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The Morning Fix: Shocker! Another big exit at MySpace. Turkey's hot and steamy soaps. Jonas Brothers fading?

After the coffee. Before the last-minute Father's Day scramble.

No space at MySpace. After a long reign of, uh, four months, Jason Hirschhorn is already out as co-president of News Corp.'s struggling social network site MySpace. Mike Jones, the other co-president, will remain. Over the last few years, MySpace has lost ground to Facebook, which is now the dominant social networking site. Efforts to regenerate MySpace have fallen short and its executive offices might want to think about putting in a revolving door. More from the Los Angeles Times and TechCrunch.

Clock is ticking. Are the Jonas Brothers' 15 minutes up? The Daily Beast says it has uncovered some internal research at Walt Disney Co. that says kids no longer are drooling over the musical group and TV stars as much as they used to do. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me kids are fickle when it comes to pop stars and that after just a few years of lining every teenage girl's bedroom with posters, the Jonas Brothers are already becoming passe? I'm shocked. That reminds me, might be time for me to take down that Hanson tribute in my room.

Memo to Emmy voters. USA Today TV critic Robert Bianco (whom I usually agree with) offers up his thoughts on who should get Emmy nominations. Only one that really caught me off guard was Timothy Olyphant for FX's "Justified." It does seem likely that the cast of "Modern Family" risks canceling out its votes in the supporting categories. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter weighs in with an early look at potential Oscar contenders and finds the cupboards bare. I know that Hollywood Reporter's been covering this a lot longer than me, but don't most of the potentially Oscar-worthy movies come out late in the year?

Diller's dilemma. Barry Diller, chief executive of IAC/InterActive Corp., told Bloomberg he has been trying to make acquisitions over the last two years but can't find the right deal. Maybe he should try his own search engine Ask.com for the answer. Alas, Ask.com is the one thing among his Internet holdings Diller might be willing to part with, but there are few takers at the moment. “Google is getting to a point of absolute dictatorship,” he said.

As Turkey turns. The hottest shows in Turkey right now are soap operas including "Ask-i Memnu" and "Gumus." Like U.S. soaps, there's lots of intrigue, cheesy plot lines and sex. Unlike the U.S., many characters in these soaps are Muslims and the plots are sometimes the stuff of fatwas. The New York Times looks at Turkey's booming soap market and the reaction in other parts of the Arab world.

Being Earley pays off. Joe Earley has been named president of marketing and communications for Fox Broadcasting. He is one of only a handful of executives to hold a president's title at Fox Broadcasting. While movie marketing gets a lot of attention, try figuring out how to promote a dozen or so shows every fall and then a bunch of new ones later in the year. Earley's marketing campaigns for Fox's "Glee" is seen as having played a key part in getting the show off the ground. More on Earley's rise, from Variety.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: The FCC votes yes on a new classification for broadband services. "Toy Story 3" should clean up this weekend. Kenneth Turan on "Cyrus," the one movie I want to see this weekend.

-- Joe Flint

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"don't most of the potentially Oscar-worthy movies come out late in the year?"

of course. and it says so in the second paragraph of the hollywood reporter story. or did you not read that far into it?

It's the preschoolers that no longer drool over the Jonas Brothers. Now it's just anyone from 7 - 70. They are talented, giving, humble and far more than Disney channel stars. They will be around for a long time.

we are not taking our jonas posters down yet!! i have over 120 posters of them in my room still... and its been 5 years!!

Well, some people may not care about the Jonas Brothers, but I certainly know that there are allot of us who do. They are my favorite singers, and actors, and I would have pictures of them lining my room, if I was allowed to.

Please? I know about 14 girls who still love the ah-mazingly talented brothers including me. (:

Most of the fans have moved on to the "Next Big Thing", but the older fans about 15/16-29 still love them. We're just a quieter group because of the fact that we're probably way more mature.!. Trust me, they're still in for at least 4 more years. I pray for great success for them for MANY, MANY. . . . years!


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