderness," using facts to buck the bush administrations many transgressions. how coincidental on the heels of the comcast/msnbc/universal merger......that all of a sudden countdown w/KO show gets cancelled as the first order of buisness????????? smells like censorship to me!? God bless you my brother Keith!

Oh, no! I'm so sad to hear about this! I'll continue watching MORNING JOE, but MSNBC just lost my confidence. How did this happen? WHAT CAN WE DO TO BRING KEITH BACK? Or, how, and where can we show our support for him?

First it was "Crossfire" and now it's "COUNTDOWN"... I guess I'll go back to watching the evening ball games. Hopefully Kieth will show up on the radio opposite Limpbaugh.

I am a Canadian who has been watching MSNBC since the 2007 Primaries and the 2008 Election. I find American politics to be fascinating and disturbing. I have been trying to find an antidote however and Keith's departure may be my salvation. I believe he should be valued as a "national treasure." His Special Comments" were courageous and insightful. The best journalism/political analysis/commentary I have ever seen. He will be sorely missed by many rational people. Unfortunately, much of American politics is considerably irrational and now a powerful countervailing voice has been lost. Americans seem to want a fence on their southern border to keep migrants from entering the U.S. I think we Canadians should consider a fence along our southern border to keep out American irrationality. It is a shame to see what I assume was a great society in the process of self destruction. I wish you well but I don't know if you will survive. Thankfully, you have President Obama at the helm but it is truely shocking that so many Americans don't realise how lucky you are to have his ability and talent. And to see so much support for the crazy elements of your society is very disturbing.

Sadly if he does reappear it will probably be on a pay channel(HBO?), which means you'll have to pay each month for alot of junk programming just to see KO. He wasn't perfect (who is?) but who the Hell else took on the Bush administration? The rest of the media cowered. Where could you see people like David Corn, etc. Hopefully this is all a negotiation ploy, but if it isn't television news is much the worse for the loss of KO.

I will miss Keith. I will not miss Countdown and the format and the worst people in the world and oddball and the monologues and the ditto heads who answer Keith's paragraph long questions/answers. I will not miss the "place for politics" for I don't find politics comparable to a football game; the stake's are much higher so abstracting the word "politics" as if it were a sport as Mathews tends to do way understates the seriousness of what is involved when politicians get paid by the public to do the public's work for the greater welfare of the nation.

God Bless You Keith - your heart is larger than your head.

For God's sake!!! You kidding me??? WTF MSNBC???? Why doesn't COMCAST just buy FOX now? Really...I mean they got Joe I'll scar you up having a heyday with his republican B.S. in the morning already. He shoots everyone down as it is.
Whatever. Screw off MSNBC. They'll go after chris Matthews next. Anything for the ratings.

The first intelligent thing this idiot has ever done.

Most depressing to read all the comments lamenting KO's departure. Don't you know that he's just as much of an idiot on the Left as Hannity is on the Right? (OK, maybe not just as much, but you get my drift.) What's the point in just entertaining the choir?
Y'know, there are actually reasonable views on the right, but how can we progressives hope to CHANGE MINDS if our loudest voices simply misrepresent those views, or lie about them, or just point & laugh?
In the Great Dialogue going on right now, KO has been absolutely useless. Yes, he is an articulate sumbitch, and his "Special Comments" are always well crafted, though (nearly) always over the top. In many ways, he's our worst enemy, since NO ONE we want to convince of anything will EVER listen to him.
And Rachel has learned way too much from KO. Perhaps this will be her cue to let substance trump clever snark. (I'm not optimistic on this.)

I hear he's leaving to take a job with the North Korean Peoples Broadcasting Service, I am sure he'll fit right in. Now all 300 North Koreans with working television sets can enjoy him as much as you socialist wannabes did.

I don't agree with Mr. Olbermann's politics. I am sure that he enjoyed what he did while at MSNBC and is respected among his fans.

I remember Mr. Olbermann from his days at KNBC as a sports-anchor. He did a really great job and kept me interested in sports. sometimes, I wish he could have just stayed there and brought good things to life, instead of antagonizing a lot of people, including me, with political rhetoric.

If he has a chance, he should go back and become a sports-anchor or announcer. I believe he can positively influence a lot of young Americans, with his knack on reporting of good sportsmanship and fair play, on the field.

Olbermann was a strobe light. He will be missed.

I can't believe that MSNBC would let KO go--he is far smarter than that O'Reilly ego driven clone, Chris Mathews and is the only antidote to watching the StepfordWives at Fox and their idiot cousins, Beck and OMyEgoOwhathisname

The truly indelible reality of the limousine liberal west side of LA .... Sutton Place ... Gold Coast (Chicago) ..... Knob Hill of 'frisco .... the 'bat man' for Streisand at her manse in Malibu (remember to tell the CCCP to target an ICBM at 'mali-boo'... I give you

... (ready U Clowns Lost Again? You're not? Bummah' oh well) Putzman supremo...
to his current 'date' "Hey guilt ridden leftist female dawg I'll have you know I went to Cornell and just to prove it here's my diploma that just so happens to be in my car - see it? Now bow to your (fill in the blank) - the usual dem-m0m-kwat...

'Oh if only Jack were still here.... why? ... Bobby hustling the mob .... Teddy getting expelled from VA for cheating .... Joe getting out of the stock market before it crashed thanks to Lansky .... Jack ... why? ... 'shouda' had his johnson bronzed .. for you jack ... here;s your latest acolyte .... Keith

What in the world are you thinking msnbc? He was one of the two best people you had on the network!!! I would always watch him even if I didn't watch anyone else. This network must have gone nuts or being paid to squelch the last few intelligent people you have working for you. I give up on you.

Perhaps you have better opportunities for him and I am way off base. If I am, please forgive me. If you don't, I pity your network; it is going to the dogs.

What the hell is going on over there at MSNBC?!? Are you guys NUTS!? You're letting your political guru go? The guy who got us through the dark ages (the Bush years). The guy who lifts us above the right wing din. The guy who tells it like it is. I don't know who you idots at MSNBC are going to replace Keith Olbermann with but I'm damned sure he won't be as good! Hey, I hear that Sarah Palin is available now since her Alaska show ended. Way to go for the ratings MSNBC!

It saddens me greatly to see Keith go. I look forward to his next endeavor.

Stupid decision. Whether you like Keith or not, getting rid of your top rated commentator is an all-time bonehead manuever. Why don't you just give up on news MSNBC altogether and just show episodes of Lockup nonstop?

Keith is a self important blowhard with lousy ratings so MSNBC dumped him. What's new about that. I used to tune in now and then to marvel at the smug idocy of the left. He's articulate but that doesn't make up for his constant slanted hate speech. We're all better off without him.

So long!

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