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Fox says no to Cablevision's latest offer

Sorry, Cablevision subscribers. It's looking more like you'll have to leave home to watch Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night.

News Corp.'s Fox has rejected the latest offer from Cablevision Systems Corp., meaning that about 3 million homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will continue to be without the signals of Fox's New York and Philadelphia TV stations.

Earlier Wednesday, Cablevision offered to take a one-year deal and pay the same rate that Time Warner Cable pays for Fox's WNYW-TV New York and WTXF-TV Philadelphia.

However, Fox is interested in a deal that includes WWOR-TV New York as well as cable channels Fox Business Network and National Geographic Wild. Time Warner Cable's deal does include those channels. Cablevision did not indicate that it would be willing to do a deal that included those networks.

In a statement, Fox said Cablevision's offer was "not acceptable" and was the latest in a long line of "publicity stunts." Fox said it would negotiate a deal based on "an entire suite of channels" or a stand-alone agreement for the three TV stations.

Cablevision said Fox's rejection showed "beyond a shadow of a doubt that News Corp. is operating in bad faith," and the company again asked the Federal Communications Commission "to intervene immediately to restore the Fox signals to Cablevision’s 3 million homes and order News Corp. to agree to binding arbitration to resolve this conflict.”

The FCC has resisted an urge to intervene but has suggested that both sides consider a third-party arbitrator. Cablevision has said it was willing to go that route, but Fox has said it was not interested in bringing in an outsider to cut a deal.

-- Joe Flint

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Pretty ridiculous on Newscorp's part. Thanks for making me have to go find a TV to watch the damn World Series.

I hope Cablevision holds out and forces a binding arbitration. Cablevision has every right to negotiate for the channels they want, and not be told what they have to take.

Of course FOX doesn't want arbitration because Time Warner got a clause stating nobody will get a better deal then them, so if the aribtration gives a better deal to Cablevision...FOX would be contractually obligated to give Time Warner a better deal then the one they just hashed out.

I don't know who to hate more, Cablevision or Fox. I've always hated Cablevision for every year increasing rates so now I am paying well over $100 a month for what I used to pay $60 8 years ago.

Now this time they are making a case that Fox is demanding more than the other networks so I wonder who is really to blame this time. And they agreed to arbitration, but Fox didn't.

Did you hear that Cablevision will pay for people to get an mlb.com subscription to watch the World Series?

But what about football?!


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