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News Corp.'s Murdoch defends Fox News' Glenn Beck

Advertisers may be backing away from Fox News personality Glenn Beck, but News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch is standing pat.

BECK Murdoch was asked on the company's third quarter analyst call about the departure of advertisers, many of whom have left the show in an organized protest that began last year when Beck said President Obama had a "deep-seated hatred of white people." One wanted to know how long Fox News would "subsidize" the show, which is "filled with house ads."

"It's not subsidizing the show at all," Murdoch fired back, adding that the theatrical Beck gives "a terrific kickoff" to the Fox News evening lineup.

For the month of April, Beck's 5 p.m. show averaged 2.1 million viewers, easily beating CNN and MSNBC and providing a strong lead-in to the rest of the network's early evening and prime-time lineup.

While the 2.1 million figure is impressive, it is down 30% from January when his program was averaging almost 3 million viewers. People close to Beck attributed the drop in part to the start of daylight saving time in March. However, his numbers have been in decline since before the days got longer.

Fox News itself continues to dominate its competitors and recently stretched its prime-time winning streak in viewers and key demographics to 100 months.

-- Dawn C. Chmielewski

Photo: Glenn Beck. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press

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I think his ratings have slipped because little by little he's becoming somewhat "politically correct" when he's voicing his concerns and beliefs. I like Glenn a lot, but I don't watch him as often as I did, simply because he's backing off from his "firm" approach and constantly stating "it's not a left thing, or a right thing". Most of the time IT IS the left thing that is the problem, but again, he's backing off from saying so. It's too bad really.

Hey, the news isn't about "truth", it's about entertainment.

Beck lovers will wear tired of him and find another idiot to lead them to the cliff.


Glenn Beck is about Faith Hope and Charity. Not like the Obama administration. That allows The leader of Freddie Mack recieve over 90 million dollars in bonus money by lying to his firm that it was making Billions. Where is the Finacial reform on Freddie and Fannie Mack? Glenn Beck allows easy acess to himself for the white house with his red phone. Since he has been on Fox news only one time has the white house called to correct him on his analyst of our federal goverment. Glenn Beck was formerly on Headline News he has strong ties to our Constition and our founding fathers of this country. He is Independent he spoke out on George Bush Adminstration. I first was a bit taken back from this man. But, as time went by he has shown me the truth about the Liberal agenda. Bigger goverment and more power at any cost.

I took the time to listen to this guy and noticed that no one is around to question his premises or anything else that he says. He is a solo act, unimpeded by any questions by anyone. The result: he is an amazing salesman that uses conspiracy theories to the delight of the uneducated masses who long ago gave up critical reading for television. He literally has given birth to the Tea Party, the Birthers, and other extreme organizations that are out there. Unless people get educated and do critical listening and critical reading, Glen Beck will be our answer to the Mulahs and other religious people that are subjugating the Iranians and the Taliban and others.

How about we just accept the fact he is a crazy idiot and the people that watch him are just as bad?

Ever tried to follow his logic? If you can't it's because it's not logical. Ergo, he's an idiot.

Beck and Rush have done wonders to help the Democratic party. Keep him on. Every time he is on, he creates more Democrats. I am beginning to think that is his real purpose.

hcperez, what the heck are you smoking?

If you actually did "to listen to this guy," you would have realized quite quickly that Glenn doesn't say anything he hasn't done his homework on and has evidence for. He sometimes his points are difficult to follow, but that's because he's trying to connect the dots for regular people in the span of a few hours on radio and TV. Considering the absolutely exhaustive amount of research he and his staff do (read one of his books and look at the number of sources), it's amazing he is able to even get a large majority of it out there in digestible pieces.

Also, he did not "given birth" to those movements, you liberal. In fact, he actively advocates against the Birther movement and militias. Stop spewing your misinformation and flat-out lies.

Garry Barnes, it is clear you are an irrational person, but it is even more clear from your inability to spell or string together grammatically correct sentences, that you are uneducated. I suggest you stop watching Glenn Beck and, instead, enroll in an institution of higher learning.

Beck's insane, as are his loyalists. That's the bottom line. What has this country come to when we allow such insane "news" people unlimited air time? Bread, circuses....

