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Players love, hate Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops sales may be off the charts, but the reviews for the game released Tuesday show a different picture.

Reviews from 42 professional game critics gave the Activision Blizzard title with an average Metacritic score of 90 out of 100, which the website calls "universal acclaim."

But average players gave the game, developed by Treyarch, a 6.7 average out of 10, or roughly speaking an "F." Did players really find it that dreadful? 

A closer look at the user reviews revealed a more complicated scenario. Nearly two thirds of the reviews, 88 out of 137, were positive as of Noon Wednesday. Of those, the vast majority rated the game either 9 or 10. Among the rest, 43 said they hated the game, with most giving it a score of 0 or 1. Only six users, or 4%, gave Black Ops middle-of-the-road scores of 5 or 6.

Black Ops Metacritic User Reviews

It seems gamers either loved or hated Black Ops, with few in between. Statisticians call this a bi-modal distribution, with data points clustered on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Love it or loathe it, millions of people bought the game -- 2.8 million Americans reserved a copy, along with 1.7 million Europeans, giving Black Ops a record total 4.5 million pre-orders.

The entire Call of Duty franchise rang up an estimated $3.5 billion in retail sales worldwide, according to Wedbush Securities.

"With Black Ops, it's going to sail past $4 billion with its eyes closed by the end of November," said Michael Pachter, a Wedbush analyst.

For Wall Street, that could let the 7-year-old franchise easily keep its AAA rating.

-- Alex Pham


Call of Duty: Black Ops launches Tuesday; Will it measure up?

Chart: Metacritic.com


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Call of duty black ops, is half as good as call of duty modern warfare 2. Because the game devolper decided to go to the old world at war plat form which many players didn't care much for. Yeah zombies,custom weapons and currency are great but the sound effects for the guns in the game feel like your playing a reg xbox game with nintendo style sound effects. I give it a failing grade. They need to quit feeding us games that change a bit but are on the same old plat form.

I think this game is GOING to end up being called "CALL OF DUTY BLACK OOOOOPS". Because of the game feel and Not to mention the "fire cracker" "gun effects". Where's my refund button on the COD game main menu?.

I completely agree with fernando but while it's the same 'crap' being fed, players still love it. As far as I know nothing comes close to the amount of fanbase and community that COD has built, and for that reason alone it's selling like crazy. I personally will skip this addition and save my game addiction for something more innovative (Respawn Entertainment?). MW2 spoiled us with overpowered weapons and fun customization. Call the game 'broken' if you want, it was still a really fun game. Those who hate MW2 simply sucked at playing the game, plain and simple.

You can definitely tell its a Treyarch game.
CoD: Black Ops to me doesn't seem as crisp and as solid of a game as the Infinity Ward games. The game reeks of World at War except with more level design concepts jacked from Modern Warfare 2 (Kowloon and Rio for example...)

Love the new game. Played all of the COD's all the way back to COD 2. This is the best multiplayer by far. Love, love, love it.

The fact that I was actually able to walk away from the game after playing for about 1.5 to 2.0 hours is telling. It's not horrid, but it's not nearly as engaging as other COD titles. Glad I got a discount when I purchased it.

"Call of duty black ops, is half as good as call of duty modern warfare 2" I agree with that. I was expecting this game to blow out the game experience and I found a game that rates below games like BC2 , MOH and MW2. Server is really bad, they should do something with that, BC2 and MOH server platform has prove to be more stable and game loads a lot faster.

What about the maps? same crap. I want my money back

It's not so great. Not as bad a let down as World at War, but nothing to get excited about. Graphics look like cartoons. Story line in campaign is way too long and you can't skip it, just like World at War. It's OK over all but nothing you have not seen before. New maps, so it's not the same as Modern 2 over and over. Never have figured why the change the developer back and forth each year. Infinity is the better game. But ya gotta have it to keep playing something, and all your friends will get it too.

COD: Black Oooops is a complete joke. I started my online gaming experience with COD: MW and COD:MW2 and love the fast gameplay, I'm a run and gun guy, and Black Oooops is such a let down. Had I known it was Treyarch, I would have waited before I bought. They got me on this one, they won't on the next release... Like fernando said, "Where is the refund button!!!!" We are putting BILLIONS in their pockets and they gave us a flop in my opinion....

I was very disappointed with the game overall. I do not like the World at War Platform. I think Modern Warfare 2 is better. Also they took away the special ops (with a game called black ops you would think it had a little something extra) and co op campaign. I wish i did not reserve and buy this call of duty. It has officially lowered the standards

The two most disappointing things are that Infinity Ward didn't make this game and not having solo missions really sucks[not all of us play online].Treyarch is responsible for that crap COD World at War.

damn I haven't bought it yet. But with these reviews. I'm just gonna wait...

I finished the campaign with thankfulness that I would never have to play shut a crap game again. I wasn't disappointed with the graphics but with games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor, you'd think this game would have similar graphics but nooooo, they just put out another game that looks just like the last one or worse. The sound is this game is probably the worst part. Guns sound like those little plastic cap guns you played with as a kid and grenades sound like an M-80. Did these guys even test the game and realize how crap it was? I haven't played online yet since my internet isn't connected until tomorrow but it better make up for something. I liked MW2 but I was by no means a MW2 fanatic and I only hope to enjoy the multiplayer about the same as MW2 for me to be happy. What I hated though was the fact that you can't play Combat Training without being signed into PSN. What the hell? Also the new game modes should be available as not only wager matches. Stop promoting gambling and just let people play the games modes they want to play. I'd take this game back but there's not many people playing MW2 anymore (so I hear) so I may as well hang onto it and hope some changes are made. Thanks for stealing my money Treyarch, now F you!

