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Hub easily tops Discovery Kids numbers but has long climb ahead


The Hub, a new kids cable television channel co-owned by cable programmer Discovery Communications and toy giant Hasbro Inc., launched on Sunday and easily improved on the numbers that Discovery Kids was delivering.

Of course, that wasn't really much of a challenge. Discovery Kids ratings were so small the company never released them to the public.

In its first day, Hub averaged 59,000 viewers in the 6-11 demographic it is targeting. While Discovery Kids averaged 11,000 in that category the previous week, the Hub has a long way to go before its rivals have anything to worry about. According to Nielsen, Walt Disney Co.'s Disney Channel averaged more than 900,000 viewers age 6-11 while Viacom Inc.'s Nickelodeon had 865,000 and Time Warner Inc.'s Cartoon Network had 509,000. Smaller kids channels Disney XD, which targets boys, averaged 109,000 kids 6-11 while Nicktoons had 112,000 viewers that age.

The Hub's brightest spot was its "Family Game Night," an hour-long game show that averaged 116,000 viewers age 6-11 and 267,000 viewers overall. The show managed to beat Nicktoons, Teen Nick and Disney XD.

Given that Discovery Kids was barely a blip, it is no surprise that the Hub, which had a huge promotional push behind its launch Sunday, was easily able to improve the numbers. However, its "Family Game Night" had an impressive showing and the ratings overall were not horrible for day one given how much of a head start its much bigger rivals have. Discovery and Hasbro have the deep pockets to make inroads, but it is not going to happen overnight.

-- Joe Flint


Discovery and Hasbro not toying around with the Hub

Photo: The Hub's "Family Game Night." Credit: Hub


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what about the people who liked discovery kids? now i can't watch ghost trackers, or have a channel to go to when nothing is on

Bummer....out with the interesting thought provoking stuff and in with stupid kid tricks...and we wonder why our kids are way behind the rest of the planet when it comes to critical thought.

I loved the discover kids. The shows were great, very educational and fun. it's a shame viewership couldn't have been raised somehow. The Hub is pretty lousy, the only show we like is the NIght Garden show on in the morning. MY son really misses Tutenstein, Time Warp Trio, Wilbur, and Peep.

Anything was going to be better than DK which was boring and not entertaining at all the only one show I watched was Endurance which was the only good show on DK. I'm not surprise that Hub is beating DK in ratings which was easy anyways.

I don't know why these people are complaining, they have their knickers in a twist, I think it's awesome. Classic batman and transformers, Happy Days and the Wonder years, it's an awesome channel I have been watching. oh, and FRAGGLE ROCK!

What everyone is complaining about is that wholesome non violent programs that encourage our kids to think, learn and problem solve have been replaced with the old shows encouraging violence, aggression and solving problems with force instead of thinking. Yes, violence will always get better rating, because our society has forgotten how to not be violent. Until society as a whole decides that we want our children to progress instead of regress, networks like this will be popular. Look what happened with Sprout turning into Nick Jr.; more violent programing and their rating soared.

my son is almost 5 and we both loved the discovery kids channel. Our favorite show was growing up creepy but we also loved kenny the shark and grossology and are very unhappy they are no longer on the air. We also very much dislike the new hub channel that it has become. Please bring back these more educational shows that are better for teaching kids then shows like my little pony and batman that have no educational value for kids. Thank you.

I LOVED dk but now they have this wacky channel!!!!!

I'm 14 (I'm a dork)

and I liked the late nights shows on DK =/

Such as; The Future is Wild, Tutenstein, and Grossology

I miss watching those *sigh

We miss Tutenstein. It had become my son's favorite show. He even wanted to see the King Tut exhibit at the museum and loves any books about egypt, mostly mummies, because of this great show. Grossology was also a favorite. How can snot and farts not get high ratings? I wish Disc. Kids had been promoted more, there are plenty of parents and kids out there who would prefer the previous shows. The Hub has nothing of interest to replace the old shows. Why not rerun some of the Discover Kids greats instead of showing Happy Days 5 times a night?

My daughter is 5 and loved Discovery kids, now all that is on in the morning is violent Batman and some Japanese Quest cartoon. PLEASE bring back DK, for the little science minded children.

I agree with the commenter who wondered, "What about those of us who watched Discovery Kids?" My daughters really miss Bindi the Jungle Girl, and Dinosapien in particular.

It's a sad commentary, indeed, when science minded shows for kids lose out over the violent cartoons and mindless fluff of The Hub. We don't watch it anymore. It's just like any other channel with silly preteen cartoons now. I guess the shareholders wanted ratings, and mindless TV is good for accomplishing better ratings. Ratings are more important than educational content to them.

We just realized that Discovery Kids is GONE! My son is off for holiday break and we look forward to watching his old favorite shows like Peep, Hi-5, Paz, etc. That block with no commercials was the best thing going for the 3-6 yr old age group. The high speed graphics on commercials is horrible for this age child. We will not be fans of "The Hub" unless they bring back those great shows listed. Peep and Quack was fantastic for teaching science and physics to the younger set. This is a great loss to kids programming. Maybe we'll just have no t.v. on at all anymore here in the morning!

With two sick children home for a week, I was completely disgusted by the lack of educational shows for children in this country. My children are in 2nd and 4th grade and I found two suitable shows on PBS. It's astounding that American people wonder why we're ranked 14th out of 34countries for reading, 17th in science and 25 in math. Discovery kids had great programming with some of our favorite shows, ie Mystery Hunters and Crash,Bang,Splat! that encouranged deductive reasoning skills and logic. As usual, it's replaced by once again remedial tv for kids that have lazy parents, too busy to monitor what their watching. Really, who doesn't want more cartoons and repeats of shows from 20 years ago. Oh I almost forgot how much extra money the tv exec must have to line their pockets with since the majority of these shows were on when I was a kid. Pathetic...this is why my children don't watch tv!!!!

While Discovery Kids WAS a good channel, having it removed isn't that big of a crying shame. There is STILL other educational channels such as Nick Jr. If worse comes to worse, rent an educational movie! Honestly, Everyone acts like this the end of the world. I fully understand that many people liked this channel...I was one of those people. Time Warp Trio was among my favorites, but I accepted change and moved on. (Besides, the only reason why The Hub is insanely popular is because of My Little Pony. Seriously, there is 40 year old men who watch that show...If you don't believe me, use the internet. You'd be surprised.)


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