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William Morris Endeavor dumps Mel Gibson

Add another log to the Mel Gibson inferno.

A spokesman for the William Morris Endeavor agency confirmed Friday that the embattled actor is no longer a client.

The decision follows the death Saturday of longtime Hollywood agent Ed Limato, who had represented Gibson for more than three decades. Limato brought his roster of A-list talent -- including the Academy Award-winning actor -- to William Morris when he rejoined the agency in 2007. It merged with Endeavor last year.

Ari Emanuel, co-chief executive of William Morris Endeavor, has made no secret of his disdain for Gibson. In July 2006, Emanuel wrote an open letter urging Hollywood to blacklist the actor for anti-Semitic remarks made during Gibson's drunk-driving arrest. 

"People in the entertainment community, whether Jew or gentile, need to demonstrate that they understand how much is at stake in this by professionally shunning Mel Gibson and refusing to work with him, even if it means a sacrifice to their bottom line," Emanuel wrote.

Gibson later apologized for his remarks.

Emanuel is said to have tolerated William Morris Endeavor's representation of Gibson out of respect for Limato. However, when the agent's illness made it impossible for him to continue to work, the agency reportedly asked Gibson to find other representation.

The split comes as RadarOnline.com posted a profanity-laced rant purportedly by the Oscar-winning actor in which he drops racial epithets and criticizes his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, for "sashaying in your tight clothes," dressing provocatively and telling her "if you get raped ... it will be your fault."

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is investigating an allegation of domestic violence involving Gibson and Grigorieva. The couple have been separated since April.

-- Dawn C. Chmielewski

Photo: Gibson and Grigorieva attend a screening last year. Credit: Jewel Samad / AFP/Getty Images

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Blacklisting is just as prejudicial as racism and this is no different from McCarthyism. That was political prejudice. We're all prejudiced in one way or another. Black. Jew. White. Hispanic. All of us. I still like Mel's movies. He just says what is the truth for him. They used to call it freedom of speech.

I am belong to two groups that Mel has publicly shown open hostility. If it is "prejudicial" to boycott him, then I am only giving him a taste of his own rotten medicine.

Ahhh ignorance at it's finest. Hiding behind the guise of free speech. Whatever helps you sleep at night mr. Tell it like it is.

Why would Mel Gibson need a talent agency? Mel Gibson is bigger than any one of you reporting this garbage. He is only laughing at all of you.

I will never understand how people like Mel Gibson who seem to have everything still insist on screwing up their lives.

hey, tell it like it is-
Ari has the right to speak his mind, as well. And until a senator calls up Gibson in front of a panel of government officials, this is NOT a violation of anybody's free speech. You DO understand the first amendment, right?
Mel Gibson has the right to his opinions, but that don't make them "truth". The fact is that his "truth" has revealed him to be an ugly and hateful person. but that's just MY truth.

Great decision by William Morris. Gibson is a pig of a human being and a complete hypocrite. It is time for the Hollywood community to HOLD GIBSON RESPONSIBLE! It is time to shun Gibson for good. It is clear he has no intentions of improving himself.

Do not hire Mel Gibson.
Do not go to Mel Gibson's movies.
Shun Mel Gibson.

tell it like it is,

Mel Gibson isn't being blacklisted. People just don't like him anymore and they don't want to work with him. There's a difference there. Blacklisting is when everyone in power gets together and makes an intentional decision to deny a person work for their actions or beliefs or whatever and then intimidates everyone else in the industry into going along with that plan. That's not what's happening with Gibson. With Gibson, he just managed to offend about every single person working in the entertainment industry, first by disparaging gay people, then jews, then blacks, then women, then hispanics. He's burned just about every bridge you could imagine, so now nobody wants to work with him. There's no blacklisting going on there. People just think he's an a-hole and don't want to deal with him.

And we point out that the things he says are stupid and hateful, and do what we can to penalize him for advocating these ideas. Free country, this. =) Pretending that a boycott by the people he hates is equivalent to a governmental blacklist, or that it somehow amounts to a legal restriction on his freedom to spout his views, shows someone with a cause but without a clue.

What Women Want? An actor who respects women and doesn't degrade them when he gets dumped. I applaud WME for ditching Gibson. I will not pay one cent to see anything he's ever done or will do in the future. This is called Freedom of Choice.

Ari, go get Max Martini. This artist not only respects women but his fans as well. He will never do a thing to cause anyone embarrassment. Talented, hot, dedicated hard worker and he comes with his own fan base. Max is what women want.

Mel is free to speak, and we're free to react to Mel's speech. No one has taken his right to spew out random, hateful crap. But the rest of us aren't obligated to idly tolerate it if we don't like what he says.

Freedom of speech protects you from government interference, not from public backlash when you say something stupid or divisive.

Kudos to WME for standing against racism even when it may hurt their bottom line.

Freedom of speech? That sure sounds nice!
Too bad what you said is completely wrong.

Blacklisting and racism are NOT the same. One discriminates against a single person based off of past actions, the other discriminates against a whole GROUP in an unjustified manner. To claim otherwise is silly and ignorant.

