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NFL exec wonders why Time Warner added adult channels but not NFL Network

How frustrated is the National Football League that Time Warner Cable isn't carrying its cable network?

So frustrated that the NFL's top spokesman took to Twitter to take a shot at Time Warner Cable's recent decision to add eight new channels featuring adult entertainment, which was reported Wednesday by the New York Post. According to the article, the new channels include Manhandle on Demand and Penthouse on Demand.

In a Wednesday tweet, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello cracked, "Interesting page 3 story in today's NY Post. Time-Warner is offering 8 new porn channels [but not NFL Network!]. What a world! What a world!"

The NFL is trying to get wider distribution for its NFL Network, which is has about 60 million subscribers. Time Warner Cable has balked at carrying the service, as has Cablevision and a few other big pay-TV distributors. The price tag for the channel, according to SNL Kagan, is around 80 cents per subscriber, per month.

-- Joe Flint

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Just another reason not to subscribe to TW. There are many. We have DirecTV and its extra cost is marginal. We also get a much bigger DVR from them as well.

Can't wait to find another decent ISP so we can rid ourselves completely of TW. Not a hater; they just don't offer a very good product.

This is an easy one.

8 ppv channels generate revenue
NFL costs revenue

I am sure they are not losing that many subscribers by not having it. With the new deal with ESPN they are getting some bonus channels or something that will be similar to like a red zone thing.

I agree with Ken R. Cable TV is very overpriced and not so good . You can watch a lot of the shows online. Some services like Seetvpc.com offer software that makes it easy to find the show, tv channel you want, etc.

Life is full of disappointments. The other guy(girl) gets the girl(guy/job). The cable company chooses someone else's channel. The NFL awards teams to everone else but Los Angeles.

Poor, poor NFL. At least TWC isn't forcing it's subscribers to pay an additional eighty cents for each of those adult ppv channels that they don't watch. TWC wanted to put the NFL on the sports tier so all those nonsports subscribers didn't have to pay for something they don't watch but, the NFL would have none of it. The NFL channel can crow about it all they want, but until they have courage to lower their price or consistently put some real great games on their Thursday night football schedule when it kicks in no TWC pro football fan is going to feel terrible not having on their system!

No team for L.A. because they would not spend more than what the franchise was worth. Now the NFL finds itself dealing with cable companies not willing to charge more than the NFL channel is worth. Poor NFL. Karma seems to come to mind.

The NFL Network is absurdly priced at $.80 a subscriber. The content they provide is not worth the expense. No matter what your feelings are with respect to Adult Programming, it is profitable and cable companies are not charities. Satellite carriers offer this channel because the compete against cable's lower costs by providing more channel variety not because the NFL network provides any programming of note.

NFL Network is being run by a bunch of greedy peaces of S**T!! Time Warner has offered to give up 100% revenue to NFL network but to those greedy idiots is not enough... See the link below.



I can understand the frustration there, in my house the NFL Network is a must have. My fiance is all about sports as he should be and when I started working for Dish and found out about the availability of those channels we switched right away. We didn't realize how spectacular the HD version was until we invested in a new HD TV at Christmas time, after which we took advantage of the HD free for life promotion Dish is running and now we are getting the most HD channels in the industry. Not having the NFL Network is not an option for us, so we are really glad we have Dish Network.


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