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Ted Turner wants to save the world and serve it bison

Media mogul-turned-philanthropist and bison burger pusher Ted Turner brought his message of peace, love and understanding to Hollywood movers and shakers at the Producers Guild of America's second annual Produced By conference being held at the 20th Century Fox lot this weekend.

TURNER Turner was there in part to try to get the media more involved in using their platform to carry messages of hope and change. Since stepping back from the media industry, Turner has focused much of his efforts working with the United Nations. He famously created the United Nations Foundation, using it to make a $1-billion donation to the organization, and is focused on ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

"You want to get your message across in a clever and entertaining way because you don't want to turn people off," he said, later adding that he is a "global worrier."

But Turner, whose goals are lofty, was vague on details of how to make the world a better place. "We need to start planning to live together rather than die together," he quipped. However, much of Turner's remarks seemed geared at what the West and the United States had to do, but little on what role other parts of the world would have to play for harmony to prevail over anarchy.

The irony that Turner was speaking at an event taking place on the studio lot owned by News Corp., whose chairman, Rupert Murdoch, was his longtime nemesis, was not noted by either Turner or Variety editor Tim Gray, who moderated the interview. Asked what he thought of news coverage today, Turner wouldn't take any swipes at CNN, which he founded, or its rivals, saying only, "some is good and some is less so."

On the general state of the entertainment industry, Turner was not optimistic. "Television is an overstocked medium," he said, noting that there are too many channels competing, making it hard for anyone to stand out.

As he often does, Turner bemoaned the AOL - Time Warner merger that ate up a big chunk of his fortune, saying he thought it was a bad idea from the start. Of course, at the press conference unveiling the deal, he famously cracked that the combination of the new and traditional media giants was "better than sex."

When he's not trying to save the world, Turner's hawking his "Ted's Montana Grill" restaurant chain, which is known for its bison burgers. Turner, who is the country's largest private land owner, said he has 55,000 bison. "They'll just start piling up if we don't eat something."

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Ted Turner. Credit: Stephen Hilger / Bloomberg News

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I've been to two of his restaurants and really enjoyed them, lol, but I always forget he's the "Ted."

Just Ted's face does not disappoint ! He is such a southern Man..
Good Blog considering Ted can be vacuous these days..
You presented him as he is... rather then all the other interviews he has had recently there is more of a Hero worship aspect to interview..

[ This is like the media spin last week of Al/Tipper Gore splitting saying this was SAD ??? Obviously those saying this have never had a relationship with the depth of soul connection the Gore's have had to understand that while it is convenient for them to be independent.. They will never ever be apart..The bond is just way too strong/ Nothing in press release said anything about being Sad... It was just the "Me-D-I-AM take they were forcing on innocent public]

After AOL misrepresenting self to Time Warner where Turner had majority of his stock tied up... Turner lost billions.
Turner was very suicidal after this... Married to Jane Fonda he did a lot of work on his Ego.. and Anger etc... Got into the Yoga Ohmm life.. Peace Flowers etc.
to calm Ted down and like Jerry Levin ( CEO of Time Warner who really built it up but caused it's demise too) now having the alternative healing center of Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica/Malibu with wife Laurie Ann [Laurie Ann met with Levin looking for investor for this Sanctuary she wanted to do as she is a Healer..but on the way of building a professional relationship
( Jerry left NYC cold turkey and was living in LA after outed in 2002 from TimeWarner) they fell in love/married.. Now Jerry works at Sanctuary to heal Men the way Laurie Ann has healed him...]
Ted is no longer argumentative or has issues as has learned via Jane Fonda and others in his healing... It is not worth the dynamic.. all is Love and Peace..

I got to know "of" Ted when he started CNN as his key top anchors ( a married couple) in Atlanta were my neighbors on Marco Island Fl then.. They use to write about their journey at CNN in local paper.. as they had vacation get away home on Island. Plus I knew other's who were in this infancy of Cable in my hometown in Midwest. Watching them ride this wave.. I became fascinated with this "MEDIA" industry... Ted opened Pandora's box and the whole thing exploded for 20 yrs till this AOL/Werner merger in 2000 sank the ship for everyone in the Media biz...

I have been in preventive medicine education since 1975... Never in my life with the very high style living power ego driven world of all those that I met who worked for CNN or Time Warner in those 20 yrs ( 1980-2000) did I ever imagine that in 2010 Top Dog Jerry Levin would have alternative medicine Sanctuary in LA and be happier then I ever saw him to be.
Same with Ted Turner... He was so so so so self absorbed... Now he is all about forgiving, loving, accepting with his Trademark Lion's Roar reduced to rambling in 2010 to make himself likable to public to push his initiatives
which are about Global Peace, Love !!!
I have been preaching what these 2 Men are now preaching since 1970.
It has been hard to get people to listen to my logic and sanity..
So I love the Evolution these 2 media power houses have done... into finding their souls and what Life is really about...

I think what is happening in this world right now.. What is Rich ?? Billions $$ or your sanity/ Life you are "Present" with, from the deepest part of You.
We are experiencing this with BP right now.. Is the Billions of $$$ People make off of Oil worth destroying Nature, Beauty, Human health, livelihood ?

As I am calling it... " The Switch is On" as we Transform into being Humans..
Why I will be at Conference at Harvard U 6/12-13/10 called Humanity +
" The Rise of the Citizen Scientist". Power and Control is on it's way out in Our Society... The dogma is over... Human's are reclaiming their individual Power and Transformation of Evolution is Emerging in a Splendid Way..

rupert murdoch spends so much time trying to badmouth sumner redstone by having negative stories printed about him. his time would be better spent babysitting his cheating wife.

Out of the lowest moments in our lives comes enlightenment. If I were Mr. Turner I would know what to do with my money and influence if I wanted to change the world. From his perspective it may be hard to see but that seems to be the big dilemma of this planet. Those who have the power don't have the vision. Those with the vision have no power.


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