You then try to reinforce your nonsense by reminding us all that none can escape the shadow of prejudice. Fine. Does that mean I have to tolerate and accept hate speech? Most certainly not. That's like saying because I once took some staples from my job, I shouldn't mind when a CEO embezzles millions.

Finally you preform your coup de grace by trying to say that hate speech and freedom of speech are the same thing. Am I allowed to scream FIRE! in a crowded theater? Can I claim to have a bomb on an airplane? Spewing vitriol and claiming it's just an expression of free speech is childish and dangerous.

Finally as a stalwart defender of freedom why should you mind this? The co-CEO of a company decided not to support someone. It's his decision. Then he calls for Mel to be blacklisted, which is just an expression of that thing you so loving called freedom of speech. No one is being forced. It's not the government doing it. Just one guy calling for the exclusion of someone he sees as ignorant and offensive.

I do not expect to convince you. You have made up your mind. This is just setting the record straight on the deception (not intentional on your part I think, just uncritical) pushed by your post.

Have a nice day.

tell it like it isn't - he clearly had freedom of speech, that's his problem. people then have the freedom to like it or dislike it. as a privately held company, WME can do whatever it likes. if you knew anything about the business, you would also know that gibson hasn't been able to open anything in almost a decade.

The important thing to remember about freedom of speech is that it works both ways. Mel Gibson is certainly free to say whatever he likes about ethnic and cultural groups...

Conversely, the rest of the world is free to listen, respond, deride and shun Mr. Gibson for his prejudice and truly vile comments. Freedom of speech is important because it gives us the right (in fact, the responsibility) to disagree with those who spew hatred and to bear witness to what we see and hear.

I take issue with your portraying this media furor as McCarthyism. If WME (or any other group or individual) disagree with what Mel is saying, then it is their responsibility to distance themselves from him. It's not a witch hunt to take someone's words and then report them, it would be a witch hunt if none of this was true and Mr. Gibson was being smeared by his friends and associates. Having seen and heard some of the video and audio (and having no wish to listen to any more... my mind's made up on this point) I can't bring myself to believe that he was being anything but honest. The only criminal investigation being brought is into allegations of physical abuse and assault. If this were a witch hunt, he'd be facing charges far more elaborate and serious, no?

But I will agree with you, Tell it like it is, that everyone has their prejudices. I myself am infected with a terrible and uncontrollable loathing of the ignorant and the selfish. I simply can't help it.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

You may say whatever you wish, but if you spew hateful garbage don't be surprised to find yourself isolated.

Freedom of speech is not an excuse for being a jerk.
Freedom of speech, but watch what you say.

Good, I'm glad that Mel Gibson got dumped. I wish him nothing but the worst. He has turned out to be a racist. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

What a clown!? I dont see his movies because I dont like them , they are usually mindless pop crap, and now I'm happy I never did.
and to tell it like it is: is called common decency and civilization. He has freedom of speech...he didnt go to jail for his statements but for his DUI...freedom of speech doesnt mean that the rest of us have to patronize his commercial products--that is our freedom of choice. Please read a little next time

lighten the hell up, who amongst us haven't lost there temper and blown a head gasket.i could care less what mel thinks and vice versa, leave that goofy nonsense in the enquirer

There's only word for Mel Gibson (other than racist, misogynist, anti-semite, etc.)...LOSER!

BUT Ari Emanuel is fine with clients Wanda Sykes, Whitney Houston and Roman Polanski, despite their exceptionally offensive behaviors most of which have endured for decades. Ari Emanuel is a cretin. William Morris represents many a fine talent (other than those, among others, I just mentioned) but dumping Mel Gibson for ranting on the telephone in what was expected to be a private conversation ("oh, my gosh, he said the 'n' word"), is Ari Emanuel simply sticking someone for whatever he can excuse as motive; Ari Emanuel is a cretin. I don't support Gibson's clearly irrational rant or ranting vocabulary, but it's also clear that the man was terribly upset for PERSONAL reasons and ranted using whatever foolish words he could use -- he's more irrational and nonsensical in some of his telephone rant than anything and most people can easily see that. Ari Emanuel was lying in wait like the lizard he is, just waiting for some manufactured "victimology" excuse to stick it to Gibson. The only person who William Morris SHOULD dump is Ari Emanuel. And Wanda Sykes while they're at it.

It'll be a sweet day when Ari Emanuel is publicly outed for being the creep that he is.

AND, what is also clear is that Ari Emanuel is simply acting on his long-held resentment if not hatred for Gibson for producing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Emanuel can't get over his own irrational hatred for New Testament content and he's made a very big theatrical do out of going on and on and on about Gibson in media, using one harassment after another, one victim excuse after another, most if not all of his reasons used being utterly manufactured, insincere, simply USED by Emanuel to drum up animosity. William Morris needs to rid itself of Ari Emanuel if it expects to be taken seriously.

Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom of consequences for your speech. If I run up to my boss and shout "I THINK YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE A FART AND NOBODY LOVES YOU!!" he is allowed to fire me, even though I have freedom of speech. Your freedoms only restrict what the _government_ can do to you; they do not in any way affect what private individuals are allowed to do.

And for the record, disliking racists isn't really a "prejudice," it's judging a person by the qualities they choose to display.

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