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'Iron Man 2' blasts onto tracking

IronMan2 Much of the talk on Thursday among executives who closely follow tracking surveys wasn’t about any movies playing this weekend. It was about Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 2,” which opens May 7 and showed up on the two major polling services used by studios this weekend.

The movie is generating huge pre-release interest with all demographic groups, the executives said, and is nearly certain to far exceed the $98.6-million first-weekend domestic gross of the original “Iron Man” on the same weekend in 2008.

“Iron Man 2” is expected to open to more than $100 million and has a shot at exceeding the all-time domestic record of $158.4 million set by the “The Dark Knight” in 2008.

That's particularly notable because, unlike such recent major hits as "Alice in Wonderland" and "Avatar," "Iron Man 2" won't be in 3-D and thus won't get the benefit of higher-than-normal ticket prices.

--Ben Fritz

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I have just finished an online survey threw neilson about Iron Man 2 and yes it is going to be all that and a lot more.

I am just hoping I will be back in the states before it open, as I am currently deployed in Afghanistan Atm.

I’m really excited for Iron Man 2 to come out. I heard that Thor and captain America is given a little screen time at the end of the credits.

I do believe it will do very well and interest doesn't seem to be constrained to the more traditional demographic that science fiction in general or the comic fan base in particular would suggest.

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