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Take-Two, in need of a hit, gets one with Red Dead Redemption

RedDead The video game industry looks to have won the West. Or, given sales for video games this year, maybe it's the West that has won the industry.

Take-Two Interactive reported Tuesday that Red Dead Redemption, the video game set in the Old West that the company released on May 18, has sold more than 5 million units to retailers worldwide.

That elevates the game to mega-hit status after less than a month on store shelves. The last game to sell more copies so quickly was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in November.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2 and most video game hits in recent years, however, Red Dead Redemption is not a sequel or established brand. 2004's Red Dead Revolver, on which Redemption is loosely based, sold fewer than a million copies in the U.S., according to the NPD Group.

Red Dead Redemption, which received favorable reviews, is the first major hit for Take-Two's Rockstar Games label apart from its Grand Theft Auto brand. 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV, one of the most successful video games of all time, has sold a total of 17 million units.

The game now will likely become a franchise for Rockstar with sequels, spinoffs, and downloadable content.

It comes at a time when overall video game revenue fell 8% in the U.S. during the first four months of the year, according to the NPD Group.

Based in large part on sales of Red Dead Redemption, Take-Two revised upward its projections for fiscal year revenue ending Oct. 30 to between $880 million and $980 million, from $725 million to $925 million. But it won't be enough, however, to fix some of Take-Two's long-running problems and lift the company into the black. Still, Take-Two narrowed its expected net loss to between 10 cents and 30 cents per share from previous guidance of between 40 cents and 60 cents per share.

During the quarter ended April 30, which didn't include any revenue from Red Dead Redemption, Take-Two's revenue grew 54% from the same period a year ago to $268 million and swung to net income of $16.9 million from a net loss of $10.4 million.

-- Ben Fritz


Red Dead Redemption brings the western to video games

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Photo: A scene from Red Dead Redemption. Credit: Rockstar Games.

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if you like spaghetti westerns get this game!

Best of all...it doesn't run on any Apple products!

I rarely buy video games, maybe just 2 a year (one of which is Madden), but this game was a must buy. It is simply mind-blowing, like 'playing' a movie. Rockstar Games paid attention to the details of the Wild West and they are reaping the rewards. I've completed the primary story line, and while I was very disappointed in the (spoiler alert) eventual demise of the protagonist, his name lives on to wrangle horses, hunt wild game, gun down bad guys, and a plethora of other things that make this game so entertaining. This is easily the best game that Rockstar Games has published and easily the best game that I have played.

Since Enlightenment is a Fanboy we ought to start the popular Xbox vs. PS3 flame war right now!

You first! (oh boy… can't wait…)

(this could be a spoiler)
to people who don't know there is a final level with jack and agent ross


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