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The Morning Fix: Jon Stewart loves women! Lindsay Lohan to do a 90 in 90. Fox takes swing at FCC. Who will get Emmy love?

After the coffee. Before buying a box set of HBO's "Oz" to send to Lindsay Lohan. (What, too soon?)

Jon Stewart loves the ladies. In response to an article suggesting that Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" is not exactly the greatest place to work if you're a woman, more than two dozen female staffers posted a letter on the Comedy Central show's website declaring that "the place you may have read about is not our office." The staffers were responding to an article on the pop-culture website Jezebel.com titled "The Daily Show's Woman Problem." The piece, which is not the first to suggest that it's a boys' club behind the scenes of "The Daily Show," has gotten a lot of notice since its portrayal of Stewart and the show flies in the face of Stewart's liberal persona. More on the brouhaha from the New York Times.

Whom will Emmy love? On Thursday morning, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will announce the nominations for this year's Emmy Awards. The big questions: Will "24" and "Lost" get some Emmy love for their last seasons? Who on the cast of "Modern Family" and "Glee" will get nominated? Will anything other than HBO's "The Pacific" get a nomination in the movie and miniseries category? Will Conan O'Brien get a nomination? And will I really get up at 4 a.m. to find out the answers to these questions? Yes, lots to get excited about. Here are some previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety

Harry Potter's bottom line. Deadline Hollywood's Mike Fleming has posted what he says is a net-profit statement for Warner Bros.' "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" that shows that the 2007 movie -- despite taking in almost $1 billion around the world -- is $167 million in the red. Call your accountant and see if it makes any sense.

How many dancing-cat videos will there be? Producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald are teaming up to document one day through videos posted on YouTube. "Life in a Day" will take videos submitted on the site on July 24, 2010. Well, at least it's not another movie based on a television show no one remembers. Details from the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox talks tough to FCC. Fox Broadcasting told the Federal Communications Commission that it was out of line for fining the network's TV stations for not providing enough information about an episode of its animated sitcom "American Dad" that is being investigated for possible indecency violations. This one will get ugly. Broadcasting & Cable has the blow by blow. 

Another life for "Law & Order"? Vulture reports that AMC, which has made a name for itself with original series including "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," is contemplating becoming the new home for "Law & Order," which NBC canceled last season. Interesting piece, but the one thing missing is TNT, which does not want any more episodes of the show but does have a say about where episodes of "Law & Order" can air outside of NBC.

Inside the Los Angeles Times:  Sony is launching two cable channels. Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days for probation violation. Well, didn't jail ultimately help Robert Downey Jr.?

-- Joe Flint

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested after her alcohol monitoring device went off. The device tests for the presence of air-borne alcohol near the wearer's skin.
When Lindsay was at the MTV after party, there would be people serving and drinking alcohol everywhere. The air would be saturated with alcholol which would have occupied the entire space she was in via diffusion. There is no way that the prosecutor could prove that the device went off because she was drinking, it could simply have gone off because of the environment she was in.

I don't understand how you can sentence someone to 3 months in prison, because of what may be a problem in a monitoring device.
I don't understand what she was supposed ti have been doing wrong in the first place either.

I think the same thing happened to michelle rodriguez, she went out a lot, and was labeled as "troubled".

Can you sue judges and prosecutors in America? I think the prosecutor and the judge in this case need to be sued, because this article doesn't seem to suggest that they acted properly or that their judgment was fair.
90mdays in jail, 3 months, for what may be an inaccurate alert given by a monitoring device that wasn't designed for the environment it was in.

Lastly, Lindsey may not have known how the monitoring device worked, she may have been told that it would alarm if she started drinking, she would have thought therefore, if I don't drink it won't go off.
She may not have realized that if she was in the company of people who were drinking , that that may also have made the device go off, because that may not have been explained to her.
It certainly seems that those facts were not explained to either the prosecutor or the judge, so I don't see why Lindsay would have known them.

Re Emmy Noms: they'll be announced by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which administers the Primetime Emmy Awards. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, based in New York, is not the same organization and is not involved in the Primetime Emmy Awards.


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