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Not a big farewell party for Jack Bauer


About 8.9 million people watched Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brien bid each other a teary goodbye in the series finale of Fox's "24" on Monday night.

This has not been the strongest season creatively for "24," a groundbreaking show that made its debut in fall 2001 and chronicled the efforts of government agent Jack Bauer in the war against terror. While Bauer may be leaving the small screen, there are talks of a movie about the character he created. Unlike "Lost," which I didn't watch (but sorry folks that does not preclude me from writing about its ratings), I never missed an episode of "24." Here's my take on the finale.

The numbers for the finale were off from this season's average, another sign that Bauer is leaving at the right time. Leading up to Monday's two-hour finale, which saw Bauer stop short of killing the Russian president in his quest to avenge the death of his lover Renee Walker, "24" had been averaging about 10.6 million viewers this season and a 3.4 rating among adults 18-49. Each rating point in that demographic equals 1.3 million people. Last night's finale had a 2.7 rating in adults 18-49.

Interestingly, "24" was not a big hit right out of the gate. In its first season, which many fans (including this one) consider to be its best, the show averaged 8.6 million viewers. Its best year was Season 5, when it averaged almost 14 million viewers.

Each season of "24" represented one day in Bauer's life, and each episode was an hour of that day. Although in early seasons, the show's creators tried hard to realistically stick to that idea, this season it was real time in name only. In one episode this season, Bauer made it from midtown Manhattan to Washington Heights, then back downtown in under an hour. That would be a daylong adventure for any native New Yorker. Also, when Jack finally gets intimate with Renee, it's over in 10 minutes. Let's hope for Bauer's sake that wasn't in real time.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Jack gets close to Chloe on "24." Credit: Fox Broadcasting

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Actually, if you are lucky with the subway or the westside highway isn't too clogged up, you can definitely make it to Washington Heights from midtown and back in under an hour. I live in WH and work in Chelsea and have done either direction in 30 minutes or less. Granted, you can't really do anything in either area if you want to make it back in an hour....

"24" is superb in many respects: plot, dialogue, cinemaphotography, acting...special effects. I don't watch much dramatic TV or sit com or reality...I will NOT miss seeing each episode of "24." Best show on TV

You are also forgetting that with heightened security, the flow of traffic into Manhattan on such a day would have been severely restricted as the cascade of plot points played out. Thus, fewer vehicles.

What made suspension of disbelief more difficult were the saturation of Downtown locations. A show I suspect Downtown residents will not miss...

Downtown Los Angeles locations played for New York. That makes Los Angeles for Los Angeles, Los Angeles for Washington and Los Angeles for New York in various seasons of "24". It's pretty ridiculous when you see a location in the show and then see the same location in an ad. Cut.

Joe said "This has not been the strongest season creatively for 24" are you smoking crack, this was by far the best season...I have never been so excited to watch 24 kept me on the edge of my seat.

Commenter "roger duncan" nailed it...a truly groundbreaking and gripping series that drew in many fans who dont normally even WATCH TV!!

Other than a select few epic sporting events, "24" got the adrenaline pumping like NO OTHER show in television history...it will be MISSED!!

Having watched every season on DVD, I can see why this unique series took pride in such groundbreaking things as the fact that essentially every explosion was real, rather than computer-generated.

I'm gonna miss the show but looking forward (hopefully) for this series to hit the BIG SCREEN! Love ya Chloe and kudos to Keifer Sutherland! "Long live Jack Bauer..."

No one cares about Washington to whatever. Moved to New York- jumped the shark! That simple. 'Nuff said! Fuggedaboutit! Lesson learned.

Yes, this season lacked creativity. It was something of a rehash of what went before. But I watched loyally. I had to decide, watch the season finale or watch Chuck. Despite watching 24 all season, I switched over to watching Chuck. I hope I'll have an opportunity to watch that 24 season finale.

I love 24. It was a superb television show; wonderful writing, excellent casts, the most nerve wracking, nail biting hour of my week. Thought the finale was perfection; Jack thanking Chloe for always having his back, which she always does, and looking up in the camera at her before he runs off. Brilliant and moving. I can't wait for the movie. Perhaps 24 went out with a whimper, as opposed to LOST which went out with a bang, because LOST had more PR hoopla surrounding it; magazine covers, etc. and 24 just quietly left. Unless you were a fan, you wouldn't have known the series was ending. I'm sad it's gone but happy to have a movie to look forward to. Bravo to all. Standing O.

I hope Jack took the subway. The A train turns express a lot of the time and just rockets up to Washington Heights.

m sad that the t.v. show "24" has ended. It has been a great 8 seasons of great action and suspense! I am going to miss my dose of Jack Bauer kicking some terrorist ass!

Twenty-four is one of the greatest shows ever! This season was no exception. Fox, unfortunately, did not do the best job promoting by starting some of the seasons mid-way through the year, not show its re=runs during the summer, etc.

Despite the poor marketing, viewership wasn't bad.
Long-live 24 - - -- forever!!!!!


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