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Box office: 'Tangled' on top as 'Warrior's Way' flops on a slow weekend [updated]

Tangled1 A lazy post-Thanksgiving weekend was good for "Tangled."

Disney's 3-D animated Rapunzel tale landed atop the box office as it declined more slowly than "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1," last weekend's No. 1 film.

Overall receipts were low as few people hit movie theaters after packing them over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was the second-smallest box-office weekend of the year, according to data compiled by Hollywood.com.

Coming off strong exit polls in its debut, "Tangled" fell 56%, a relatively modest decline coming off a busy holiday weekend, to take in $21.5 million, according to an estimate from distributor Walt Disney Studios. The first hit in nearly a decade from Disney's legendary Burbank animation studio, and not its more successful corporate sibling Pixar, is now just shy of $100 million in gross receipts in the U.S. after 12 days.

Only one new movie tried to grab audiences' attention nationwide and failed miserably: "The Warrior's Way," a fantasy action tale starring Korea's Jang Dong-gun, Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush opened to only $3.1 million. That's the worst start this year for a movie that launched in more than 1,000 theaters.

WarriorWay Independently financed at a price of $42 million, "Warrior's Way" was the first film released on behalf of other financiers by Relativity Media, which has just started releasing its own movies. The terrible start is bad news for all involved with the film, even though Relativity spent relatively little on marketing, which it also handled, and targeted it at young martial-arts fans.

Of last weekend's three new movies besides "Tangled," the Anne Hathaway-Jake Gyllenhaal romantic drama "Love & Other Drugs" had the best hold, with ticket sales down only 41% to $5.7 million. The Christina Aguilera-Cher musical "Burlesque" dropped 49% to $6.1 million and the Dwayne Johnson action movie "Faster" slowed 55% to $3.8 million.

All were relatively minor drops compared with typical post-Thanksgiving performances, but the three films all had soft openings and are still unlikely to turn into hits.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1" fell 66% on its third weekend to $16.7 million. That's a slightly worse performance than that of 2005's "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the last film in the boy-wizard series also to open the weekend before Thanksgiving. "Goblet of Fire" had a smaller opening but dropped only 64% on its third weekend and collected $19.9 million. The new "Potter" film is declining faster at the domestic box office than the last three installments and now stands at a still strong $244.2 million in the U.S. and Canada.

[Updated at 11:33 a.m.: Here are the top 10 movies at the domestic box office according to studio estimates and Hollywood.com, along with international grosses when available:

1. "Tangled" (Disney): $21.5 million on its second weekend, down 56%. Domestic total: $96.5 million. $26 million overseas in 15 foreign markets. International total: $45.8 million.

2. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1" (Warner Bros.): $16.7 million on its third weekend, down 66%. Domestic total: $244.2 million. $54.4 million overseas in 62 foreign markets. International total: $469.1 million.

3. "Unstoppable" (Fox/Dune/Ingenious): $6.1 million on its fourth weekend, down 47%. Domestic total: $68.9 million. $4.2 million in 52 foreign markets. International total: $51.1 million.

4. "Burlesque" (Sony Screen Gems): $6.1 million on its second weekend, down 49%. Domestic total: $27 million.

5. "Love & Other Drugs" (Fox/Regency): $5.7 million on its second weekend, down 41%. Domestic total: $22.6 million.

6. "Megamind" (DreamWorks Animation/Paramount): $5 million on its fifth weekend, down 60%. Domestic total: $136.7 million. $16 million overseas in 17 foreign markets. International total: $48.3 million.

7. "Due Date" (Warner Bros./Legendary): $4.2 million on its fifth weekend, down 41%. Domestic total: $91 million.

8. "Faster" (CBS): $3.8 million on its second weekend, down 55%. Domestic total: $18.1 million.

9. "The Warrior's Way" (Relativity/Rogue): Opened to $3.1 million.

10. "The Next Three Days" (Lionsgate): $2.7 million on its third weekend, down 43%. Domestic total: $18.4 million.]

-- Ben Fritz

Photos, from top: a scene from "Tangled." Credit: Walt Disney Studios. Jang Dong-gun and Kate Bosworth in "The Warrior's Way." Credit: Kristy Griffin / Relativity  Media

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Too bad about Warrior's Way, it looked interesting. It's in the Netflix Q.

@Jack, and it will probably arrive in your mailbox on Thursday.


I'm not surprised at the performance of "Warrior's Way." It was targeted at young men/boys and nobody in that group is familiar with Geoffrey Rush or Kate Bosworth. I mean, seriously, who cast this thing? Why didn't they at least put an American TV/minor movie star in it? Maybe one of those guys from Gossip Girl or 90210. Also, the trailer looked like a total mess but I think I might put it on my Netflix list also. What the heck? The Korean guy is cute.

Why would anyone imagine putting Kate Bosworth in a movie would help sell a film? She's the blandest actress in Hollywood, with a range from awful to adequate. Movie did what one would expect, especially since Geoffrey Rush ran for the hills.

No surprise about warriors way! Stop pushing awful korean actors on us, hollywood.

Went to Warrior's Way last night with group of guys. Simply THE worst movie we had ever seen. Zero plot. Zero character development. I mean laughably, surreally f*^%ing ridiculously bad. It featured a circus troup in a western town headed up by a black midget with an "8" written on his head who they refer to as "8 Ball." The circus dudes have no background or development whatsoever. Same with the bad guys--no backstory whatsoever. Except that they for some unknown reason shot some nice people years back. And they number in the 100s for some reason. And there's a beautiful talented actress at the heart of this whose character is never developed and never naked. And at the end, the "hero" who we have ZERO reason to like/hate/know/appreciate/give a s*%^ about ends up in Alaska and stabs a frozen fish in somebody's eye.

And yet this could've been so easy. . .Pale Rider with a Ninja. That's what it could've been, right? Right? And it's not, not even close. Still angry I wasted my $ on this.

Lil, the strange thing about Bosworth is just a few years ago she was supposed to be the next up and coming young actress. What happened?
As to marketing the movie, I saw plenty of commercials for Warrior's Way, but on the Daily Show, which doesn't strike me as the first type of audience I'd target.

Saw Warrior's Way. Turned out to be surprisingly good. Not only did it have some great action, also had a nice story to it, too. Didn't think it would do so badly at the box office. Maybe just take a while to get its motor revving.

It’d be great if South Korea stopped pushing its bad movies overseas. The people responsible for making this disaster bragged that the Warrior's Way would be like 300. Obviously, the Warrior's Way wasn't as entertaining as 300 -- talking trash doesn't guarantee viewer excitement or box office revenue. If the whole Korean ninja thing didn't work in G.I. Joe or Ninja Assassin, then it's not going to work here. Dong-gun Jang is clearly not an "international superstar" despite the upsell by his agent, manager, publicist, etc. This movie was all about wannabe style over substance.

I have gained an interest in the movie Warrior's Way, even though I only just stumbled accross it... will check it out


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