Listening to Glenn Beck is like listening to fingers on a chalk board.

Beck is a sociopath, Murdoch is simply a greedy SOB

Beck is a propagandist and hate monger who may be mentally ill. The fact that Murdoch defends his hysterical right wing liar is all about the money and nothing about what is good for our nation and the world Shame on you Rupert Murdock! Karma is tough!

Beck has been at 2 to 2.5 million since he joined Fox.

He spiked in January with a National interest in Health Care, the election aftermath, etc.

What you fail to mention is, that although Beck's numbers have fallen since that single snapshot in time " a one month high average", so has everybody elses.

You guys are really reaching now!

This is like taking Michael Jordans "Month" when he averaged 50 points per game, yet, for his Career, he averaged 30 points per game, then you deduce his productivity dropped by 40%.


You're showing quite the desperation to find any chink in Beck's armour.


Beck is not even Prime Time, in fact he comes on at 3pm on the West Coast. And even at 2 to 2.5 million viewers a night, he is still second, only to O'Reilly, and he still beats every other Cable news program by a country mile.

So if these contortionist stats you cite, make you feel Beck is losing his mojo, good for you, but Remember, he made 32 million last year, only 2 million of which came from Fox.

He is the only author to have ever had #1 bestsellers in 4 different categories, and his next book, the Overton Window will make it 5.

He also has the 3rd highest rated National Radio program.

Beck is a Patriot, a Scholar and a National Treasure...Deal with it!


Birds of a feather strut together.

I have a print out of a picture of Glenn Beck which stylishly adorns the back cover of my toilet seat. I don't even want to mention the stuff that gets spilled on this picture, but if you think about it, it is the same stuff that comes out of Glenn's mouth when he talks.

Beck is really the return of Peter Finch's character in the movie "Network", Like Simon Cowell, he's Murdoch's cash cow.

It would be great if just one of you weirdo liberals would dispute something he says!!! Since you can't...you try to demonize the guy as a whacko. Funny thing is...he trounces everyone else in the same bracket, as does Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Levin..............You're gonna lose the house for sure, and probably the senate. Obama will then be nothing but a fading pinko.

LOL. Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, he's a household name. He controls the agenda. He wins.

Americans need to put together a fund to buy Fox Films, Television, News, etc. from News Corp. It is sad that years ago oil man Marvin Davis sold Fox to Rupert Murdoch, who bought his way into America and now runs the Fox ignorance engine and/or propaganda factory.

Defending the indefensible -- the certifiable Glenn Beck -- really tells us a lot about Murdoch. James Cameron should take Avatar to another studio. All the talent that works under the Fox umbrella. What a shame.

beck is not sincere about anything he does...he is solely an entertainer, and by his own admission doesn't, "give a damn about the political process". his whole show is nothing more than a commercial to sell his books, and his whole persona is designed to make money...nothing more.

he is the same thing sarah palin has become...a brand name designed to cash in on people who choose not to think for themselves, but would rather be told what to think by a television talking head.

American Progressives, it seems, do like to engage in ad hominem attacks when the truth is unpleasant for them.

Exactly why is Beck an idiot, insane, mentally ill?

Why would someone put his picture on the back of their toilet seat?

I have watched Beck several times and read one of his books. He comes off entertaining but his points are well made and he provides FACTS. If he came out somber and scholastic few would watch them. That's the state of our news media: flash sells, seriousness does not. Vide our elected politicians and the state of the news media.

Until Beck's detractors provide FACTS that demonstrate -with a cogent and logically valid argument- that Beck is incorrect then I must figure that the true ignoramii here is not the latter but the former.

Until Beck's detractors can be civil ( ie: grow up ) in their arguments, their arguments -be as they may- will keep falling in deaf ears and poisoning the hatred that drives American politics.

Hatred that, I must note, seems to emanate disproportionally from the American Progressives.

What's that saying about people living in glass houses? Oh yeah.. "if post pictures of your political opponents on the back of your toilet seat then don't throw rocks".

If what he says is wrong, why is it that the White House has never called the 'RED PHONE'?

Hi fox news,Hi glenn keep up the good work,The american people are sick and tired of all the lies we are being told period.

I think the guy had to much to drink in his days. The guy is just a right wing nut.

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