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Keith Olbermann abruptly departs MSNBC


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MSNBC announced Friday night that its marquee "Countdown" anchor and talk show host Keith Olbermann was out.  The network did not provide a reason for his abrupt departure.

"MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors," NBC Universal said in a statement.

Olbermann and his bosses have clashed in recent months. He was suspended in November for two days after revelations that he gave donations to a Democratic political candidate, which was a violation of the company's ethics policies for news employees.

-- Meg James

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What just happened? Keith Olbermann is gone? We watch him every night. He makes sense. We love him. You owe his viewers an explanation. Please don't leave us out there with those IDIOTS from FOX!!! WE ARE NOT HAPPY!!!

Awesome! Finally! Buh by!

Olbermann was the only reason to watch MSNBC - Sure he was an unabashed Liberal whom I disagreed with, but he was SMART, WELL READ, brought James Thurber back to the masses and he was willing to abmit when he screwed up. You will be missed.

What?! I'm shocked. I watch Keith Olbermann every day. Every day. This guy is my favorite. My absolute favorite. What have they done to him?

Good Riddance ! May his anti-American rear end never be seen or heard on media again!

His low ratings and rage issues finally caught up with him:

FOXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000
FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000
CNN PIERS 1,025,000
CNN COOPER 740,000

How could a network be that stupid?

I guess Olbermann's edgy commentary was too much for the new management. Not only was he incisive but he always told at least one gut wretching laugh inducing joke.

I hope another network is smart enough to pick him up.

Wow! That is not a good surprise.
In the midst of so many crazy politicians and commentators, from Palin to Limbaugh, Keith was a voice (well, along with John Stweart) on which you could count for intelligent, even insighful commentary, and especially for calling people to task for failure on principles, whether their own or just basic human/humane priciples.
So it is a sad day, we all will wonder if the Comcast merger forced him out and where go we from here, but we also have to thank Keith for all he and his staff did and wish him well.
[MSNBC better think fast before the loyal followers of sane voices in these times flee to other venues. Rachel is good, but it's better to being following Keith on the air and not alone out there]

So COMCAST bought MSNBC then took it off of many basic cable packages making people pay to continue watching the network -- and now they've fired Olbermann? Are they being bankrolled by Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and the other Tea Party quacks?

I am so, so sorry to hear this. I thought Keith's show was so good. I hope he gets another show on a different network.
What is going on?

lol. A guy who had no comic timing ( he thought he was funny) lost his job, :( waaaaaah !!! lol

Good-bye Keith, "thanks for the memories"

wish I had a choice of broadband internet providers. No more comcast.net email for me.

What a joke. In the interest of political correctness, they probably told him to tone down his hateful rhetoric, and he refused. Later much, Funnyman...

Well, now that the only reason to watch MSNBC has left, so have I. Trust me Keith, crappy programming during the week and prison rape shows on the weekend ... You're better off now.
I'll follow you anywhere KO ... Even (gag) FOX.

As a military officer I travel frequently. The one program I always try to catch is Countdown. This is a great loss.

Dear MSNBC, I just can't believe that you will let such a diamond get away. There must be something that you can do. Maybe you can get rid of whomever in management that made the decision to let KO go.

PS: You'd better catch him before he leaves the studio tonight.

OH NO!!!....must be Rupert Murdoch bought MSNBC & NBC partnering with Microsoft and the KOCH Brothers?

Yikes... LOOK out world true (subversive) communistic state rule type of all media.....

A damn good broadcaster with soul and a fondness for the facts. Some of us will follow him wherever he goes. The suits at MSNBC are regarded as mostly self-obsessed mediocrites in the business...

I too am done with MSNBC, particularly now that it's part of Comcrap. Dumped Verizon for CREDO previously.

I am surprised and saddened by Keith's announcement. He was so good at putting into words what so many of us progressives were thinking. He was a great foil to the Bush nonsense. What's the real story here anyway?

Mr. Olberman was all that is good about broadcasting! We looked forward to his daily broadcast with enthusiasm because of his open-minded presentations and humourous comments. His sense of compassion for people (i.e. free clinics) was a credit to TV journalists. He will be greatly missed. It is a sad day for MSNBC! I hope it was his choice to leave.

...and nothing of value was lost.

at long last, msnbc has recognized that keith's "mad commentator" routine is an act and not genuine. good ridance.

This is a major loss for the "left". Keith was a voice for what is "the best America" can be.

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