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Hasbro and Discovery not toying around with the Hub

There will be another player in the kid-TV biz starting Sunday when the Hub -- a cable channel from Discovery Communications and Hasbro -- flips on the switch.

LOESCH Born out of the ashes of Discovery Kids, a cable network in 60 million homes that never made much of an impression, Discovery and Hasbro are hoping eventually to challenge Viacom's Nickelodeon empire, Time Warner's Cartoon Network and Disney's Disney Channel and Disney XD for a piece of the more than $1 billion in advertising and sponsorship money that is spent trying to reach kids every year.

But the Hub also will be getting a lot of scrutiny from watchdogs. Although the channel has said only about 20% of its programming will be based on toys and games from Hasbro, some activists are griping that the network will end up being nothing more than a shill for the toy giant.

The FCC has regulations about advertising on kids' TV, and the Hub already has said it will carry fewer commercials than its rivals in hopes of convincing parents it's about the content, not about moving toys from shelves into shopping carts. 

Running the channel is Margaret Loesch, the well-regarded kids' TV executive who made Fox Kids a powerhouse 20 years ago. She promises the network will be more than just ads for Hasbro. "There have been many shows created just to try to help move toy lines that have come and gone very quickly," Loesch said.

Read more about the launch of the Hub: "New kids' TV channel raises product-placement concerns."

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Margaret Loesch. Credit: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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What is all the fuss about? It is SO EASY! Just shut the T.V. OFF!

I got news for you. They want to take off Big Foot present Meoateor and the Mighty monster trucks, Wilbur, Paz,Hip Hop Harry which are shows kids watch non stop. Big Foot won awards in 2004. These programs should be offered on another channel. We had to go on our dvr and fill it up with all Big foot shows this week so my son can still watch them and thank God paz is on before the show. I think its completely selflish to take shows off that children watch. Fine u want to change channel name and add shows but what happens to the shows ur kids love to watch. I wrote to them and they never wrote back. Guess they know they are effing up. I was talking to other parents at pedatrican's office the other day and they are pissed off as well that their kids favorite shows are no longer gonna be available and desperately are looking for the dvds so that their kids can still watch their shows. Haven't found any on hip hop harry but I did on wilbur paz and big foot.
My son will not take to my little pony and he's not interested in fraggle rock although I tried to buy him dvds cause I used to like fraggle rock and he is not into tutenstein which is a discovery kids show that gets to go on to hub. So wtf? I think Nick Jr. or kids13 should pick up the shows that HUB is refusing to show anymore. I think HUB will NOT LAST VERY LONG!

I originally thought the HUB idea was a good one. But then I realized after seeing HUB's show lineup, that it means no more Paz, Hi-5, Wilbur, Hip Hop Harry, Meteor and Peep. Completely gone from the cable guide. Those are great shows that my 5 year old loved to watch as a toddler. Hi-5 by far was the best in his opinion and luckily we have purchased all the dvds. I am sure my son is not the only one that LOVED all these programs.

Any word on these great shows being picked up by NickJr or Sprout? I think it would be nice to see them on another network.

On a positive note, we are looking forward to the Chuck and Friends show. My Little Pony and Pound Puppies...not so much :(

Oh my gosh!!!! My kid is going to kill me because hip hop harry is gone!!!! He loved that show!!!

My son loved Peep. I am so sorry to hear that Hub will no longer show it. What about Mystery Hunters? He loves that show also and so far we cannot find it in the cable guide. And I hope we can find Tutenstein since another poster mentions that Hub will carry it. I thought Discovery Kids was a great channel - why'd you have to mess with it?

Discovery Kids was the best educational TV network for children and now it has been replaced by The HUB.

The HUB is in not one way educational. The only way kids can learn anything really is they wake up on Monday mornings at 5AM/4AM(CT).

The HUB has totally ripped off Discovery Communications. But, I'm sure we Discovery Kids lovers can do something about it!


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