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'Despicable Me' leading the pack in foreign box office

Despicable2 Animated comedy "Despicable Me" continued a strong overseas run with No. 1 openings in France and Spain this weekend, where the 3-D movie took in $5.3 million and $3.1 million, respectively. It was also No. 1 for the second weekend in a row in Germany, dropping only 29% to $3.8 million and boosting its total there to $10.6 million.

Universal Pictures' first computer-generated animated film has now taken in a total of $135.5 million overseas and has yet to debut in Britain and Japan, giving it a good shot at an international total that would come close to its impressive domestic box-office take of $247 million.

The Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz action comedy "Knight & Day" had a solid opening in Japan, collecting $6 million but a softer start in Italy, with only $1.3 million. The 20th Century Fox movie is nearing the end of its international run and has so far grossed $161.6 million, far outpacing its disappointing $76.4 million in the U.S. and Canada.

"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" had unimpressive openings of $2.8 million and $2 million in  Britain and Spain, respectively. The Oliver Stone-directed drama has so far collected $37.1 million after opening in most major European markets. Domestically, the picture has failed to show much staying power after a decent start and is at $43.7 million after three weekends.

Sony Pictures' "Eat Pray Love" is failing to turn into a foreign phenomenon despite its overseas setting. The Julia Roberts drama opened to a strong $3.6 million this weekend in Australia but a soft $1.6 million in Russia. It is now playing in most major markets around the world and has collected a total of $64.1 million, making it unlikely the adaptation of the bestselling book will exceed the good, but not great, $79.1 million it ended up with domestically.

In better news for Sony, the Adam Sandler comedy "Grown Ups" hit $102.3 million this weekend overseas, making it the highest-grossing international movie ever for the star.

-- Ben Fritz

Photo: A scene from "Despicable Me." Credit: Universal Pictures

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Why are you guys so wrong all the time? First, Eat Pray Love is still in theaters and at $80 million now. Second, the movie is easily going to match its domestic total. Perhaps you all should read The Hollywood Reporter since week after week your information is completely inaccurate.


'Love' knocks 'Afterlife' from No. 1 o'seas

After drawing relatively tame box office for nearly two months on the foreign theatrical circuit, Sony's "Eat Pray Love" emerged center stage over the weekend, claiming the No. 1 spot with a $17.4 million gross collected from 4,280 screens in 56 markets.

Director Ryan Murphy's romantic drama has rolled up a box office total of $64.1 million since it opened overseas on Aug. 12, and is rapidly closing the gap between its domestic cume of more than $80 million. The Julia Roberts vehicle was sparked by seven No. 1 market openings on the weekend, the best of which was Australia ($3.57 million at 328 locations).

Julie & Julia Total Gross (Domestic + Foreign) = $129,540,499

Eat Pray Love Gross Thus Far (Still In Theaters) = $143,966,946


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