I have to disagree...while MW2 is certainly awesome and a great multi-player game. I really enjoyed Treyarch's approach to cinematics both on World at War and am enjoying the same on Black Ops. The single player mode on the MW and MW2 just seem to go by too fast.

I also really like that there is a whole era of cold war related stories and action that hasn't been seen in the COD franchise.

It was one of the games that I truely had anticipated all year long like a kid on Christmas. But when I bought the game eailer today and popped it in, I went to enjoy the multiplayer levels that me and my brother enjoy so very much, only to find out that the game was no where what I had hoped for. Your suppose to improve on games not make the same crappy on that was released 5 years ago. But I should have read the reviews be purchasing the highly anticipated tittle. Treyarch truely gave the call of duty series a bad name not once but TWO times in a row. I pray that infinity ward dose a retraction and and better release of the call of duty saga because I wish I could get a refund for this instalment. I'm still waiting on Aston cutcher to jump out and say " you've been punked!" but I don't think this stinker was a joke.

wow you dumb asses are finally realizing what the intelligent (old school) gaming community has been telling you. the cod games have sucked sense 4. and every year or 2 they put out the same game with a few changes and slightly buffed graphics.. well some times they dont even do that.

but you idiots just keep giving them your money and expecting it to be different. when some where inside, you know nothing has changed; nor will it ever. call of duty is a cash cow. they dont care about their repetitive generic story, the game, the game play, or you. all they want is your money. and like robots stuck on stupid, you keep giving it to them.

stop acting surprised when the game sucks. and no you cant have your money back because you gave it to them to begin with, which was your 1st mistake. then you actually took the game home and disgraced your xbox by inserting it in. which was your 2nd.

All of you take this game so seriously! it's for entertainment and fun! it's what i'm getting out of it. i have so much fun playing this game with my friends. it's a beautiful looking game too, the graphics are great, might not be the best, but still look really good. the campaign is so awesome. i really don't understand why you guys hate the game so much. have a lot of fun and stop complaining my god. if you want real war, join the military. a game isn't suppose to be real...
for all the people who are questioning on getting it, get it. it's a TON of fun. these guys who gave it bad reviews are a bunch of losers who game 24/7...COD Black Ops...9.5 out of 10.

A 6.7 average is not the rough equivalent of an "F" - we at Metacritic user the full 100 point scale, so a 6.7 is above average - and we clearly explain next to the number that it's indicative of "mixed or average reviews." In school, when the scale is roughly 58 (F) to 100 (A+), a 67 would equate to a D or D+. But we don't use that elevated school system.


Marc Doyle
games editor

Call of duty black ops to me is a good game. Not a great game not a crappy game but just C+ game. It isn't the best game on the market and its not the best call of duty game. I think that there were some very high expextations for this game. Treyarch could leave it as it is or they could try and patch it. of course they would not be able to fix everything in a update but they could fix some of the minor problems such as gun sounds and adding a skip button. please excuse my poor grammar and spelling

Treyarch should make a patch that solves problems like gun noises and skip buttons

Here's what I enjoy about Black Ops (I play on the PC) pertaining to MP.
The maps - As opposed to MW2's map design where everything was a multi-floored jumble of commando bukkake, Black Ops' maps are well laid out. The buildings have ample space, so you don't risk feeling like you're trying to have a gunfight inside a Korean studio apartment.

The guns - Recoil! MW2's guns (apart from the F(ail)2000) shot like lasers, whereas in Black Ops, learning weapon tendencies and their strengths and weaknesses on maps gives something to think about.

Killstreaks - They're not over the top, and kills gained from killstreaks don't count towards the next one. This is a great change. In MW2, people focused on camping to get their harrier strike, which would get their chopper gunner (or C-130), which would most likely get them a nuke. I'm guilty of it, and it was a pretty awesome feeling whenever you dropped a nuke, but, come on, it was basically griefing.

CoD Points - When I unlock a weapon, I can use my points to outfit it with the accessories that are compatible with the gun. I can also make a cool emblem, or make a purple heart-shaped RDS that my opponents can see on their killcam after I dust them.

What I don't like:

SMGs+Steady Aim - Seriously, go play Halo if you're into that running around spraying from the hip garbage.
SMG Recoil - I get why people have to aim from the hip with these guns, I try clearing sectors and corners while ADS'ing, and when I try to burst someone, the recoil knocks the gun all over the place except for my target, who ends up killing me because he's just jump strafing from the hip.

Spawn system - Nothing like respawning on a grenade or in the sights of someone's gun.

Dying - People can kill me. WTF.

I like this game. Reviewers like this game. Users like this game, which is obvious by its sales. The only critical mass of people who don't seem to like this game are the people posting comments to this blog. What a coincidence.

Completely disappointed with this game. Game totally does not match its hype. Going back to return it......


I disagree. I think CODBO is the best CoD to come out yet. The currency system is amazing, and i love the whole feel of both zombies and regular xvox live, including the wager matches. As for the sound effects, i havent noticed anything wrong. I strongly disliked MW2, and I think CODBO is a great improvement.

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