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Sony betting on Google to revolutionize TV

Sony Corp. has unveiled its strategy to compete with Apple and Microsoft for control of the interactive television: team up with Google.

The electronics and entertainment giant played a key role in a presentation today in San Francisco to unveil Google TV, new software from the search company that will bring video and other content from the Internet onto television sets.

Sony will be integrating Google TV software into its Internet-connected televisions and Blu-ray players. That puts it in direct competition with a number of other devices that bring the Internet to the living room, including Apple TV and Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console.

For much more information on how Google TV will work and the challenges it faces, see the story on the L.A. Times' technology blog.

--Ben Fritz

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Why am I automatically signed in on THIS comment engine and can't sign in no matter how hard a I try on the 'other' one???

There already is internet thru TV providers out there including the highest rated and most versatile, GoTVco.

If you want to save money and tell cable companies like comcast to kiss your hat, you already have a choice and the choice is not the poorly supported and restrictive design that is and will be google tv.


The thing I like about GoTVco is that unlike the upcoming Google TV, you aren't spammed or targeted with intrusive advertising which is what google tv is aiming at doing.

For google, it's all about feeding you more advertising thru their rather restrictive google TV interface.

For GoTVco, it's all about giving you internet and regular broadcast/cable TV without any extra intrusive advertising.

Oh, and GoTVco is currently on the verge of introducing the Go V Phone which will allow you to video chat with others either with your Go V Phone or thru your TV set at home.

The cost of all this technology is far cheaper than cable TV and/or local and long distance Telephone.

So you will save $$ on your cable bill as well as save money on long distance all the while being able to surf the internet and regular TV channesl via your TV screen.

For people that are not computer literate, you will not need a computer to access an email account.

Thru the GoTV set top box you can send and receive emails from any pre existing email account, you can set up and view tweeter and facebook accounts as well as watch youtube videos as well as watch all the regular network TV channels while receiving telephone calls from and phone number anywhere in the world.

The alternate to Cable, Internet and Telephone is all in one set top box from GoTVco.

Oh, and if you are a stock market investor you can access that information thru the set top box and/or you could invest in the company itself as GoTVco is listed on the stock market under the Ticker ATNP.

With GoTVco already sighning up subscribers, buying shares in ATNP could be a great finacial stepping stone for market investors.

I am both a subscriber and an investor in ATNP / GoTVco.
I am not associated with the company other than being a subscriber and an investor in the company.


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