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And that's the way it is: CBS News writers ratify new contract

Notwithstanding layoffs and cutbacks in the broadcast news business, CBS News writers are getting a slight bump in pay.

Members of the Writers Guild of America on Saturday overwhelmingly ratified a new three-year contract that provides 2% annual increase in pay to CBS News writers working in television and radio on local and national levels in New York, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles.

Guild members voted 83% in favor of the contract, which in addition to the pay raises, for the first time makes CBS News employees eligible to join the guild's pension fund and provides negotiated minimium pay levels for writer-producers.

CBS writers had been working without a contract since April, when the new three-year agreement takes effect retroactively.

"In these difficult economic times, and with the news business in such a period of serious change, we are pleased that our unions have successfully negotiated and voted approval of the new contract with CBS News," said Michael Winship, president of the Writers Guild of America, East, which jointly negotiated the contact with its West Coast counterpart.

Next up for the Writers Guild of America are talks with the major studios on a new film and TV contract, which expires in May. Hollywood's actors unions and the Directors Guild of America recently secured new labor agreements.

-- Richard Verrier

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Two Questions. Who is to blame for the Iraq War. Why is are gas prices on the rise. I remember When G.W Bush was elected the price of gas was 1.47 a gallon. price of fuel brings up cost a goods reflecting everything. If this isnt a News story. I have Know clue what would be . please Investigate. Regards

If this site is "moderated," how is it possible that the only comment so far on a story on CBS News and the Writers' Guild is some comment so far off topic as to be ludicrous. Could the alleged moderator explain? In the words of the immortal "Pat Daniels":please Investigate." Perhaps the alleged moderator, in the same league as writer Pat Daniels should admit "I have Know clue."


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