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The Morning Fix: 'Shrek' soft. 'MacGruber' bombs! Miramax mess. 'Glee' gets year three. Kerry (Bob, not John) top choice for MPAA gig

After the coffee. Before the debates over the "Lost" finale spiral out of control.

Hold off on that "MacGruber" sequel. There is hope for our little world yet. "MacGruber," the latest "Saturday Night Live" skit to be mistakenly turned into a movie, bombed big time. It took in only $4.1 million in its opening weekend, the lowest debut for any major release this year. With hope, "SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels will finally get the message and put this tired skit to sleep next fall when the show comes back. Yeah, the fourth installment of "Shrek" didn't do so hot either, but I'm too happy about "MacGruber" flaming out to focus on why "Shrek Forever After" only took in about $71 million, compared with $121.6 million for "Shrek the Third." Oh wait, just answered my own question. People saw "Shrek the Third" and said, "Enough." More box-office analysis from the Los Angeles Times and the Hot Blog.

CTlogosmall Miramax mess. The convoluted deal in which supermarket magnate Ron Burkle would have put up a big chunk of the funds to buy Miramax from Walt Disney Co. and then hire the production company's founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein to manage it appeared to be in dire straits late last week. The Los Angeles Times reported that talks were breaking down over the fine print as well as how the production company would be integrated into the Weinstein Co. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal quickly followed with their own stories. Deadline Hollywood's Mike Fleming and the Wrap then carried some water for the Weinstein Co., which issued a statement saying talks were ongoing. Fleming's post also took shots at the reporting of the Los Angeles Times. Strangely, over the weekend, he or someone at Deadline changed the post and took out the digs at us. Look, this deal could still get done, but clearly Disney is losing patience with the Weinsteins and Burkle. As for those who criticize other reports, to borrow from Ricky Roma in "Glengarry Glen Ross," never open your mouth until you know what the shot is.

Nothing to laugh about. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy were both pretty busy with the "Shrek" franchise, but what about their own on-screen careers? The Daily Beast's Kim Masters says the lifespan of comic actors is shrinking. As usual, the Internet is blamed. There is also the tendency of comic actors to suddenly decide to become serious actors. Then those efforts flop, and when they return to comedy, they find the momentum they had built is gone.

But what if the show hits a bad note in Season 2? How confident is Fox about "Glee"? So confident that the network has ordered Season 3 before Season 2 has even started. Entertainment Weekly breaks the news of the unusual year three pick-up. No doubt Fox and studio Twentieth Century Fox Television also will be sweetening the paychecks of the cast, if they haven't done so already. Of course, if for some unforeseen reason "Glee" bombs next season, Fox will find a way to weasel out of the deal.

Will they call it "Toronto Five-0"? Now that the fall schedules are announced, the studios are busy selling their shows abroad. Canadian TV programmers already have swooped into town and sealed a bunch of deals, per Variety.  Disney also unveiled its slate, and Hollywood Reporter has details on that.

Hey hey Paula, I want to dance for you. Looks like Paula Abdul's next gig will be as a judge on the CBS dance-contest show "Got to Dance," according to Vulture. She'll also get an executive producing credit. Guess that means Simon Cowell may have to find a new second banana for "X-Factor."

Kerry for MPAA? There were rumors that John Kerry could be the new head of the MPAA. Well, the rumors were half right. Bob Kerrey has emerged as the top candidate to run the movie industry's Washington lobbying arm. A former senator, Kerrey is exiting his post as president of the New School in New York City. The MPAA job pays well, and you get to hang out with movie stars sometimes (that's nothing new for Kerrey, who once dated Debra Winger). The downside is you have five bosses with five different agendas bugging you all day. More on Kerrey and the MPAA from the Los Angeles Times and Wrap.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Mary McNamara on the "Lost" finale. Kenneth Turan on Cannes and winning film "Uncle Boonmee."

-- Joe Flint

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Did you even see MacGruber? It is very funny. And you are very out of touch.

Yeah, have you even seen Macgruber? The movie is hilarious and inspired. You have such a specific opinion on it. I'd love to know your real thoughts on the movie and what didn't work for you.

Having endured numerous MacGruber bits on SNL over the years, I did not feel the need to pump $10 into Universal and NBC's bank accounts. I guess me and pretty much 99% of the country are out of touch on this one.

Michael and Jay appear to be the MacGruber's executive producers and primary financial backers, hence the strong opinions.

I agree 100% with Micheal,
seriously, MacGruber is the funniest movie I have ever seen and it should have got a better income. Now I'll explain WHY it got a bad income. The viewing public is so small, that if everyone from that public watched it, they MAYBE would catch Shrek. But hey, the word will spread, and then you'll stfu.
And guy approving this, if you don't approve this, well then it won't be MacGruber that blows, it'll be LA Times

The fact is, "MacGruber" is built on a skit comprised of a formulaic, tired, one-joke premise, that, as with most inexplicably popular SNL skits, Lorne Michaels insists on running into the ground. Maybe the "MacGruber" film is the funniest movie ever...but after countless "MacGruber" skits on SNL, too few people are interested in blowing $15 to see it again. I'm among them.

But I still thank God everyday that Michaels never greenlighted a movie based on that insipid cheerleaders sketch with Will Farrell and Cheri Oteri. After, what?, 2,700 of those skits, it was a little played out. Oh, hell, let's face it, it wasn't funny after halfway through the first sketch.

We'll see you has the last laugh. Just in time for Christmas 2010, we are releasing "Celebrity Jeopardy : The Movie"

MacGruber is out there, silly, absurd and hilarious. Funniest movie of the year so far.

Glee Live, believe us!
We always like you,
Whether watch your concerts,
Or only a video.
Your music is so intense!
Wish to see you,
In any concert that take place,
Our love is that of Romeo.
However how pricy are tickets!
We got’ em in Ticketpolice.com

"Having endured numerous MacGruber bits on SNL over the years, I did not feel the need to pump $10 into Universal and NBC's bank accounts."

Joe, there's just one reference to the MacGruber skits in the movie itself. I agree that the SNL bits didn't always work. But obviously it's not a 90-minute version of those 30-second skits - it's more of an opportunity for Will Forte to stretch his legs, which fans of absurdist comedy will agree can only be a good thing. He does a great job here.

I do think that if you're going to say that "there is hope for our little world yet," you should probably see the movie and say such things with an informed opinion.

The guys an F-ing Genius! MacGruber!

MacGruber is the next Austin Powers. People will discover this movie on DVD and cable. One doesn't need to have ever seen a single MacGruber sketch to enjoy the film, just know who MacGuyver is and have watched just one too many 80's action flicks. That is the misunderstanding that caused such a weak opening. The movie is joyfully ridiculous. Sur, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but there are a lot of folks out there that will like it once they see it.

When there is a MacGruber sequel - I'm In!


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