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Oprah Winfrey's OWN and Cablevision reach deal

Fear not, those rich folks with houses in the Hamptons will not be denied OWN, the new cable network from Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications.

With the channel's New Year's Day launch creeping up, OWN has reached a deal with Cablevision Systems Inc. to carry the service. Not only does Cablevision serve the elite, it also provides cable to the regular folks in Long Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx, who will be able to watch Winfrey's network, be empowered by its programming and set their sights on getting their own mansion on the beach.

All sarcasm aside, landing Cablevision, which serves over 3 million subscribers in the New York City area, fills a big hole for OWN. The channel will debut in about 85 million homes, but if it wasn't on in Cablevision homes, it would be missing a big chunk of the nation's top television market.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however a person familiar with the pact said Cablevision will initially carry the channel for free and then pay a fee that could end up being more than 20 cents per-subscriber, per-month.

-- Joe Flint

 For the record: This post was updated to note that Cablevision does not have systems in Queens and to fix a spelling error.

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Judging by the snide comments on various websites, I am amazed if it does well.

It seems people are tired of her; even though I am not.

Joe, why are they scant on the details? I live in Westchester and have Cablevision......is it on the basic tier, digital basic, expanded basic? what number of the 3.5 million home that they wire will get this channel? and what channel number? this bs press release is missing enough details to make it un-newsworthy. why bother?


I live in Maine and do not have cable, Now I can watch your show on our local channel. If I am correct, unless I have cable I will not be getting the new Opray Own.

Hey Tony. From what I know OWN is on Cablevision for those that subscribe to Family Basic + the iO Package. That's a pretty expensive package. As a DISH Network employee I can tell you that DISH offers lower prices than Cablevision. You should really compare the two and see for yourself.


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